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17th november 2021


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 94. In Your Power, Discover The Treasure Chest That Often Remains Unopened + A Message And Card Just For You. 


  • Old stories, situations, circumstances and people from the past often prevent us from moving forward. 


  • Discover how the strength and wisdom of your soul has brought you here.


  • And learn how to open your treasure chest. So that you can shine in your full power like never before.


(The show notes of this episode can be found at:


And all free downloads can be found in the Lisette Lucas App, which you can download for free in the Apple App Store and Google Play store.


Welcome to Podcast #94!


As with any podcast, it doesn't work for me to think about a topic beforehand. I just let it come to me, in any way.

Whether the inspiration comes from outside or flows through me. I let it arise in the moment.


And that's how it went with this podcast in a special way.


So I was in my practice and threw my podcast inspiration request into the air, as it were. 

Because it actually works that easily. If you want to receive something on an energetic level, it is good and important to clearly ask your question and/or request to that which is bigger than yourself (whatever name you give it). So I did. 


And there it happened. In my mind I asked my Spirit Team: ‘Would you like to help me make a powerful podcast that my EnergyJoy listeners can use?’ That's what I did. That's all.


Then I let it go, trusting that it would come to me.

As easy as that. 

And less than 2 minutes later my eye suddenly fell on the tarot card deck that was next to me on my desk.


I grabbed it and shuffled the cards because I suddenly felt that I could get the inspiration for this podcast and for you from the cards.


As I shake I repeat the question: Which card is important for podcast 94? Which card is important for podcast 94? Which card is important for podcast 94?

And suddenly a card pops out.

As I looked at it I started to smile.  

For I felt the energy and meaning behind the card and immediately knew: ‘Yes! This is it! How beautiful!’. In other words: This is what you may or may need to hear this week! (As long as it's up to my Spirit Team at least ;-)


If you're listening to this podcast now, I want to let you know: Coincidence doesn't exist.

So this is really a message for you.


Are you not feeling open to it? Also totally okay. Then stop listening. Go do something different. 

But trust what comes up when you ask: Does this feel right? If so, then this is the message for you!


Tip: Take out what resonates. In other words: What really stands out and which makes you feel: 'Yes! That is for me!' You may even get goosebumps or feel a shiver of hot or cold energy. That is your higher self, your soul, that internally recognises the direction. And: Yes! Reverberate through the deeper avenues of consciousness. It can be subtle, but if you start to listen to it, learn to listen by feeling. Then you will recognise it more easily. And I promise you: That makes everything so much easier!


So there lies your lesson and challenge. Listen, feel, visualise and recognise with your thinking mind what your intuitive mind at soul level wants to tell you.


Okay, are you ready? 

Because here comes your message:


You have reached a point where you feel: 

‘I can do more’, ‘I like more than this’, ‘I long for more’. 

I feel that more and more puzzle pieces are falling into place. It is all very exciting and it is all becoming clearer.


What I know for sure is that now is the time for me! For years I have often put myself in the service of others, for others. Ignored myself, said 'Yes' when I actually felt 'No' deep inside. 

Dreamed about what it would be like if I really chose for myself. Could really be myself.

But then that doubt, that underlying uncertainty, came to the fore. 

That internal voice that always said: 'Yes, but….' And: 'What if….?' Or: 'Is that wise?' 


You would lie awake. Tossing, turning, thinking and then waking up tired without taking a step further.


But you can feel it shifting now. And that exciting feeling also gives energy. That makes a deep longing bubble up that you really only recognised and felt when you were very small.


Even before you started effacing yourself for others. Even before you almost always put yourself at the back of the queue.


And now you feel in your heart, your soul, somewhere internally: Now is my time!

I'm not here for no reason! I can take that step forward. I can learn to embrace myself again. I can show that I have more to offer. Because oh my …  If you really step into your power. If you really are going to tap into that source of your infinite potential! wow! Believe me. Just thinking about it sets the energy in motion. Just feel what is happening right now. 


And that's today's message: Step into your power! It is time to truly step into your power with confidence and surrender.

And yes, of course, that sounds nice, but how do you do that? You do that by embracing all facets of yourself. All good and yes, we are all human, so also the less good. Because it makes you who you are. 

