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9th december 2020


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 45. Inner Knowing, Follow Your Feeling And Discover The Power Of Your Inner Wisdom + Contest Details For Hypnosis Course


Maybe you face a choice and you aren’t sure what to pick, for example you may want to listen to an EnergyJoy podcast, but you don’t know which one because there are so many. 


Well, in this podcast you will discover that your inner knowing is more powerful than you think, especially when trying to make a choice!


To tap into this powerful, wise, inner voice, start applying the intuitive tips in this podcast.


Then you can find the podcast you need right now, on an energetic level, for your ultimate transformation and development. 


+ Contest Details for Hypnosis Audio Course! 


Welcome to podcast #45!


Another very special episode today, and a very important one!

I always say: Understanding is potential power.

It’s only ‘potential’ because you can take in as much information as you want, but if you do nothing with it then it’s a waste of your precious time to learn it.


By the way I want to ask you as a podcast listener: which tools and tips that I’ve shared in the podcasts you’ve heard, have actually converted from potential power to reality? I am very curious, please let me know! 


By sharing your favourite(s) you will be entered into the contest I mentioned at the beginning of this podcast. Simply send me your favourite tool and / or tip with the podcast # to And you’ll have the chance to win a copy of my latest 'Improve memory and concentration' hypnosis audio course worth €47. 


(I will put the rules of the competition and how you can participate at  


But first more about the prize! It is a powerful 21 day audio hypnosis course for home use. You will be amazed at the power of the sessions, and how wonderful it is to remember, store and retrieve all the information you take in as soon as you wish. After relaxing, listening, and applying the audio course, your subconscious mind becomes conditioned; it is rewired and updated so that you’ll become known as the person who remembers everything. Names, dates, directions, fun memories, information learned and so on. I use it myself of course! And yes, I am the one who is always asked for information ... very funny. 


But join the fun and in the next podcast #46 I will announce the winner (including the favourite tool / tip).


And are you here for the first time today? Welcome! It's great that our paths cross like this. Of course you can also participate in this giveaway. So how do you find your favourite or relevant topic from the list of podcasts? My answer: by feeling!

Which is also a great intuitive test to start with! 


Trust the intelligence of your inner knowing - it’s something we all have!  

So get the list of 45 podcasts in front of you. Preferably in a way that you have all the podcasts under each other and can scroll through them. (This is also possible on Spotify or iTunes Apple podcasts.) All of them from #1 to #45. 


Before you try this exercise I recommend you listen to this podcast in full so you can best apply the tool.


So how does it work? 

Well, you have that list of 45 podcasts in front of you, all of the episodes there to scroll through. But before you start scrolling through this list, ask yourself one of these questions (in your head or out loud) 3 x in a row: 

‘Which podcast is essential for me right now?’

‘Which podcast contains information that I can immediately use for my highest good?’

‘Which podcast gives me the support I need right now?’


You can think of the podcast stack as a deck of tarot cards or oracle cards.


So as you ask these questions aloud or in your head 3 times, begin to scroll through the podcasts without really reading the titles. You want to be almost looking past the words, so you see just a blur of movement on the screen. Now comes the most important part: follow your feelings, listen to your inner knowing. Do you feel a stop, or does your finger automatically stop at a podcast? Maybe you hear a 'this' or perhaps you get a tingling, shivering or rush of energy through your stomach? Perhaps it’s simply a knowing: this is the right one. Your intuition, your inner wisdom speaks to you in many ways. Learn to recognise it. 


Follow that feeling and signal. Even if you end up with a podcast you've already listened to - this is no coincidence! Trust your inner knowing.

Listen again, take notes and you will definitely pick up, hear, perceive and absorb different information than the last time. Trust me in that! Yes? 


Okay, so go test this and let your intuitive powers work for you right away. Don't think about it, just do it!

So no fussing, just set the intention. Bam! And go for it. Then you set the energy in motion and let it work for you, instead of swimming out of control in a sea of ​​energy. 

Take back control of your life and your choices and your life will be transformed!


While making this podcast I realised that I've created a beautiful, powerful tool:

an oracle set that can guide, support and guide you.


As you may have noticed - every podcast has a number. 

This is no accident: numbers are important, so start paying attention to numbers in your environment from now on.


Perhaps you are walking somewhere, or you are in your own head worrying, when you suddenly see a number passing by.


For example number 13. And a little later you hear someone say 13 again. And who knows, maybe you see 13 again on the side of a building.


I always say (and it’s my basic rule), if something comes up 3 times then there's a message in it for you. So in this case, I'd go check out and listen to what podcast #13 is. It contains a message for you that you can use immediately!


In other words, you must take action on this message for something bigger than yourself wants to make something clear to you. Most of the time it's not what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. And in that moment it doesn't always make us happy, but in the end everything will fall into place and then you will understand. You’ll see the bigger picture. 


And maybe it happens that you get a thought about me out of the blue, or you happen to hear someone say ‘Lisette’, or perhaps you read ‘Lucas’ somewhere. Perhaps you experience something with energy and joy, happiness or shifting? 


Then there's a message in there for you.


So keep an open mind, stay open. To be honest, many people walk through life with blinkers on and live with a very narrowed view. It’s something I see often in my practice and with my students. Unfortunately this keeps them closed to the miracles and clues all around them. For this magic is far beyond our earthly intelligence, think of the Grace and magic I spoke of in podcast #44. 


So if you wear those blinkers, choose to take them off now. Widen your gaze, your feelings, your senses (your smell, your taste, your hearing): insights can come to you in all kinds of ways.


My question to you right now: Are you open and aware? Are you listening to all these different incoming signals?


And that nicely concludes the ‘energy hack and energy discover’ assignment for this week, which I hope you will find super fun and interesting to do. It won’t cost you any extra energy and gives you a wonderful, almost childlike wonder at the world again. So go and observe again out of curiosity - observe on all levels! 


Go find ‘coincidences’, like that licence plate I talked about in podcast #44, which was  very powerful and bizarre! Go see synchronicity, start utilising all the powers, talents and qualities that you have been given by nature! Please, do so for yourself and you’ll see a full, beautiful set of possibilities, and you’ll unleash your ultimate potential! As well as shifting to the frequency of EnergyJoy and beyond! That's what you came here for anyway, right? So I want to go there with you. 


Good luck! I am curious about your tips and tools that you have discovered and applied.

Send them to and on I will detail the rules of the contest and you can read back how to enter. 


In the next podcast I will announce the winner of the ‘Improve your memory and concentration’ hypnosis audio course! 


Good luck, explore and be open to the magic. Feel, experience, throw and sprinkle that pixie dust, which is within and all around you! Life is fantastic! Good luck, lots of energy joy and see you soon!


Love Lisette


All rights reserved EnergyJoy © 2020

45. Inner Knowing

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