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Elevating Your Love Frequency: The Pinnacle of High End & Frequency Mastery - 62

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Vrijdag, 1 september 2023

Elevating Your Love Frequency - The Pinnacle of High End & Frequency Mastery - 62


🌟 Hosted by Lisette Lucas 🌟


Episode Highlights:


- Introduction: Lisette Lucas welcomes you to another soul-igniting episode, setting the stage for an exploration into Love & Relationships like never before!


🌠 Transformative Conversations:

- Teaser into the electrifying dialogue Lisette had with iconic figures like Tony Robbins, Sage Robbins, and Cloe Madanes.


🌟 Five Pivotal Questions Unearthed:

1. Blessing Yourself Daily: A snippet into why this practice can shape the quality of all your relationships.

2. Turning Excitement into EnergyJoy: A hint on aligning with a more enduring state of happiness.

3. Sprinkling Habits of Kindness: Why kindness is the ultimate soul balm.

4. Gifts of Grace and Mercy: How these two elements act as your life's shields and wings.

5. The Power of Appreciation Over Expectation: The secret to eliminating heartache.


🌈 Sage's Wisdom Spotlight:

- Sage Robbins' practice of 'Loving Kindness Habits.


🌌 Cosmic Call to Action:

- How to download the FREE Above The Golden Line Method® and ascend to new frequencies in your love life.


Additional Resources:

- For the complete list of transformative questions and further exploration, head to


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Here are the five pivotal questions from Episode 62, designed to guide you into a deeper realm of love, relationships, and high-frequency living:


1️⃣ How can I bless myself today? - Delving into the importance of self-love as the foundational relationship that affects all others.


2️⃣ How can I create lasting joy, EnergyJoy, instead of temporary excitement? - Examining the pursuit of a more enduring, internal source of happiness.


3️⃣ How can I create even more habits of kindness?- Exploring why kindness is the ultimate soul balm that enriches not just you, but also the world around you.


4️⃣ How can I give gifts of grace and mercy?- Investigating how grace and mercy serve as protective and uplifting elements in life's trials and tribulations.


5️⃣ How can I focus more on what I appreciate now? And in the same breath: How can I let go of expectation? - A two-part question probing the power of appreciation over expectation as a route to eliminating heartache and elevating frequency.

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