You may now step into your power and forgive what may be forgiven. Accept what may be accepted. Let go of what can be let go. Transform what may be transformed. And embrace what may be embraced.


You are a treasure chest full of possibilities! Often external factors, circumstances and people make you believe that it is safer to leave the internal coffers closed.


But I'm going to tell you now: You can open your internal treasure chest! Let your twinkling, beautiful self shine and shine. As you progress through the opening process, you will heal through layers and parts of being. But that is only possible by choosing to open up and let the light shine on these parts. Which can only be done by choosing to open yourself and shine the light on them.  


So feel with me if it resonates. Feel yourself like a beautiful treasure chest full of untouched treasures. Just feel in and/or around you where you can open yourself. Where is the lock or latch of the box? Just feel in your body, around your body. 

And notice a padlock on the outside. Is the key present? Can you open it or is someone else holding the key?

Anyway, now is the time to reclaim your key and open your beautiful chest full of treasures. 

The reflection of your treasure chest may touch and illuminate others. Let it touch and shine. The reflection of the infinite source of abundance may pulse through from you to others. And the best part is: This treasure chest is connected to the source of infinite possibilities. So there is no bottom. There is only abundance. Prosperity, an abundant wealth of love, health, joy, happiness, gratitude, forgiveness, kindness, talents, potential, possibilities and everything beyond!


So open yourself and turn to the light. Like a sunflower turning towards the sun. Leaving the darkness behind. The sunflower lives in the now, enjoys the moment and is grateful for being.

You can shine, you can stand upright. You can show who you are. Who you really are from your beautiful, radiant, pure core. People, nature, freedom, everything will embrace you. Just purely from who you are.

You are in the right place at the right time.


The message resonates with the parts that are receptive in this moment and you feel that you are allowed to act upon it.

So from now on you are going to take steps from this power towards your infinite soul potential. You will use all facets and feel this from a passion that pulses through you from an early age. You are now stepping into your power: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and through all layers of being. Feel that internal YES! Feel how all the cells in your body go 'On'! Feel how all parts of you are going 'On'. 

With a feeling of: ‘Finally … my moment has arrived’. 

Somehow you already knew but this is just that push you needed. 

From now on you rely even more on your inner knowing and on the synchronicity that crosses your path. Just like this podcast came by. You act with trust and from gratitude and love. 

The smile that is on your face from now on is contagious and magnetic to other people. They will ask what your secret is. 

You can share it or keep it for yourself. That's completely up to you. Because you now know for sure: When it's your time to shift, it will come your way! 


So now say to yourself: ‘From soul level I step into my ultimate power’. Join me: ‘From soul level I step into my ultimate power’. 

And then the rest will follow naturally. From trust and love.


Feel the yes, that 'Yes' feeling and the gratitude for this moment pulsating through you. You have just given yourself a priceless gift! Now is the time to shine!


This moment is yours! Use it in a way that is consistent with your soul potential. You know the way, trust!


Wow! What a gift this is! Let it work through into the deeper layers of your being. Be kind to yourself and be patient. Step by step everything will unfold. 


Anyway, I'm super proud of you! You can listen to this as often as you want. It empowers you and reminds you that you have infinite potential. You can achieve anything you want. As long as you believe in it yourself!


Now you're probably wondering which card I drew?

I will put the pictures of these cards in my Lisette Lucas App that you can download for free. Then you can view them there. You also look at the map and feel whether there is more information for you. Just turn on your intuition, very easy. Just feel and trust. 


By the way, what I've done with this reading is tune in psychically, through psychometrics, to the frequency of the card and thereby to you. In other words, the (say future) listener. We are all connected and time is only an earthly concept which doesn't exist in the 5-dimensional. So whenever you listen to this. Or how you get it to you. The energy that I and my Spirit Team have brought with it will help you move forward powerfully. And then also set in motion a loving transformation and healing. Smile and remember: Keep turning towards the light. Whatever life throws at you. You are more powerful than you think.


Well, great! And I am also very grateful for how this came about. I just followed my gut feeling on this. So I hope you like it and appreciate it. And will also apply and set in motion. 


Thank you for listening! I'd love to hear which part resonated and what set it moving for you. Just watch out. 


A big hug from me and I hope to see you soon!

love x

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2021© 

Podcast 94. In Your Power

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