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Exceptional Technology and Depth in Grief Processing:

A Look at The New Mourning in the Scientific Documentary FOCUS

In a world where the boundaries between science, therapy, and spirituality are becoming increasingly blurred, I, Lisette Lucas, had the privilege to be part of a groundbreaking episode of the scientific documentary FOCUS by NTR Science, broadcasted on NPO 2.

Together with grief/bereavement therapist, psychologist, and certified EnergyJoy Practitioner®, Leoniek van der Maarel, and the initiator of Deep Therapy, we explored the innovative method in the depths of grief processing, utilizing the latest AI deepfake technology developed by the University of Amsterdam.

In this episode, I had the opportunity, as a medium and therapist, to contribute by applying this groundbreaking 'Deep Therapy'. By using my voice to represent the deceased loved ones, I became a bridge between this world and the hereafter, allowing the bereaved Petra Grijzen and Angela Koster to experience communication in a very unique way and find peace.

The essence of this episode:


"The loss of a loved one is a universal, but intensely personal experience.

For many, it's a path that can be walked with the support of close ones.

However, when the pain becomes so overwhelming that it hinders our daily functioning, a mourning disorder is present. In our continuous quest for healing and understanding, research indicates that talking or writing it off can help.

And now, thanks to advancements in technology, there is a new, fascinating technique for grief processing: creating a deepfake of a deceased loved one, enabling communication."

This episode, in which presenter Petra Grijzen 'spoke' to her deceased grandmother again through this technology, offers a deep dive into the potential and ethical issues of using AI in therapeutic settings.

LISTEN TO THE PODCASTS created following the TV recordings and broadcast:

HEF Podcast 83 - NL Podcast 210. The Power of Contact and Connection: Deep Peace through Revolutionary Grief Therapy, New Technologies, and Mediumship

HEF Podcast 87 -NL Podcast 214. The Science of Energy Translated Into Mediumship: Discover How the 'Everything is Energy' Science Shapes Our Reality

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Focus NRT Wetenschap NPO Lisette Lucas  IMG_9267.HEIC

Watch a video fragment from the documentary FOCUS by NTR Science here. With Angela Koster and Deep Therapy with her deceased sister Diana Koster, Lisette Lucas (medium and therapist as voice), bereavement therapist/psychologist Leoniek van der Maarel and presenter Petra Grijzen.

*Source: NTR Science Instagram promo reel

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