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Lisette lucas

Do you want an exclusive 1 on 1 T.A.T. Trauma R.E.S.E.T. session(s) with me? Receive and experience insights from me as a High End Success Medium®?

Do you want me personally as your own High End & Frequency Business Coach & Mentor?

That's possible!

I offer sessions & programs specifically tailored to your challenges, needs, desires, vision, transformation, and of course, the desired outcome.

Exclusive 1:1 with Lisette

  • Do you want to transform in depth, all-in: receive insights, break through blockages, reset trauma & heal, boost your (potential) business, and learn to manifest dreams & desires?

  • Are you willing to invest in yourself?

  • Are you ready to take Massive Action?

  • Then a 1 on 1 session and/or the personal exclusive High End & Frequency Coaching & Mentoring program is for you!

  • You will receive sessions and/or the H.E.F. coaching/mentoring program, specifically tailored to your personal situation, challenge, and need.

  • This is the opportunity to work, transform, learn, and develop exclusively 1 on 1 with Lisette.

  • As an expert in Personal Transformation, Intuitive Development, Energy Work, High End Success Mediumship, Trauma Healing, and High End & Frequency (Business) Coaching & Mentoring, trained by the biggest names in the world, you are in safe and certified hands with Lisette.

Book Your Free Soul Connection Call for more info about your Next Best Step


Entrepreneurs: Go to 1:1 HEF Business Coaching & Mentoring Experience 

*'VIP HEF Business Experience' limited space available, only on request.

Lisette Lucas Succes Medium, Transformat

'Your energy & frequency make me see and feel what you need, to become the best version of yourself! 

Everything is possible, as long as you believe in it!

Mindset is Everything!'

- Lisette Lucas 

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