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International High End Succes Medium® & High Frequency Business Coach Lisette Lucas presents:
Above The Golden Line Method® Manifestation Journal

*including the unique: Above The Golden Line Method® + Free Hypnotation download


Do you painfully often manifest what you do NOT want and do not wish?
Both in your private life and/or in your business?
Then your dominant energy and frequency pattern is UNDER The Golden Line®.

'After working energetically with thousands of people, clients & students, I discovered an energetic frequency pattern and I cracked the Golden Frequency Code!' - Lisette Lucas


  • Download the Above The Golden Line Method® including free hypnotation (= hypnosis + meditation)
  • Listen for at least 21 days to the hypnotation
  • Track and journal your progress in this exclusive EnergyJoy: Above The Golden Line® journal

This companion journal of the Above The Golden Line Method® gives you space to track, write, reflect and gain insight into your shift experience.

Inside this journal you'll find:
* 188 journal & frequency track pages for 7 weeks of shifting
* Above The Golden Line Method® + free hypnotation download
* Empowering quotes for inspiration

Learn to shift powerfully and easily to the ‘ROYAL frequencies ABOVE The Golden Line®’.
So that you can finally manifest what you DO want and wish to receive in your life and business.

*Download my unique ‘Above The Golden Line Method®’ for free... with which I put potential GOLD in your hands!

En(ergy)Joy Shifting!

x Lisette

Above The Golden Line Method® Manifestation Journal (EN version)

  • Lisette Lucas is a High End Succes Medium® and High Frequency Business Coach/Mentor, born and raised in The Netherlands.

    After working with thousands of clients, students in her EnergyJoy practice and guests from the audience during public events. Lisette discovered an energetic pattern with her clairvoyant vision.

    This pattern was found to predict when someone was carrying the manifestation frequency activated around them.

    From these insights, the 'Above The Golden Line Method®' including the frequency shifting and subconsious reprogramming hypnotation was created.

    Combine this journal with the powerful frequency shifting method and feel and experience the manifestation shifts.

    Lisette Lucas has developed her own online Energyjoy Mastery Academy.

    Where she trains students at high end level to reactivate and master their natural Intuitive skills and Inner-Medium.

    She also coaches and mentors empathetic, ambitious coaches and service-based entrepreneurs to live and share their mission from soul alignment and stardust potential at the level: Outstanding!

    Lisette combines her Soul Wisdom with the proven insights and tools of her worldwide renowned mentors such as Mavis Pittilla, Tony Robbins and Marisa Peer.

    Succes mediumship, high level frequency coaching and transformational hypnotherapy to the highest standard.

    In addition to her 2 podcast series in Dutch and English, Lisette also created her own Shift to EnergyJoy PodCarddeck.

    And is the proud and grateful mother of 3 amazing kids!

    ‘It’s my Life’s Mission and Purpose to Shift 1 Million+ Souls to the Frequency of EnergyJoy and Beyond!’ - Lisette Lucas

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