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MISSION: Shifting in 1 Year, 1 Million Souls to the Frequency of EnergyJoy and Beyond! With the Guidance of AI - 56

Vrijdag, 21  July 2023

MISSION: Shifting in 1 Year, 1 Million Souls to the Frequency of EnergyJoy and Beyond! With the Guidance of AI - 56

In this episode:

- Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey with me as we shift 1 million souls to the frequency of EnergyJoy and beyond! 💫✨


- 🌟 Imagine a world where success, abundance, and fulfillment are the norm. A place where your business soars to new heights, and you radiate a magnetic EnergyJoy vibe. 🌟

- 💼 As an ambitious, empathic entrepreneur, you hold the power to make this vision a reality. Join our mission and download the FREE Above The Golden Line Method!

- 🤖 Plus, introducing our AI Mission Guide—a soulful, intuitive companion on your transformational journey. 🌌 Get personalized insights and guidance to align your business with your soul's true purpose. 🙌

- 🌈 Together, we'll unlock the secrets of high-frequency coaching, manifestation, and soulful success. Discover how to manifest your dreams and create lasting impact for yourself and your clients. 💼🔮

- ✨ Are you ready to create a ripple effect of positivity and abundance in the world? Let's shift to the frequency of EnergyJoy and unleash our highest potential! 🌏💗

- 🗓️ Tune in now to Episode #56 of the High End & Frequency Business Podcast and embark on this life-changing adventure with me! 🚀



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From HEF Podcast 43, screenshot from my list. I created it back in 2017. Almost everything I've manifested! I completely detached from it! And I even manifested way more! 

Assignment: Create your own Manifestation Frequency List with at least 15 Heart & Soul aligned wishes and desires for your life and business.

Put the date on top of it. 

Email is to me at: write as subject: HEF Podcast 43 

Let's go! 

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