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21 DAYS: The Ultimate Energy SHIFT Experience®



The Experience where you transform and energetically Shift in 21 days through lessons, training, insights, tools and powerful Hypno-tations. 


Week 1:awareness

Week 2:Shift

Week 3:Expansion


See the calendar for the full 21 day build up to thisunique experience.


You can follow the experience via the exclusive EnergyJoy membership area. Both via PC, notebook and/or  your mobile easy via the 'Lisette Lucas App' (iOS/Android)_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad_5cf58d


Every daya new part will be released. 

As a High-Frequency Coach & Success Medium Lisette  will take you through the 21 days that will make you Shift energetically.


After the experience you will:

More powerful,


more energetic,

more confident,

more stable,



and feel SHIFT, ACTIVATED & ACCELERATED so that you can powerfully unfold your own Potential and Mission.

This can also strengthen you to shift your own life, let go of the old and embrace the new. 

For yourself, your loved ones and the World! 


Via Accept to Acceleration


You receive 3 Powerful Hypno-Tations:

This is a Blend of Hypnosis & Meditation for deep impact & transformation on subconscious and energetic level. 


It will activate your energy, accelerate and accelerate your transformation so that you are immediately ready for the next step in your Soul Aligned Journey!


Turn BLACK into GOLD!


Good luck & EnergyJoy!

Go For It!


x Lisatte


21 Days: The Ultimate Energy SHIFT Experience

  • With your order you will receive a special download pdf.

    It contains all information for the program. 

    Includes the download links. 

  • You will receive access to Lisette's exclusive membership area. 

    Here, for 21 days, every day 1 new tool, training, session, inspiration or hypno-tation will be unlocked for you. 

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