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High-Frequency Business

met Lisette Lucas

Welcome to my EnergyJoy High End & Frequency Business World!

Here you will find all information about:

* The High Frequency Business Podcast

* The Energetic Business Accelerator

* The Elite Shift Mastermind

High-Frequency Podcast

Lisette has been successfully making podcasts for many years based on her 'Shift to EnergyJoy' philosophy.

She trains her students from the Energy Joy Mastery Academy om from Soul Alignment to live and carry out their mission. And from here an extra Next Level & Next Step need has arisen.

Namely from High End & Frequency Entrepreneurship.

In other words, the question:

How can you apply the EnergyJoy tools, techniques & philosophy in your potential, new or existing business?

And all this from High-End & High-Value!

Because energy flows powerfully towards focus it is important to split the focus between the 2 specific and exclusive podcasts. 

That's why this 2nd High End & Frequency Business Podcast emerged. So that everyone who needs powerful business growth and transformation at a High-End level can find it in this podcast. 

* The 'Shift to EnergyJoy Podcast and Beyond' is really for personal transformation, growth and development. 

* The 'High End & Frequency Business Podcast' is for  Triple High & Soul Aligned entrepreneurship.

Both Podcasts are super valuable, powerful and transformative in content & energetic frequency. So even if you don't have your own business (yet), my tip: Listen! It can just activate and open new doors! 

I would say:Let's go!Here we go!

ELITE Shift Mastermind

As an empathetic and ambitious entrepreneur, my self-developed Triple High is a combination of:

1.High Frequency,

2.High End &

3.High-Value echtthe Golden Formula!

Discover it for yourself in my Life & Business changing ELITE Shift Mastermind 

Master Je Inner-Ceo systeem.png

Energetic Business Accelerator

Do you want your own businessstart?

Or are you just started with your business but still looking for the real Soul Aligned direction?

And is the Elite Shift Mastermind just a step too far?




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