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4th november 2020


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 40. Stress: Discover The Natural Antidote To Stress And Anxiety And Administer It Immediately + Free Antidote Anchor Visualisation


Have you been in a situation where thoughts keep spinning round and round through your head, and stress and underlying anxiety are difficult to control?


In this EnergyJoy podcast you will discover the natural antidote to stress and anxiety, how to apply it directly and then anchor it in your system. 


By applying this technique you can immediately shift your energy so that you have less stressful and anxious thoughts, they may even disappear completely. Leaving you free and relaxed, fully able to focus on what is really important for your happiness! 


Later in this podcast I'll share a special tool to help: the Antidote Anchor Visualisation!


All information about this podcast can be found at


Welcome to Podcast 40! 


You most likely know how anxiety feels: thoughts that keep spinning around your head, gnawing worries about tomorrow. Questions such as: What next…? Yes, but what if…? Imagine that…? How do I have to….? How can I…? It doesn’t matter whether you are jumping to ‘worst case scenarios’, the questions and answers keep spinning round in your head as if they are facts. 


And yes, if you are naturally sensitive, then you are unfortunately even more blessed with a mind that is a champion in visualising doom scenarios. Stressful thoughts that instill fear into your mind, causing doubt and uncertainty.


These thoughts then cause you to end up in a vicious circle. And worst of all, if you can’t stop the anxious thoughts in the day, then they can persist through the evening leaving you brooding and unable to sleep. 




Well, I can tell you. I used to be able to keep myself occupied this way. Resulting in a sharp decline in productivity, simply because I was very tired and stressed from thinking so much. Stressing about everything that could happen and worrying about what would happen if things didn’t change.   


Years ago I was told through a consultation with a medium: ‘Lisette, it will be good for you to start doing something with your hands’. I looked at that person in amazement, because yes, I have always been creative and loved working with my hands making things. But what I had never realised until that moment, was that working with my hands was literally a way to get out of my head and therefore, also out of my thoughts.


In other words, a direct anti-stress method. A way to interrupt and break that never-ending cycle of thoughts. 


And yes, I loved and love to bring my full attention to my hands and what I can create. It brings me into that moment of timeless space. The place where everything came into existence by itself. And yes, the place where I completely get into the flow. Dancing and pulsating to the frequency of infinite possibilities. A level where it’s impossible for worries and issues to thrive. 


While I'm telling you this, I'm sure you can remember a moment when your mind wandered completely into the field of infinite creation and inspiration. The place you snap out from and then look at the clock and think … wow … is it that late already? The time has flown by!


Yes, right?! You have probably experienced this several times. I hope it wasn't too long ago for you, that would be a great shame, for being in this place is a direct way of reducing stress.  


You step into the energy of passion and creation. And whether it's drawing, writing, painting, singing, flower arranging, dancing, jewellery making, woodworking, crafts, baking, cooking or creating something else. It's about doing it from your core … without putting willpower behind it.


Then it arises from the pure source of inspiration.


Think back, back to that moment when you lost yourself in an activity, something with which you felt the inspiration and creativity flow through you, completely naturally.


Nowadays, unfortunately, a lot of people know this feeling of 'losing sense of time' only from Netflix … or YouTube or gaming for the youth.


But that's not what I mean. I’m talking of losing yourself a step further than that, which can only be done through tapping into your essence; your Soul, your core, that pure, authentic part of yourself in which all wisdom is stored, and that part that is always connected to the infinite source of creation.


So now think back to such a moment - feel like you were in that moment again, this

Timeless Moment of Creation. Where the loving, calm energy of inspiration flows through you.


Ask yourself as you feel this moment again: on a scale of 0 to 10, if 10 is super stressful and 0 is no stress at all - where was your stress level at that time? Well? Close to zero right?


If you are really lost in the moment, in focussing your energy and attention on your hands and the act of creating, it is impossible to experience stress at the same time.


If you are experiencing stress, it has to do with the thoughts and expectations you have about the outcome.


Let go of the expectation and step into the energy of appreciating the present moment … appreciating the smallest, finest detail … then every stressful thought and fear of it disappears, for example: not doing well enough, or fear of doing it wrong or of failing. Instead fall like snow in the sun.


Go try it. 


I can tell you, I work the same way with my podcasts. I don't think about what I'm going to create beforehand: I let it happen. I bring myself into a deep relaxed state, an almost alpha frequency state, open to the infinite source of inspiration and creation.


If I were to start thinking about what the subject should be, what should be in it … then I get stuck and it will become an incoherent story.


I open up in advance with the intention of creating a new podcast that contributes something for everyone. A podcast that you and others can do something with. Something that inspires, triggers and touches in a way that allows you to move forward.


This can only arise if you are 'in tune'. In tune with the bigger picture.Then the flow is created and you can contribute on a wavelength that is essential at that moment.


So yes, if you're listening to this it's no coincidence. There is much more behind it, there is a greater intelligence behind it; and I am not talking about my intelligence or wisdom. No, absolutely not! I am talking about the intelligence of the universe, the cosmos, source energy or the infinite source of creation. Something that is inside each of us and something that drives everything. 


Provided you are in contact with it. Then you enter the state of flow and appreciation.


Is this something you don’t experience? Then there is a good chance that you still rely too much on thoughts, fearful thoughts that cause stress and can even block you. Fear and stress literally make your energy (and energy field) smaller. This also makes your world smaller. You lose faith in the world and make choices that are not in tune with your authentic self.


So you become paralysed and shrink from fear, both on an energetic, physical and emotional level. This occurs before what you fear and what you are afraid of has actually happened. 


Some questions for you.

How many times have you:

Not worried about something?

Had fear and anxious thoughts about something that ultimately never happened at all? 

