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10th november 2021 


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 93. Mediumship, The Healing Between Worlds Accessible To Everyone + 9 Keys To Mediumistic Development 


  • Maybe you’re feeling a desire, a pull, a craving, a deep internal 'something' …  but you can't put your finger on it. 


  • Well, coincidence does not exist! Your intuition & Inner-Medium at Soul Level wants to step forward.


  • In this podcast you’ll discover your natural powers in an ordinary way, so that you too can and may contribute to the healing between 2 worlds. 


(The show notes for this episode can be found at:


Also note: you can now download my Lisette Lucas App full of free meditations and tools via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 


Welcome to Podcast #93!


Yesterday I had the monthly online live Zoom training with the students of my Master Your Inner-Medium Academy.


Every month in the Academy, students can easily access a new module via my app with video lessons, meditations, training PDFs and exercises. So they go through all the teaching material at their own pace from their own safe environment and then we practice and train with each other live (online). 


This month the group has arrived at Module 5: Demonstration Mediumship.


In this module I take the students through video recordings of a public demonstration I gave. I provide step-by-step insights and explanations about the construction of a demonstration mediumship; what it is, what's the use, why it's important and how you can do it yourself once you've activated your Inner-Medium (or should I say: reactivated). 


Because as I often say: everyone is basically the same. Meaning everyone can reactivate their Inner-Medium again. Simply because it’s so natural. Ultimately, it's where we come from. That is why for many course participants and students it literally feels like coming home. You are reconnecting with a source that so naturally resides within you. And that renewed acquaintance is wonderful, very special and if I may speak from my own experience: moving to experience.


And then you will wonder: who is working to be a medium?

Or who would do such a course or training?


Well, my students and trainees come from many different directions and backgrounds. For example, some are taking their very first steps in this area, while others already have a flourishing practice in coaching. From therapists, housewives, office workers, social workers and lawyers, to TU students with a fully analytical, technical background. Because the best thing is: it doesn't matter what your background is! 


The moment each student opens the doors to psychic and mediumistic development, we are all equal. We all come from that place of unconditional love, connection and empathy. Let's embrace our sensitivity. And above all, together we feel the wonderful drive to develop, grow and transform beyond the limits of the earthly scientifically proven possible. Because it should be clear by now that there is more. So together we are powerful, passionate pioneers and that feels fantastic! 


And yes, to be honest, that often feels exciting, especially for new course participants and students in the field of mediumship, intuitive and mediumistic development. 


And that's how it was during the live training yesterday. For even though the Zoom computer screen is flat, and the image you see is not very dynamic, the energy in motion behind it is intensely palpable, powerful, vibrant and intensely in motion. So the moment we come together as a group, the blending and mixing of energy already starts.


Emotions, sensations and yes, the necessary nerves are almost tangibly present.


During the training we discussed module #5 and I asked each student if they encountered any challenges in this module about the mediumship demonstration.


And then uncertainty, doubt and fear came to the fore in 1 student. She felt she couldn't do this and it made her very insecure, anxious and nervous. She thought she was the only one. 


At that point, I interrupted her and asked the group this question: ‘Who thinks he or she can't do it? Or is anxious and insecure about this?’


I looked at the screen and … all hands went up. We all had a hearty laugh. What a relief!

With my 3rd eye I literally saw the tense energy slide off her shoulders and her vibe shifted instantly.


Everyone is insecure, everyone has fears, everyone doubts their own abilities and possibilities.That realisation makes it easier to break through those boundaries and just go for it.


Trust me, I’ve been there, done that! Many, many times I’ve been insecure during my trajectory of intuitive and mediumistic development …  along with facing and overcoming many fears. So I understand exactly how you feel. 


And now you may be wondering: 

Where are the keys in all of this?

I'm going to give them to you here.


Hereby my 9 keys to unlocking your Inner-Medium.

And I have started each key with a ‘just’, because it is simply present in you. That makes it a lot lighter. Just feel the energy of the word: 'Ordinary'. Step into the energy of 'Ordinary'. It's already there, it's just there. It's just there. 

So are you going to develop?




