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The authentic Self

'The Authentic Self is the Soul made visible'..... ❤️

Here in my younger modeling years, searching for my true identity....

I've been following that inner feeling ever since I can remember. When I look at this picture, me being only 18 years young, so fragile, sensitive and scared of the outside world.

Now many years later, I know that it was the inside world that would provide me all the answers I needed and searched for. The safety can only be found inside, inside the safe, light and pure environment of your own Authentic Soul & Spirit.

That pure essence of you that always was, always is, and always will be... 🔥💞

Grateful for the journey, grateful for the lessons, grateful for the answers, grateful for my Soul becoming more and more visible... and feeling safe, moving on! 🙏🏻😌❤️

Instagram post: @lisettelucasl

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