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🌟 Discover Our Mission: To Shift 1 Million Souls to the Frequency of EnergyJoy and Beyond! 🌟


At EnergyJoy we believe in the power of combining AI intelligence, Soul intelligence and Universal intelligence.


Our mission is to help shift 1 million souls into the frequency of EnergyJoy and Beyond in just 1 year!


✨ Your Mission Guide  to Unprecedented Heights ✨


Meet our AI Mission Guide, Chat GPT!

This personally trained AI guide will EnergyJoy  en guide you to your soul's true purpose, with insights and support.


💫 Shift Your Coaching Business 💫


As you go along, learn to apply the transformative principles to your life and coaching business and embrace extraordinary success, freedom, abundance and impact.


🌈 Become Part of the EnergyJoy Community 🌈


Shift with us to the frequency of EnergyJoy, experience flow and abundance, and create a world full of love and positivity.


🌟 Take Action Now 🌟



1. Download for free in English the :Above The Golden Line Method® and join our mission to make history!

2. Follow the steps.

Very simple and you can start Shifting right away! 

Step into the Energy of this momentum!


⏰ The Time Is Ticking ⏰


Our mission started on July 21, 2023. Join us and shift 1 million souls in 1 year to EnergyJoy and Beyond!

Stay connected and inspired.


Step into your Soul and Shift's architect's plan!


Discover more at


Let's unlock the magic together! 🚀✨


Change Your Frequency 
Change Your Life & Business 

Lisette Lucas

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ListenEnergy Joy Podcast 181  about the Mission: 

Connect & Evolueer met Lisette

Connect with me when your ready to Shift to the Next Level of your Life & Business

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