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No Mud No Lotus

'No Mud No Lotus' ~ Thich Nhat Hahn ~

💚⚛️Even when life takes you through unexpected dark, muddy places, there are always moments where you are shown a glimpse of beauty, grace and Source. 

That spark of light, that moment through the darkness where you recognise, sense and see those precious signs and synchronicties. Like a wink from the universe, whispering: "Everything's gonna be alright". 

The difficulty but also strength in the moment of suffering is to keep faith, hope and believe.

Don't fight the moment, go through it, live through it, breathe, trust and see the gifts reflecting and sparkling at the surface of the water, even when your still in the dark mud.

Move like the serene, pure Lotus bud who managed to grow from the deepest, darkest place into the most beautiful shaped flower, heading straight up with grace towards the Light....

💚 xxx - With love Lisette - xxx ⚛️ . .

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