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16th december 2020


Lisette Lucas



​Podcast 46. Psychometrics: Awaken your 'sleeping, latent' powers because you too are a psychic!


Maybe you are looking for answers or insights because you feel a lot, which can be extremely overwhelming and you often look for confirmation outside yourself.


Then I'm going to shake you awake now, because you have a sleeping power within you, deep inside! And that is the language of energy - which you can discover, experience and learn to perceive, feel and read. For you are also a psychic with all the ingredients naturally present.


In this podcast you will discover what I have learned from psychometrics in my development as a psychic. 


The winner of the ‘Improve Your Memory and Concentration’ hypnosis course and the other information from this episode can be found in the show notes at:


Welcome to Podcast 46!


I still remember when, in mid-2008, I took the first real steps into the wonderful world of energy.


Actually, it was kind of an emergency step. I was at a point where I’d had enough, but didn't know what I wanted. I did know that I was extremely curious about a world I knew very little about. A world that I had always found exciting and scary. Yet I still felt an internal pull towards it, which is hard to describe but I felt it deep, deep inside. 


I've always been very sensitive: felt a lot, was often tired, took over pain from others - which at the time I thought was my own. But when I found that I could sense my children's ear infection before it even manifested itself, I was totally confused. 


I also dreamed many prophetic dreams, of things that happened regularly during the day. 


Dreams about such random things, like a plant. But not just any plant: years before that dream, I had received a beautiful orchid from my dear great-aunt, Aunt Henny from Wassenaar. At some point it had finished flowering and all that remained was a pathetic twig with some leaves. 

The plant had been placed behind the blinds of a room, and sad to say, had never been watered again. Really I thought the plant had been written off - I was a lot younger then and didn’t have green fingers haha…


So there it sat, until I had that dream. In my dream I saw that orchid, which had not shown any sign of life for a year, suddenly with several buds. 


Yes, of course I thought, who dreams about a plant … But my curiosity was aroused, so I walked to where the plant was and pushed the blinds aside. 

Well, you guessed it, my jaw dropped in surprise!

I suddenly saw the image of my dream come to life, the orchid had budded again. Very bizarre … 

For me, this was one of many crazy, ‘Wow!’ moments. 


But I still thought that working with energy was reserved for those born with some kind of gift. Certain chosen people. Perhaps because that’s how a lot of people portray themselves.


I was also stunned when I found out that that tale is really a BS story. (And in this context I don't mean Belief System but really that BS word.)


That narrative is a total myth! 


Why? Because basically we are all the same. 

As I've told you before in previous podcasts, anyone can learn to work with energy - because we are all made of energy.  


Or as Tony Robbins puts it so beautifully: ‘You are Stardust’, we are all made of stardust. 


And so we can also create something magical.


We can create and manifest anything we want!


How lovely it is to live in that mindset and energy. 


In any case, for me it feels very good and it gives me a huge boost and makes me vibe in the frequency of EnergyJoy and beyond.


But going back to those 1st steps on the mediumistic and energetic path. That moment when you can feel and perceive information through the energy of objects or photos for the first time is truly magical!


I never used to understand the difference between all the forms of energy work. 


But I have now learned the differences and I want to share this with you, because in my view it’s essential to know these, to separate the wheat from the chaff.


I’ll give an example to show why this knowledge is important - just think what does psychometrics mean to you?


Perhaps you’re not clear exactly what it means - even my own students get it mixed up from time to time. In fact I know trained mediums who still get confused by it. To be honest, if you come across a medium who gets confused with various terms I would run! 


Anyway, psychometrics is working with the energy of photos, objects, jewellery, cards and also the energy of living persons and animals. And that is a very important step in developing your intuitive and energetic powers.


This week I started the beta launch for my very first Master Your Intuition Academy. 


In a few weeks you will learn to work with energy, develop your intuition and yes: psychometrics. I myself remember that a whole new world opened up for me with this development. I could hardly believe what I could feel and pick up on. 


And the most bizarre thing is: it's so natural! Feeling, intuition, perceiving … we are all born with these skills but they aren’t stimulated and trained as we grow up; mental development takes precedence so these skills recede into the background. 


So it literally becomes the neglected child.


But we are made of stardust, so we can just as easily reactivate, train and stimulate it. 

We were all given these skills at birth or actually, from before you were born. 


So nice and special! 


So I want to encourage you wholeheartedly, if exploring this makes you curious, if it triggers you, if it fascinates you (just like me back then): Listen to this feeling! Hear that cry of your soul! Let your core, your authentic essence shine again as it is predestined! 

It will enrich your life in a way that you never thought possible before.


You regain control of your energy and life. Instead of the energy running the show having its fun with you and all the consequences that entails.  


You can use your energy and use it whenever it suits you. 

You control it, as it were, with the power of intention. 

It’s like: Your wish is my command. In other words, you just send it into space, the energetic space. 


Life will smile at you when you understand how much more is possible from an energetic perspective.


It's going to be 3-D, it's going to be multidimensional and you're going to understand everything from a completely different perspective.


You can connect with frequencies that let you experience the feeling of unity. 

Something everyone would benefit from in today's world, where so many people feel alone, when in fact we are all connected energetically. 


You have probably also thought of someone when suddenly, pling, a message comes in from that person.


That is the connection beyond time and space. Those are the energetic cords, the connections, like a kind of gossamer superman thread ... it’s really special to gain more insight into that.


Psychometrics is the perfect way to train and develop yourself. 


It's like going to the gym for your intuitive and energetic muscles. You learn the theory and then you apply and practice it.


With all my love I want to cultivate this, to contribute to help you grow. Because in this way you develop a strong clairvoyant ability, so that your intuitive powers also increase every day. 


Insight gives strength and freedom. Life remains life, which unfortunately includes challenges. But, if there was a way to contribute to a better understanding of life, I would personally take it with both hands. (By the way, I did that too and that's why I now live in this wonderful energy and mindset).


The fact that you are listening to this to the end also says it all. You feel it inside, it resonates with the deepest of your being. You can act on that if you want to experience the ultimate happiness and get the most out of it.


As you can tell, I am full of passion and praise for everything related to this.


In a few days time you can participate in the beta launch of my new digital program that will be launched in early 2021. A wonderful opportunity to ring in the New Year powerfully and energetically, even without fireworks. 


Everything in my latest digital training is based on what I just told you. 


I therefore hope that we can meet each other via energetic highways. That would be great!


I see my course participants and students of previous courses and training spreading their wings and all contributing in their own way. So beautiful to see, and super proud of course! 


The EnergyJoy wave has been set in motion, great that you also vibe to the frequency of EnergyJoy and beyond! 


No matter what life throws at us, we can handle it!


Big hug and see you next podcast!

Love Lisette


All information about this episode can be found in the show notes at

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46. Psychometrics

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