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6th january 2021


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 49. Abundance: How To Get Into The Mindset And Frequency Of 'Abundance' And Download Via 5-D. 


  • Do you notice that you yourself sometimes fall into the limiting belief of scarcity and shortages?


  • In this podcast you immediately learn to Shift your mindset to Abundance.


  • So that 'abundance' becomes a part of who you are.


  • And you can live in the glorious 5-D Download frequency of abundance and wealth.

Welcome to Podcast #49


Yesterday I did some more live recordings with the founding members for my latest: ‘Master Your Intuition Academy’ which will be launched soon. 


The reason I do these live sessions is because feedback from students, and feedback from listeners is very important. It allows me to make the programme and the training even better and more powerful. Especially for you and the person who really makes the commitment to intuitive and energetic development and personal transformation.


At the end of the recordings, I took time for feedback and took notes.


However, my jaw dropped in surprise when I got the first reaction.


'Lisette, what you give us is a lot of wealth. I think you give a lot! A lot!' 


Wow, I thought … And this was only after the recordings for Module 3, when there are 6 modules in total! 


I am super happy and grateful for such a response as this was exactly my intention, I just didn't expect it so soon!


As you will have understood by now if you regularly listen to my podcast …  I like to give a lot a lot! In other words: I 'over-deliver'! Which is how Tony Robbins puts it so beautifully! 


And that's what I want to talk about in this podcast, because it’s something that applies to all of life.

I personally call this living and creating from the Abundance Mindset.


Now, abundance is a word that comes up everywhere in my life. And at the very beginning of a new year it is a great time to share my personal ‘abundance’ affirmation with you.


But before I share it I want to ask: Do you have a personal phrase, quote or affirmation that you repeat internally or aloud daily (or at least regularly)?


If so, fantastic! Because that is a boost for your energy and surrounding force fields. A guiding force for your life at 5-D level. In other words, the level where everything is created and manifested. 

If not, I recommend that you get inspired. For example by my personal Law of Attraction inspired affirmation or by situations and circumstances that you want to manifest in your life.


My personal manifestation force is:

‘I am grateful for the abundance in all areas of my life, now and always’.


This is sort of the trigger, the title of my internal conversation with the universe.


I continue using this affirmation throughout the day, focussing on different sub areas depending on the time. These sub areas are the different sections of your life. Think of your life like a big cake, which you divide into 4 pieces. These 4 pieces (sub areas) are: 


Relations, Success, Wisdom & Health. 

In other words: relationships, success, wisdom and health. 


Right now I work with these areas using the wisdom of Feng Shui - something I’ve been delving into lately and feels really good for me. 


So I want to say right away: you can cut the cake into more slices. 

From mediumship I work with: Home, Health, Career, (Personal) Relationships, Finances and Spiritual Development. 


But for now I want to keep it simple, so 4 cardinal directions, 4 sub-areas.


In the Shownotes of this episode on I will again post the notes of this podcast. Then you always have a reference book at hand. You can also use the script if you like, so that you can listen and read at the same time. This helps you save the information even better.

That always works great for me.

For example, I buy the book and listen to the audiobook.

Then I can immediately highlight with a highlighter what catches my attention.


But back to the affirmation.


When I've said: 

‘I am grateful for the abundance in all areas of my life, now and always’.


Then I will go through the 4 sub-area in my mind.

I always start with my "Relations". 

So I say in my mind how deeply grateful I am for my children, my family, my husband, my parents, friends, students, clients, loved ones in spirit, my earthly and spiritual guidance and I am deeply grateful for everyone who is going to enrich my life. 

And while I think about it, I feel it, I see it. I see the faces of my children, the happy smiling faces of my loved ones, dear people around me and it fills me with an abundance of love, joy, energyjoy and gratitude .


And when I have touched everyone from the energetic realm and have expressed my gratitude I move on to the next sub-area and that is “Health”.The order can be different each time and it doesn't matter. Sometimes a challenge comes your way so you put the corresponding sub area first. All you need is to feel good. 


Next, you have “Success” which represents your job, your career and your financial circumstances. 


Finally, “Wisdom”, which represents your personal & spiritual development. 


The inspiration for this podcast arose while sitting in the Wisdom corner of my house. It feels wonderful there. In the show notes I will also put the link to my Feng Shui Master's free app. I use it to discover my energetic directions according to the Feng shui philosophy.


This affirmation is actually much bigger than just energetic directions. It is an all-encompassing energetic manifestation boost that connects you directly to the powerful 5th dimension. The place from which everything is created and arises. 


