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15th september 2021


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 85. Free Will and/or (Un)Limited Freedom, the Choice is yours. How karma, conditioning and your ego mind can block you. 


Is this familiar: You want change but keep getting caught in the same vicious cycle? 


  • Discover in this podcast how you can really apply your free will


  • Break through pieces you didn't even know were blocking and stagnant


  • And experience unlimited freedom


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Welcome to Podcast #85!


It’s great to have you here.


Q: How did you get here? Was it a conscious choice, free will, coincidence, a tip from someone or maybe you have no idea how?


I am very curious.

Because free will is what I want to talk about today.


Another question for you:

Do you have limited or unlimited free will?


To be honest, I thought I was good at exercising and using my free will. 

Until I started to delve into this matter, then I came to interesting insights that I would like to share with you.


First, we are at the mercy of the free will of the cosmos, the universe, God or whatever name you want to give it. There is a greater thing that has a greater plan. We are completely at the mercy of that, aren't we? Interesting to think about.


So that's something beyond our human free will, so to speak. 


But once we are here on Earth we can exercise our personal free will. 

And of course we have to abide by the imposed rules of society.

We have to obey the cosmic laws.


Although you can also defy those rules and laws. 

But from a social point of view, that can cost you dearly. 


But using your free will against a cosmic law, such as the law of gravity. That's something you don't try too often, right? 

Unless you like to climb a tree and say boldly and confidently: ‘I freely resist the law of gravity’. Then you jump out of the tree …  baff … 

Well, you don't do that twice I guess?


There are certain laws and regulations that we must abide by. And within that, it seems like we can let our free will run wild. 


You can choose to let a law work and use it for you. The law of attraction is a well-known example of this. 


But let's talk a little bit about gravity. I assume you are now sitting, walking or lying down while listening. How is that possible? It’s possible thanks to this law of gravity. So you can also use it and make it work for you. That is also a form of free will. 


2 more questions: 


Does your free will equal unlimited freedom?


Do you dare to say (outside of the laws and regulations I have just mentioned), that you have unlimited free will and liberty?




Okay, listen to the following. I know for myself it became clearer with the help of an example, so I’ll give you one.  


Suppose you are going to buy an ice cream and you can choose from 20 different flavours. 


Do you choose a new flavour every time or do you make your choice based on a previous experience?


Perhaps you choose chocolate because it was so delicious last time. And you don’t 

choose lemon because your mother didn't like it. Or maybe you once tried a scoop of lemon ice cream, then decided the following (with a sour face): ‘No, no more lemon ice cream’! 


It simply seems like a free will choice, but there is much more to it. 


You can simply divide your action into 3 parts that limit our freedom of choice: 

1. Karma: The Law of Action – Reaction & Cause – Effect


2. Conditioning: How you learned it, your behaviour and patterns.


3. The Ego Mind: Your beliefs and habits. 


These three parts have immediately put a limit on your freedom of choice and they’ve come from past experiences.


And yes, this often happens unconsciously. 

Because really you think when you are standing in front of that ice-cream counter, with all those flavours, all those beautiful colours, that you choose from your free will, right?


Unfortunately … it is karma, conditioning and your ego mind that make you choose what you choose. You’re not choosing from a place of complete unlimited freedom.


Another question for you: Are you someone who always makes the same choices with always the same outcome? Hopefully you now understand a little better why. 


Wow …  I thought this was quite an interesting insight.

Precisely because you think you are free in your choice.

Nice to think about, right?


And that brings me to the most interesting thing. 


Why do people keep making certain choices which keep them in certain situations and circumstances that they really want to get out of?


Right, here it comes again: karma, conditioning and your ego mind.


But I have good news for you: You can change this!



By karmically resigning yourself to the fact that yesterday's choices may not have been the right ones. But today is a new day to make the right choices. You can always change and improve things of your own free will. 


All you need to do is discover where and when your ego mind and conditioning have come to believe something (a belief, habit or pattern) is normal. In other words, when these have become the truth to your mind. 


Once you have that insight, you can then push through it and overwrite it with beliefs, habits and patterns that you want in your life from your free will. 

And that really gives you the opportunity to experience unlimited freedom.


Rather than being trapped in a vicious cycle of limitations that, despite your apparent freedom of choice, still leave you stuck. 


I have been working a lot on these parts myself. 

I think the podcast and my intuitive and energetic development are a great example of this.


I made this choice out of my free will. But along the way I came across huge bears in my path (that were conditioned to be there and which my ego mind used to sabotage me). But their presence was intended to keep me small, and they terrified me.


But then I decided to look them straight in the eye and made the choice to go full throttle. 

Has it always been easy? No, absolutely not. And I still regularly clean up old pieces, which is also part of the process of growth and development. 


But it gives me a freedom, an unlimited freedom to do what I want. Independent of what others do and think.


And honestly, that's what I give you too! And that is why I share this with all my love. 


Because making choices from your free will, so that you experience unlimited freedom feels fantastic! It literally feels liberating. 


Gaining insight into your mind, your intuition, your soul energy is a wonderful way to get closer to your authentic self, step by step. 


My programmes, the programmes I've developed (partly on the basis of this knowledge); guide, direct and support you through this process of ultimate growth and transformation. 


A way to be free in yourself and to get the most out of it.


Does this appeal to you? Does it feel good and resonate? Or maybe this triggered something in you? 


Well, soon I will be giving free masterclasses again which delve into this further. On the shownotes I will place a link where you can register. 


But I do hope this podcast touched something in you.


Think for yourself the next time you make a choice. 

And think just like with the ice cream:


Do I choose from limiting fear programming or do I really choose from unlimited freedom?


How do you find out?


Go crazy, choose something completely different. 

Step out of your comfort zone! 

Go do something completely different, no matter how scary or exciting it seems! Make known what is unknown!


One thing I can promise you: It makes you feel alive and free! And yes, like I said: that feels phenomenal!


I wish you the best of luck in making great strides forward, from your unlimited free will. And I hope to meet you in any way!


Lots of love and a big hug from me!

X Lisette 

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85. Free Will and/or (Un)limited Freedom

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