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18th april 2020


Lisette Lucas


Podcast #10. How can I feel clairvoyantly? 3 Tips to boost your clairsentience + free mini-course with Lisette Lucas to apply it immediately.


Welcome to Podcast #10


I personally found this episode super fun to make. Partly because, once again, it's about a subject that I find so interesting myself, and which helps me a lot every day. 


Today it is about: clear feeling


I will answer the following questions in this podcast:


  • What is clairsentience?

  • Who can or cannot feel clairvoyant?

  • Can anyone learn clairvoyance?

  • How does clairfeeling work?

  • How can you deal with clairvoyance?


On top of this I will give you 3 tips to boost, stimulate and develop your clairsentience. I will also share how I first came into contact with energy work. Finally, I am offering an extra special bonus in this 10th episode:  The "Boost your clairsentience" mini course for home use.


But first, I’ll start this podcast by saying thank you for taking the time to listen! It is really great that you are here. 


I personally think the advantage of podcasts is that you can listen wherever and whenever you want. I am a big fan of Tony Robbins and I also work with his techniques.

Tony Robbins has a special name for listening to podcasts and audio recordings, using headphones: he calls it “Net-Time”. NET standing for: No Extra Time.


You can listen to a podcast while you exercise, drive the car or do the housework; so you have no excuse not to do it, because you use NET time - in other words, no extra time.


I've been doing this myself for ages. Being a self-employed mother of three children, I am always busy. I love to listen to podcasts and audiobooks that are informative and educational, that enrich me and teach me new things. Being able to do so whilst carrying out the daily chores is truly the best of both worlds.  

Another great tip from Tony Robbins is: “Feed your mind everyday! Feed it with something that inspires you, something that gives you a new skill or strategy.” How wonderful does that feel?! By listening to this podcast you have already started doing this today. 


But now, let’s return to clairsentience, and I would like to start by sharing how I ended up working with my clairsentient abilities. As a young girl I was always very calm, shy and modest (outside the walls of the family home, at least). At home I felt wonderful and I could be myself, I felt free and safe. But outside of home, I always felt a lot and so didn't feel at ease easily. I quickly had certain feelings about certain people, which made me very distant, as I wanted to stay away from that person. Even if they weren’t strangers but friends of my parents, acquaintances or members of my own family. 


You probably know what I mean. Something or someone feels right or not, just your impression, your perception, your feeling. I felt this very strongly. It wasn't what I thought, it was what I felt. In addition, I felt strongly who needed help and who was wearing a so-called “mask”. This means I had a very powerful empathy and I used it especially for children who were bullied or were outside of the group. This was my normal and it led to me being labelled “shy”. As I mentioned in an earlier podcast, high sensitivity didn't have a name at the time. 


In retrospect, of course I can see this was what I was. But at the time I felt different from others, not better or worse, just different. I couldn't really put my finger on it, but it just felt that way. I also had the feeling that I was not understood. My reserved, shy behaviour has also been misunderstood or misinterpreted, and I have sometimes been labelled arrogant or spoilt. Well, I did indeed come from a wealthy family and was lucky in that I lacked nothing. But this, this feeling of being different, had nothing to do with my upbringing. It was completely separate from it in fact. 


In my adolescent years I started pushing this sensitivity away, it got in my way. I wanted to be tough and powerful. I saw my shyness as a weakness, I found it difficult and uncomfortable. With a combination of willpower and stubbornness I wore a mask of having an attitude which worked well. Except for my mother. Sorry Mum, I know you're listening, and I know I just used to do what I wanted; something that was not always appreciated at home. Luckily we can laugh about it now and you are both mother and  best friend in one. 


Anyway, the tide turned when I met my husband at the age of 19. His mother (now my mother-in-law) is of Indonesian descent, born in Surabaya, Java, Indonesia. To my surprise and curiosity she took me to mediums, energy healers and psychics. Each experience was eye opening because everything in this realm had always been scary to me, precisely because I did not understand. But I felt this new realm and it was amazing to see and feel it. When I heard that one of the healers also made parking meters go crazy I thought: wow, I want to be able to do that too! Well, I shouldn't have thought the latter. During my development, pin devices regularly hit tilt, causing malfunctions and lamps spontaneously blew out. Not very convenient but still. 