Had something happen that gnawed away at your insides, causing countless sleepless nights and for what? 


Such a waste of your time and energy, isn't it? Not to mention the grey hairs and wrinkles that pop up just from the thought of something … 


I just mentioned a fantastic way to get out of the vicious circle of stress and anxiety.

And that is passion and creativity seen from the broadest sense of the word. Something that really suits you, something that makes your heart and Soul jump for joy! That's you! 

That's your 1st medicine. 

And an extra tip: Are you in doubt about which direction you should take in terms of work, career or business? Then let this information be a guide in the choices you make. For in doing so you open all doors of opportunity, and the solution will naturally appear on your path in the form of synchronicity. Just pay attention to what happens when you get into the flow and what “coincidences” come your way.


Really! Trust yourself and above all, trust the intelligence of the bigger picture.


Now I would like to share a beautiful expression of a way to deal with anxiety and stress.

Tony Robbins calls it, as I mentioned in a previous podcast: The antidote, or the antidote to fear.


In fact, if you apply this technique, it is impossible to experience anxiety and stress. Simply because you fill your energy field and your body with the highest possible frequency, meaning that it is really impossible to allow the low frequency energy in. It is, as it were, swept away by the higher frequencies, the higher vibrations of energy.


Think of it as a very dark room which feels heavy and gloomy. Turn on the light and open the curtains. Then the sun's rays can do their wonderful work and illuminate every corner. In other words, literally making the energy lighter in that space.


And that happens with the application of the antidote against stress and anxiety too.

And ... perhaps you already know the answer? 

What do you think is the ultimate way to shift your energy, illuminate your dark thoughts and transform in a split second?


I'm going to give you the answer, write it down if necessary, make notes as if you were going to explain or teach it to someone else after this podcast.


The antidote is: Gratitude!


Yes… you may well think… how exciting is that Lisette? Well, I'll let you experience it right away.


If you have a moment for yourself now, I advise you to do the following exercise right now. Or listen to this again at a later time.


Only participate if you are not driving a vehicle or working with machines.


If necessary, put the podcast on pause, find a spot and listen and follow my voice.


It is best to close your eyes during this exercise.


Okay, make sure you can't be disturbed. Close your eyes and breathe in and out slowly.


Feel how your clothes touch your skin. As you inhale and exhale, feel how the airflow enters your lungs through your nose and throat, fills your lungs completely and how you exhale relaxed again.


Feel how the temperature of the room touches your skin.


Become aware of your body in the here and now.


And while you sit or lie, feeling so very relaxed, I want you to go back in your mind to a moment; a moment of joy, a moment where you felt so much happiness that your heart overflowed with satisfaction, love, warmth and gratitude. 


The 1st moment that comes to mind is the right one, feel and experience that moment as if you are experiencing it again now. Step into it, fill your whole body with this joy, with this feeling of happiness. Experience it now in this moment, let it pulse in every cell of your body. Feel it flow through your legs to the tips of your toes, feel it flow to your arms and fingertips, feel everything heat up and maybe even tingle with this feeling of ultimate happiness and joy. Look around you, what, and who do you see? Smell the fragrances that were in the air and feel what you felt then, letting those feelings fill your body. Hear the sounds that surrounded you, and let the vibrations heal and caress your body. 


This energy, the frequency of this ultimate moment of happiness is your antidote to all the stress and anxiety you have felt in your life so far. You can instantly shift it with this scene, this feeling of gratitude.


And stay in that emotion, stay in that happy, wonderful, loving moment. Fill your whole body with it. Very well and make it bigger, bigger than your body, like a powerful pulsating light that shines within you and around you, stay in that feeling. Very well, and if you are completely in that beautiful, powerful energy right now I want you to put a smile on your face. Simultaneously put your right thumb and index finger together. Keep smiling and making the perfect symbol with your thumb and forefinger. 


Very well, breathe in and out slowly and feel how the energy of gratitude pulsates in and around you. This is the highest frequency, the EnergyJoy frequency in which worries, stress and fear do not exist.

Just look at something that has worried you and watch it float further and further into the distance. As it gets further away the feeling also shrinks. As you keep watching it float, it drifts so far away that you can’t see it and it no longer affects you. Smile and press your right thumb and index finger together and say in your mind or out loud: I can handle anything, I live in the EnergyJoy vibe and beyond!

I can handle anything, I can do anything and achieve whatever I want.

I do this by simply smiling and making the perfect symbol with my right hand.

This feeling is now permanently anchored in your system. You can always come back here whenever you want. This is the antidote which you yourself found very simply, and have seen how easy it is to administer. 24/7 whenever you want, completely safe and out of gratitude!


Congratulations! You have just shifted your frequency and you can now apply it all yourself. Listen to this part of the recording as many times as feels right for you. Until it becomes part of you. 


Take a deep breath in and out. Wiggle your toes, your feet, your fingers, your hands and leave that smile on your face. 


Open your eyes and come back to the here and now completely calm, very relaxed!


Welcome back! 


I'm curious about what you experienced. 


Remember: it is impossible to experience gratitude and stress/anxiety at the same time.


Take advantage of this wisdom and apply it in your daily life. Wherever you are, you can always create your perfect symbol and put a smile on your face. Feel and experience the shift!


And very important: Be kind to yourself! Because you are so, so worth it!


You can read the information of this podcast at


In my practice I also give live or online hypnotherapy sessions. Then all this becomes part of who you are. And old pieces are transformed forever.


If you would like to receive more information about this, please send me an email at  Also explain what you would like to work on, what you would like to transform for good. Then we come to a solution together.


Thank you very much for listening and participating, for putting in your effort and time! It’s so very nice to connect in this way. See you soon! 

xxx Lisette 


All rights reserved EnergyJoy © 2020

40. Stress Antidote!

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