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From Synchronicity to Destiny

💜True Soul connections travel across time, dimension, space and reality...

Whatever challenge life puts in front of Souls, no matter how big of a block, if its meant to be it will be...

➰Trust Soul, Spirit and the Divine intelligence, let go, have faith, have patience, everything will happen in Divine timing.. it's called Destiny!

♥️Destiny will be!

➰Just smile, breath, Enjoy the ride, learn and evolve, grow and know that hidden deep down inside of you is the truth, the map, the journey you signed up for during this lifetime. Your unique blueprint. The cosmic contract with your etheric signature...

➰Why the confusion?

➰Why the intense pull?

Cause the Soul knows, the more confusion the better, let it unfold naturally. Don't push or sabotage it, let it unfold, let is happen, collect the pieces of the puzzle and see your Divine path unfold like magic...

Synchronicity is the Universe saying: Yes!

➰Mindblowing miracles, in the form of synchronicities, will happen along the way, is that weird, imagination or insane?

No, that's your confirmation! You are aligned with destiny. Those are the signs that you are exactly where your meant to be, accept those gifts from God, from the Divine creator with a smile and intense gratitude... and say 'Thank You' from the core of your being...even if it doesn't make sense at that moment and even if the showed direction gives you seemingly more chaos than joy at that particular moment of time...

➰If we only knew half the effort it has taken behind the cosmic scenes to put that synchronicity in front of you face we would even be more humble and more in awe of the Divine intelligence ..and the greater plan that is in store for your highest good..

💚So what to do? Well... quite simple;

✔️Breath, listen and live life to the fullest of your potential.

✔️Only do what you love and what makes you smile from the inside out, follow your heart and Souls passion, do what makes you bubbly like Spiritual champagne and cheerful on the inside.

✔️Don't overthink, don't push it, don't let your mind talk you out of it...cause I warn you it will....

✔️Let it all unfold in a natural way,

✔️Trust in Divine timing and Be Grateful for the (sometimes bumpy) ride.

✔️Feel, feel and be free, live life's journey through the Wisdom of the Soul!

✔️Amaze yourSelf and you will be amazed!

🖤with love from Lisette Lucas

Deepak Chopra: Trust that your Soul has a plan..
Amaze yourself and you'll be amazed!

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