Anyway, that day in Utrecht, aged 19 I went with my parents-in-law to the powerful energy healer Mrs. Veerman. She is the daughter of the well-known Dutch psychic and parapsychologist: Gerard Croiset, that day, planted the first seed in my mind. Then I knew: I want this too. Even though I had no idea if I could do it at all, because none of this existed in my family. At home we only knew the tangible and death was never mentioned, it was literally silenced. 


So a whole new layer was added to my life when I discovered this new world and I felt like saying: 'You see! I'm not crazy'! Everything I’d felt, dreamed, perceived: it all turned out to be true and real. 


I loved to go out with my in-law’s to experience everything that has to do with the spiritual, and this is where it all started.  


Really this was the beginning of my clairvoyant journey. My real, conscious development didn't truly start until I was in my mid-30s. At this point I started to strengthen my clairsentient qualities, to train. As I said, I had always been very afraid of everything in this area. Indeed I was frightened to turn off the lights in the evening or go upstairs alone. I still felt like this when I had children, a classic case in point of what ignorance can do to you.


From the moment I started developing, the puzzle pieces started to fall into place. They have never stopped falling, because as my mentor (the world renowned medium Mavis Pittilla) always says: “We don't have all the answers, we only know one thing for sure, and that is: we are all going to die”. So we never have all the answers and there’s always space for learning. This is something I regularly repeat during the lessons and courses that I give. We don't have all the answers and we won't get them. What’s most important, is that you seek the answers, seek your truths in the mountains of information that exists today. 


Stay true to yourself. If it feels good, resonates with the interior of your being, then you take it with you, otherwise you let it go. You just throw it over your shoulder. It's that simple. Don't get saddled with information that doesn't feel right. Consider how it feels for you and seek your own wisdom and truths. Bear this in mind when researching so you don’t get overwhelmed. If you come for a consultation with me in my practice or online via Zoom, I'll tell you this too, because it’s the most basic rule you can follow when on a journey of discovery. Take what’s useful and let go of the rest. This also applies to the information I give you here and honestly any information you receive from anyone. Always trust your inner knowing because that's where your truth lies. 


If you want to develop on an intuitive level, you always start with clairvoyance, which is why I am starting with it here. It’s the foundation on which to build further intuitive knowledge. Before you listen to this podcast I recommend you first listen to my previous podcasts, where I cover the very basics of intuitive, spiritual and personal development.  It’s essential you have this general awareness before we delve deeper. 

Just think of driving, if you want to drive you need to pass your theory before you can go out on the road. It’s the same here: please, don't underestimate the basics. Especially in the long term it is very important because otherwise you will miss a key element in your rush to progress. Doing so only brings difficulties further down the line. 


Now onto the clairvoyant part. 


What is clairsentience?


If you split the word into two parts, you get ‘feeling’ and ‘clear’. We all can and do feel. We all use our sense of touch to feel physically, but we also feel emotions and sensations. Pain, fear, sadness, joy, happiness, love, warmth, cold, anger, irritation, depression, fatigue, exhaustion, enthusiasm, pride, empathy, shame, guilt, longing, peace, courage, anger and so on. You will have experienced all of these emotions, at least once, probably multiple times. So you can already feel and we can check that off the list. 


Therefore, the art lies in the 'clear' part. 


What is clear? We all know clear water where you can see the bottom and everything that lives underwater; or a clear day where you have an endlessly beautiful view, or a clear night where you see countless stars in the sky. 


‘Clear’ therefore, gives a very clear picture. A clear perception, a clear picture of reality. 

In my view, clear is perceiving something without noise, without the clouding of perception. Without disturbing the truth. 


This means that clairsentience is the perception of situations, circumstances and everything of persons, animals, objects, and everything that you can perceive in terms of energy and frequencies that take place outside of yourself. You feel and experience this within yourself.


If you didn't know better, you would think that the information you feel inside yourself is actually your own. This is the difference. The art of clairvoyance is to perceive what is your own and what is the other's. 


I will explain how straightaway. 


Tip #1: Empty yourself


When you are empty, you are clear. In the mini-course that you can request for free, I will teach you how to do that with the help of video images.


Who can or cannot learn to feel clairvoyantly?


I always say, at the core we are all the same. Everyone can learn to play the piano, but not everyone will end up on stage in the concert hall. That depends on many factors. 

But everyone has clairsentient abilities and therefore everyone can develop it. 

Sometimes you experience things in life that put a kind of protected filter on your empathy. This filter is purely created out of self-protection. I have therefore developed my Intuition Boost Method to trace these often old, outdated filters, and to remove the blockages for good. So that you can feel perfect again, just as nature intended. 


