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11th november 2020


Lisette Lucas:

Podcast 41. Mediums vs Psychics: Insights into The Differences, And How You Can Activate Your Natural Powers. 


As you may have already discovered: There is a proliferation of mediums, psychics, paranormals, fortune tellers and others who go by a variety of names. 


In this podcast you will discover the difference between mediums and psychics.


You will gain insight into the differences in working methods and you will understand what can and cannot be done. All of this based on my personal experience. 


You’ll discover what is possible for you, so that you can make good, well considered choices in the field of energy which suit your needs and wishes! 


Welcome to Podcast 41!


Great that you're listening. This podcast arose from questions that I often get. There is and remains a kind of haze of ignorance about everything that has to do with energy work. This creates misunderstandings: things get mixed up and unfortunately the work of mediums still has a bitter aftertaste for some people. 


Yes, of course that saddens me as a medium. But on the other hand, I also understand.


In the Netherlands there are no rules in this field, so anyone can call themselves a medium or psychic after a weekend workshop. 


I have to admit, when I was taken to my first medium consultation as a sober 19 year old by my Indian mother-in-law, I had no idea what to expect.

And yes, I was really scared, especially because I didn't know what to expect at all. Could that person, that medium read my mind? Would the table float? Would it be shadowy and dark? And those dead souls, if they came by, could they touch me too? That thought alone gave me chills ... literally everything was running through my head. But my mother-in-law, who regularly visited mediums, was completely relaxed about it. Even my super sober North Holland father-in-law too. So there I went, with them, to a medium.


I found it super exciting and I was also very fascinated. My curiosity eventually won out over the fear of the unknown. 


During that consultation the medium made contact with my dear grandmother, and I listened in amazement to what the medium was saying. Things he really couldn't have known. And also things that my in-laws didn't even know about Omie, so they couldn't have secretly whispered it either. For yes, I was super sceptical!


This was definitely a result of my purely Dutch upbringing. Like, act normal, then you're acting crazy enough. The general consensus was that this energy stuff, ghosts, spirits, well none of that existed. 


Yet there were things that happened in my childhood that I could not explain and that frightened me. And that was the underlying reason for me to go on a journey of discovery.


A voyage of discovery into the world of the spiritual. Step by step, at a pace that was safe for me. Until the day I came across a powerful medium who told me of my potential in energy work. My mouth fell open in astonishment and at the same time my heart and soul were doing a happy dance inside. “You see!” I thought, “I can do it too!”- I can also develop on an energetic level. 


I was really convinced that in order to work with energy you had to have a gift. That only certain chosen ones come here on earth to do this work. But that day I discovered that that was not the case and that I could also develop.


And that's where my journey began. Totally against everything I had known growing up but it felt so good! It felt more and more like coming home. It was as if the puzzle pieces were falling into place, as I came to understand why situations and circumstances had come my way. Purely because it is predestined. Then it was up to me to do something with it. In other words: All the tools are there, but I had to do the work myself and take the steps to develop it. 

And I did. Confusion gave way to insights and every day I receive more and more insights. 

The process to develop into a medium is by no means easy, but in my view it is the most beautiful thing you can experience on an energetic level. 


For my development I started looking for the best tutors, the best teachers in the world in this field, and they have taken me under their wing. As a result, I know that I am now also one of the best in the world in this field. Purely because I am trained that way. I possess a degree of 'Certainty' a certainty, which ensures that I am allowed to carry this message. 

I will never forget how in 2015 I received the certificate for my 1st mentorship program from Mavis Pittilla. It was in Ashford, Kent, in England. Mavis took my hands and spoke words of encouragement. Mavis is a worldwide renowned medium and is already in her 80s. Mavis herself has been trained by the medium and her mentor: Gordon Higginson. Gordon is an absolute celebrity in mediumship. Sort of what Johan Cruijf is for football. 


One thing Mavis said to me while handing over the certificate was: Lisette, Gordon needs people speaking on platforms so that they can spread the word. And I feel to a degree that's what you’ve got to consider: How can you spread the word on a platform that is larger than you can imagine? That's what I see for you. 

In other words, Mavis told me at that moment that I could continue the work of Gordon Higginson.The message of mediumship was allowed to continue in my own way via a platform. In mediumship we talk about a platform instead of a podium, for a platform is much further reaching. 

I've been on many major platforms, but my podcast is in my view the most powerful platform on which I can talk about mediumship and all facets of the profession. 

That’s why I do it - to contribute to the bigger picture. And while speaking of this, that moment of Mavis suddenly reappeared. Wow ... this is what she was talking about in 2015. How beautiful is that! I will put a link to this video clip in the show notes on, a very precious moment for me personally, but I would love to share it with you. 


But it's not about me, it's about increasing consciousness and connecting the worlds. The earthly world and the spiritual world. This is very common in English Spiritualism. In the UK 'Spiritualism' is a religion, with more than 650 Spiritualist churches and several demonstrations of mediumship and special services held every week. But here in the Netherlands… unfortunately there is a jumble of information and names, which only create more ambiguity about a subject that is already not very tangible - in other words, the world of energy.


And that's why I'm super happy and proud that you're listening to this! Because this is how Gordon wanted it: for there to be more clarity and insight, for mediumship to get the name it is entitled to, for mediums to prove on the basis of memories and information that there is indeed life after death. 


Because really, that is what mediumship is all about. All out of reverence and respect for Spirit. 