I remember well that I was in the shower once (I do it every day of course), but this was another moment of relaxed Alpha brainwave state in which the information literally flows into me.


From this place I suddenly got a sentence: Download Your Potential! 


Then I really got a Eureka feeling.

Wow, so it's that easy: you connect to the hard drive of the 5-D reality and you just download everything that is possible. 


But what is possible is limited to your imagination and therefore your beliefs. 


For example, if you believe that you are going to reach and perform at 50% capacity in life, then you automatically download that potential and so it will be.


Or maybe you believe that you are going to reach and perform at 100% capacity in life, then you automatically download that potential and it will be.


But if you believe that what you will achieve is unlimited …  well, you understand by now …  then you download abundance and unlimited possibilities!


Yes, how fantastic is that! You download what your mind and above all your subconscious mind thinks possible. 


And that is why developing, growing, transforming, breaking through blockages is so essential! Otherwise you will continue to live in that limiting mindset. You may even complain and feel weighed down by the fact everything goes wrong and you must be unlucky… 


I hope it's clear now: It's completely in your hands! You are the creator of your destiny! Of your life, the architect of your existence.


And I don't mean that you can completely control circumstances. No, life is life. But what you do have control over is how you deal with it!


In other words: If life gives you lemons …  What are you going to do? You make lemon juice, then you make lemonade! It's that simple!


Yesterday I also received such great feedback from another founding member during the live recordings. And it is very relevant for today’s podcast topic. 


One lady said that in her head she made everything much bigger and more difficult than it actually was. And what happens when you see everything big and almost insurmountable. 

Well? Indeed: it will be!

You begin to feel that way. Then your body will eventually say …  Pfff well, I'm throwing in the towel.


While the ‘issue’ can actually be very small, very easy, very simple to overcome. 

And there’s no reason you can’t see issues like this! 


It's only a 2mm shift, a shift in your mindset! That’s all that is needed. 

Really and truly, so simple!  


So trust the power of believing and living in the Abundance mindset.


Abundance for you and abundance for everyone. After all, there is enough for everyone.


If you learn to connect with your higher self, the higher consciousness, you will experience that connection. That immense love, which is never in short supply or scarce. An abundance of everything for everyone, now and always. 


Don't step into that once, no, make it part of who you are. Because it’s what you are, it's where you come from! You are made of Stardust, so you can move anything you want as long as you believe in it.


And that brings me to the wealth sensation that living in the abundance mindset and state of being brings you. 


Most people experience it in a few areas. The great challenge you can (and hopefully will) take on yourself for this year is: 


  • In what areas will I create abundance this year? 

  • What is abundance to me?


For some it is owning beautiful possessions and for others it is a moment of rest and contemplation in nature, it does not matter. You feel what is right for you.

And don't worry that if you have more, there will be nothing left for someone else. That is a limiting belief that immediately makes you small again. You should immediately nip it in the bud and send it back to the sender. It’s a message usually coming from parents, educators or other relatives, teachers, whoever … 


Say thanks for lending it to me, but now please return to sender, with love!  

I don't need it anymore!


If you find yourself stuck on beliefs which have turned into blockages and self-sabotaging, then I can help you with that. In my 1 on 1 sessions I go in depth with you to transform these negative beliefs for good. 


Of course, training can offer a solution for you. Follow your gut feeling and go on a journey of discovery. For though this journey is filled with challenges, they are wonderful ones that will make you grow and thrive.


Where is the greatest transformation? On the other side of fear!


So sometimes you feel fear, tension and doubts …  but go through them! Dare to take that step. For the biggest transformation, the biggest changes are on the other side of fear. In fact the greatest transformation is on the other side of fear. 


I wish you every success and a smashing 2021 full of abundance in all areas of your life - now and always because you are so, so worth it! 


A big hug to you!


And last but not least: I received good news! My podcast reached the 6th place in the Dutch Podcast charts of spirituality last month and even the 4th place in the Belgian charts!


Wow, really so great, many thanks -  I owe this to you! I am over the moon and very passionate about continuing to create abundant value and material to help, support, direct and guide anyone who needs it. So that we can grow together and make the world a better place. To do this your help and support is so needed! 


I am thankful, very thankful for you! 

I look forward to seeing you next time!


Perhaps you can help me too: are you enjoying this EnergyJoy podcast and listening to it on the iTunes Apple Podcasts App? 

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Love Lisette 

All rights reserved EnergyJoy © 2021

49. Abundance

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