For example, I had a client who during a session found out that she knew exactly what was going on between her parents. She didn't want to feel this anymore and at the age of 6 she decided that it was safer for her to turn off her feelings. Doing so meant she no longer had to experience and feel the pain and sorrow of her parents. It was a smart move as a 6 year old to turn off this feeling part, not so much as a woman in her 50s. She couldn't understand why she had been disconnected from her feelings all her life and why she pushed away men who got too close. In a Transformation session with hypnotherapy we found out where this reaction originated and we were able to solve it. You cannot transform what the mind does not understand. Now that she understands it she is delivered from it forever and is set free. 


So to get back to the question: can anyone learn? My answer is: yes!


Sometimes one just needs to clean out some old baggage, while others will naturally have a slightly higher, natural sensitivity than others. Ultimately though, everyone can develop and strengthen their clairvoyant abilities. 


How does it work? 


As I said, or rather as Mavis put it: we don't have all the answers but we do have an explanation and a way to apply it. From the Eastern energy theory, the human body consists of several energy centers. I myself work with the powerful Pranic Healing techniques of Master Choa Kok Sui. You work specifically on the energy centers of the body and the surrounding energy field (your aura). The energy centers are also called the chakras. A chakra continuously absorbs and releases energy from the surrounding environment. As you have already learned in podcast #2, energy is always in motion. So there is always an interaction of energy going on. Speaking of feeling, these energy centers are also being felt. You can feel it with your hands, it really can be tangible. 


From the psychic element (the clairvoyant part) we work specifically with the solar plexus. This is the area between your bottom breastbone and slightly above your belly button. In the mini-course we do a special exercise with this, because the clairvoyant information comes in through your solar plexus.


Tip 2: Discipline with energetic opening and closing. 


(Again, in the mini-course you will learn more about this and I will teach you an exercise).


How can you deal with clairvoyance?


The most important thing is that you master the first two steps, the first two tips. In short: empty yourself and teach yourself the discipline of opening and closing. 


Then you turn yourself on and off again, as it were, 'click on, click off' as I call it. This is  very important, if you cannot do this well, there is a good chance that you will drain energetically. Then you are left feeling like your batteries are empty. Of course you have to prevent that. A good foundation is essential. 


Now we come to tip number 3. 


Tip number 3: Practice! To practice! To practice!


It may be obvious but you know what they say, practice makes perfect. This is also absolutely true with the reinforcement of your clairsentience.


In the free mini-course I give you exercises with which you can immediately experience how it works. You will be amazed, really!


You can see it as training a muscle, your clair-feeling muscle. If you do not realise that it is there, it becomes lazy, weak and it is absent. Go ahead and train your thigh muscles. Then you suddenly feel them all too well. But before you started training, were you aware of your thighs every day? I don't think so.


And so it is with clairsentience too. It's just there, it has always been there. It's just kind of latent. It's up to you to wake it up, to set it in motion, to train it. This leads straight to the mini course I created just for you. I know it’s not possible for everyone to follow expensive education or training abroad. I have flown to England dozens of times to learn these techniques from the best mediums in the world. 


It feels like my duty to share this with you. To introduce you to the world of energy. To raise the frequency of the world in this way so that we can create a loving, happy society together. At the time of this recording, the world is turned upside down. How beautiful if we can contribute together. I share my experience and knowledge with you and you can get what feels right for you. Together we contribute to a better, healthier world. For me that feels good, I hope it does for you too!


Now about the mini-course: In the shownotes you will find the link where you can request the free course. You will receive a number of lessons by email in which I personally explain the exercises to you in videos. It helps you develop your clairsentience. 


Are you ready for it?


I hope to see you on the other side!


This is already the end of podcast # 10

Thank you for being there. I hope your NET time has brought you a lot!

Do you feel that someone else would also benefit from this? Then please share it! How nice if we can help each other. 


I am very curious how the exercises of the mini-course go for you, so please share with me how it goes. Or if you have any questions, I would love to answer them!  


In addition, I am always happy to receive feedback. Do you have any tips, questions or ideas for the next podcast? Let me know. This way we can help each other.


Good luck and I look forward to seeing you at the Mini course. I wish you a nice morning, day, evening or night and all the health and happiness!


All Rights Reserved © 2020 EnergyJoy

How can I feel clairsentience?

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