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And then you receive an Award from New York...


And then you receive an Award from New York.

When one door opens, many follow…

I am experiencing this firsthand.


As I stand cooking for my family, now with 5 kids. With the sign: 'Hotel Mama 24/7 open' above my head, I'm processing the news and the recently received mail from New York.🗽


The example of: 'Dream big dreams' is a direct manifestation of the beautiful, heavy jade award with inscription that I have been honored to receive. 

I have been nominated by the committee of the International Association of Top Professionals as the Top High Frequency Business Coach of the Year!


The news has been picked up by the international media…

Just a pinch-me moment while I'm stirring in the 6-liter pot of macaroni for the kids who seem to have no bottom.🍝


What a wonderfully earthy and sobering contrast! 

Bouncing behind the stove, eagerly looking forward to the official gala award ceremony towards the end of the year in Nashville, USA.

One hungry teenager and 4 twentysomethings impatiently waiting: 'Nice mom, that award, very cool, but how long until the food is ready?'


Happiness lies in blending all facets: Family & Soul Mission.

Ultimate satisfaction linked to living and conveying my high-frequency EnergyJoy message and energy.


I am deeply grateful to you, to everyone who crosses my path and frequency.

And together with me, flies a distance under my wings and shifts powerfully to the next timeline.


One thing I can tell you: Living your unlimited potential is real! 

New York, Nashville, and behind the stove in South Holland… 

Everything is possible as long as you believe in it yourself!


🔗Read here the entire FOX News article about the nomination and Award.🎉

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