  1. Just keep calm

  2. Just develop step by step

  3. Just breathe in and out slowly and trust

  4. Just enjoy the process

  5. Just realise that you can and may continue to develop for a lifetime

  6. Just experience that mediumship is the most natural thing there is

  7. Just feel that your Inner-Medium has always been present within you

  8. Just give that part a well deserved vote

  9. Just contribute to the healing between 2 worlds


Mediumship is that commonplace. 


But back to yesterday and when it was time to break through those fears with the live training group. We stepped into the power as a group through a special exercise and I asked: ‘Who wants to be the first to do the demonstration mediumship for the group and make contact with someone from the spiritual world?’.


There was silence. Nervous smiles filled my Zoom screen and I tuned in to the energy of the students.

And that’s when it happened. I could see in the energy of one student that she was already in contact with someone. One of the beauties of working with energy is that it is always there and it goes through everything. So I remotely tuned in to her energetic connection to the spiritual world and the contact with the deceased loved one, who had come closer, could unfold beautifully. 


And after the message, the next student was allowed. 

So I asked: ‘Who wants to go now?’. Again nervous smiling faces. I know better than anyone what that feels like, as in such moments during live training sessions, I myself used to try and disappear, thinking ‘Don't choose me, I'm not here …’ Because I always found it very nerve-racking to work for the group. So really, I totally understand that feeling.


And yes, so even now, nobody reacted spontaneously. Until I suddenly saw with my 3rd eye and energetic attunement, the energetic hand of the next student go up. She wasn’t moving but her energy said: ‘Yes’! Such a moment when you want to energetically but your conscious mind is holding you back. And you have that duality within yourself, which is always very funny to watch. Sure enough, there she went. And this contact also came about beautifully, with the recipient of the loved one recognising and healing from this connection.  


The energy was palpable and almost tangible through the Zoom screen. Tears flowed, there was laughter, it was a beautiful coming together of 2 worlds. Which really are just one.


After the training and actually the first public demonstration of mediumship by the students, the energy of the group had completely shifted. 

Everyone was moved, impressed and also a humble and grateful feeling prevailed.

Sensations and emotions that I would like to explain now, but which you can actually experience yourself. It’s hard to describe with words because it’s inexplicable,  something beyond the limits of our earthly learned awareness. It's both magical and so normal and ordinary at the same time.


But above all, what is it?

Why are we doing this?

What is the use of learning mediumistic skills?

Why would you want to learn this at all?


The answer is actually very simple: It's healing.

It's healing between two worlds. ‘The worlds within worlds’ as my mentor Mavis Pittilla puts it so beautifully. 


Healing for the recipient of the contact here on earth, but above all healing for the deceased loved one in the spiritual world. 

How nice if you passed away and you can let us know how you are doing. It has been scientifically proven that energy cannot be destroyed, it can only change shape. So after you leave your physical earthly, temporary coat behind, your Soul energy just goes on and on infinitely. With all the features and memories all present. How nice when you continue on after the earthly life, that you can sometimes let those on earth know that you are doing well, through a medium beyond the boundaries of the earthly. Or you can see that you see that they miss you and you can be lovingly around them when you feel they need it so, so much.


That gives healing, healing for everyone through all layers of existence. So if you are reading this. Then also realise: You are so, so needed! 

I train mediums as I myself have been trained at the best and highest level in the world. According to English mediumship.

If this resonates and you feel a curiosity, a desire, a soul-pull, an attraction, then I advise you to take action. Your Soul knows the way. 

I am here to guide you. I learned this through my mentor's mentor. So with all my love I am your mentor on this beautiful path of intuitive and mediumistic development.

The spiritual world does a happy dance when they are allowed and able to make contact. Really, your help is so, so needed! So if this feels good, I would like to cordially invite you to help me in my mission to make mediumship the most magical and normal thing in the world again. Any help is welcome!


In the show notes at: you can read about the possibilities to become a medium at the highest possible level. 


I want to thank you for listening and also thank my students and trainees for their trust and unending love and perseverance! And yes, I am grateful for you too!

Thank you for your time, energy and loving vibes that I receive through the ether. I now also send it directly back to you with all the love! From Soul to Soul!


Love and big hug from me 

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2021© 

Podcast 93. Mediumship

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