And this is the most important thing to know when making an appointment somewhere. A medium works: mediumistic. And no don’t worry, this has nothing to do with media or social media. Working mediumistic means that the medium can make direct contact with the energy of the spiritual world. Without the use of inductors. In other words: Without using tools such as photos and objects. 


A medium makes direct contact. Therein lies the biggest difference between mediums and psychics.


A medium also allows loved ones and deceased persons to come closer and will never summon anyone. That's not how it works. Spirit is in control - which is also important to know when you go to a medium. It is not a given that the person you hope to get through will actually come through. It is always a surprise for the medium as well. 


A medium always works at the highest level of light and love. So you don't have to be afraid of bad, negative experiences. I don't pick up on that frequency anyway. I work from the frequency of love, so none of the crazy things you see in scary movies ever happen. Absolutely not, I don't even dare to watch them - for it’s all scaremongering. So stay away from them too, that's my advice. Don't lower your energy with cloudy images and information, for they remain latently present in your nerve cells. Truly a crime to commit against yourself! That is why, for example, I only watch the news selectively. Otherwise, the images and emotions continue to haunt me. Really, that is much scarier and more taxing than connecting with loved ones in the spiritual world. For that is a world purely of love. 


Even if things were left badly in this world, sometimes someone comes through to apologise. But how beautiful is that?! Especially if there was no time or if you left things with an argument. Through a medium the true last words and feelings can still be transferred. And that not only helps you, but also your loved one in the spiritual world. We call it healing between the 2 worlds. 


But, if you really think about it, we actually all live in 1 big world - 1 big world of energy with different floors. And yes, everyone is essentially the same so everyone can train to shift between floors. Yes, some will be better at it than others, but anyone can learn it.


And that brings me to the word: Psychic. This is really an English word. I also use this to indicate the difference between mediumistic working and psychic working. 


Because what is psychic work? A psychic can attune his or her energy to a person, animal, object, photo or event. A psychic can read this energy, as it were.The psychic does this by blending their energy with the energy of the person or object in question.

So a psychic can get hold of a photo of a person, living or dead, and then blend their energy (mix it with the energy of the person in the photo), and pass on information. 

Note: Here comes the main difference! And there is a lot of confusion about this and even abuse of it. People are being cheated of money in this way and that saddens me deeply. So please save this, write it down if necessary:


If the energy of a photo is read, it does not mean that that person is actually present. In other words, suppose you take a photo of a deceased grandfather or grandmother. Then a psychic can tell you everything about your grandfather or grandmother, but that does not mean that their soul energy is actually present. This is essential to know. 

It is possible that grandpa or grandma will join them later. But in England, during a reading you even have to put the photo away. So if the psychic does not need the photo and still passes on good, provable information, then you know that this psychic is also a medium. 


A medium is always a good psychic, but not every psychic is a medium. So don't let yourself be fooled.


It is also very, very important, to show respect towards your loved ones in the spiritual world. How would you like it if you were talked about as if you were there at a party, but you were never there at all. It wouldn’t feel ok, would it? Hopefully my analogy helps you hear my message loud and clear! 


In the Netherlands they call a psychic a psychic. So you know, a psychic reads energy but does not necessarily make contact with loved ones who have died. 


Podcast #6, Spiri-what? provides even more insight into this. Very nice to get the already intangible world of energy a bit sharper and clearer. You can listen to this via


Now I want to make something very clear. A psychic can provide insight, but a psychic does not predict! Simply because that is not possible. A psychic must take into account the free will of the client. When a psychic makes predictions, it is purely reading the wish energy that hangs in your energy field. It’s not necessarily a prediction of future events.  


In contrast, the spiritual world has an understanding of the bigger picture. And so it does happen that sometimes Spirit transmits messages that contain predictive data. As a medium, I often have no idea what they are talking about, I just pass the message on. The recipient doesn't understand it straight away either, but usually after a while I receive a message from them saying that everything fell into place as predicted. 


As a medium I know that I receive all information 100% correctly. The only thing that can sometimes go wrong is with my own translation, the conversion of the energetic information, the interpretation of the incoming energy, so to speak.


That's why I always say: No medium can be 100% accurate! Simply because a small part usually doesn't quite come through in a translation. In other words, sometimes things are: 'lost in translation'

So if someone claims 100% accuracy, I always say: Run! haha…. 90% is possible but that differs per contact with Spirit. It is a collaboration in communication between all possible sensory levels. That is why the development of a medium takes a lifetime.


But what I absolutely want to pass on to you, and is something I always tell my students: everyone is basically the same. Everyone has intuition and everyone can develop their psychic and mediumistic powers. It's something that is very natural! And so actually something very normal! Practice makes perfect is the key here. So simply learn and apply, practice very often and the sky is definitely the limit! Or the Spiritual Sky I should say. 


For me it is an absolute enrichment every new day, and I do this from a deep Soul desire and wisdom that reaches beyond earthly existence. And that gives an intense satisfaction, joy, love and experience that I would like everyone to have and feel. 

That is partly the reason that I love to pass on the information and teachings, which I have learned from the best, because you deserve the absolute best! 

On you can watch my personal and precious moment with Mavis. A lot of what she shared then has come true and is still unfolding. I am deeply grateful that I was allowed to share this with you.


Thank you especially for your time, I know how precious and dear it is, so thank you again and see you soon!

xxx Lisette


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41. Mediums vs. Psychics

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