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1st september 2021


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 83. Your Intuitive Voice, How I Got Wonderful Information And How You Can Also Learn To Understand Your Intuitive Voice (Even) Better.


Do you recognise this? Sometimes you look for solutions and answers but can't find them. 


  • Discover through the wonderful information I received how you can shift this


  • So that you can open up to the most natural flow


  • And the solutions come to you naturally and you no longer have to search


 (Shownotes can be found at:


Welcome to Podcast #83! 

How great that you pressed the play button for this episode!


Immediately a question: Was it a mental hunch or was it an intuitive one? 


Yes, an interesting question right?


And when answering that question: Did you have to think about it or did you know right away?


How you choose is often the key.


If you listen to my podcast more often, you know that I always bring you back to the following: we are all basically the same. And we all have everything within us to create and manifest whatever we want and desire in life. 


We all have a powerful inner knowing. An intuitive knowing, your intuition. I also call it: the voice of your Soul. 


And I want to talk about that inner knowing (your intuition), in this podcast.


Because, when do you come up with something yourself? And when is it actually your intuition?


I call learning to work with your intuition and your intuitive powers as learning to speak a new language. 


But really, it's learning how to listen to your intuitive voice again.


Because yes, we are all born with it. So it's actually quite simple as we all own it already. But in today's society it looks quite 'mentalised' so to speak (don't know if it's a word but that's how it feels).


Everything that is observable exists and everything beyond …  is vague, not real or gives you a direct referral to the doctor for some medicines. However?


Ok, honestly it’s a bit black and white to say it like that. But there is still a veil of haziness over the things not directly observable. 


Although I have to say that in the many years that I have been working with energy, in the broadest sense of the word, I haven't really run into huge prejudices. 

In the beginning of my intuitive and spiritual development I was a bit more sensitive to the opinions of others. So I always tried to camouflage what I was really doing. But now I just connect intuitively/energetically with the person I am interacting with or coming into contact with. And then I know which way I can and may take the conversation. 


I also now know what is possible beyond the limits of earthly awareness and new miracles and magical incidents and insights are added daily. 


The development in this area is therefore endless! 


To give an example: this morning I did a meditation at the beginning of the day. I opened myself to what is beyond the limits of earthly awareness, asked for inspiration and then let it go. So that the listening, perceiving part of my intuitive voice could emerge. And that thinking part stepped aside. 


So I lay comfortably in that meditation. And suddenly I received a wonderful feeling and image. 


I can best describe it this way: I was standing in a room, a light room, and all around me were beautiful floating (yes, that's the floaty hahaha) purple spheres around me. They looked like shiny pearls of luminescent purple light with varying shades of colour. 


It felt really good there. And I felt humbled and realised at the same time that this is just the reality. The reality around us. Not as we perceive it with our earthly eye, physical eye. But as we can perceive it with our intuitive, third eye. 


These spheres of purple light gave me a sense of the possibilities that are continuously around us. The help, the guidance, the loved ones, the creation, the infinite potential. Everything in energy form, all around us. Just up for grabs so to speak. 


I thought it was beautiful to see and especially to feel it that way. It moves me when I go back to that moment and it fills me with humility. 


Why? Because this is not only available to me but to everyone! All you have to do is reach out and connect. Yes, of course you have free will so the choice is yours, always!


And to be honest, I also did that in my meditation purely out of curiosity. I stretched out my hand so to speak, my energetic hand and a ball of purple light touched my hand and then completely blended with my energy. (By blending I mean mixing with my energy.) 


I saw it blending and mixing through my hand, arm and body.


And that created a feeling: it made me feel immensely rich and abundant. As if that stream of possibilities was flowing through me. 


And yes, of course I already knew this feeling. But this was a completely new experience and sensation. From a completely different angle. 


Especially, as many of you who train with me know by now, because the focus is normally on connecting with the light from above. 

And now I was just in some kind of magic ball pool which turned out to be just reality.


Wow … if I do say so myself!


Magic ball pool. Imagine yourself in a spatial ball pool and every ball contains wonderful possibilities for you. 


You just have to touch the ball, put it on your hand and … whoooshhh, it flows through you. You are connected to the infinite possibilities.


You immediately feel the intuitive inspiration, creation and ideas pulsating through you.


And this can be from a creation and manifestation perspective as well as from the healing and support perspective. Or whatever you need at that moment. 


You just have to feel, to feel from your inner knowing. For it’s that part which communicates at this level, understands and translates what you perceive. 

So that eventually the thinking, mental part can focus on the information you have received. And it can start to transform into the actual, earthly reality.


Basically the way in which I got this image of intuitive inspiration, this morning through meditation. Where in that moment I stopped my thinking mind for a bit. So I had a moment for myself and also space to create an opening for the infinite possibilities. 


And yes, plop, there it was … the magical world of beautiful purple balls, those pearls of brilliant light all around me. It was a spatial experience by the way, so I wasn’t trapped underneath by balls. There was space between the balls, and they just floated around me. So a very nice, free, mobile space. 


I had asked for inspiration for this podcast before my spiritual guidance. And so when it came to me, I knew I could share this with you. 


The fact that you're listening to this isn't a coincidence either. So please, if it resonates, take this image with you. Go find your own truth in it. But above all, know that the infinite possibilities are like a spatial ball pool of abundance around you. 


To help and support you in any way you wish. All you have to do is reach out and allow it.


And no, what you receive is not scary or overwhelming. You don't get snowed in under that huge mountain of balls. It is soft, loving, subtle and fills you in a way that only you can experience. Honestly, the words I say don't do it justice enough. 


So I hope you take this gem of information, this metaphor of the magical spatial ball pool, and take out what feels right to you right now. 


Sometimes it's the right time and sometimes it's not yet. Either way it's totally okay. 


But if it feels good and has triggered your curiosity, then I have good news. Soon there will be 3 more free masterclasses in which I will take you and teach you 3 POWERFUL STEPS TO INTUIT & ENERGY MASTERY.


If this appeals to you, you can register completely free of charge via the link in the show notes at:


In addition, the next group of the Master your Intuition Academy for beginners and students with some experience will start soon!


I’m very excited to share it with you, as it goes over the basic steps to better recognise and understand the voice and language of your soul. 

All this with many powerful tools that will amaze you. 

This foundation is not to be underestimated as it’s essential to have these ingredients so you don’t fall at a later stage. Unfortunately that’s often the case if energy work is not taught properly. I always say: You have to learn to land before you learn to fly. 

You don't want to crash, do you? 


The 'Meditate with Lisette' group also starts on the 1st Monday evening of the month.

And there is the intuitive and psychic Practice Circle on the 2nd Monday evening of the month. 

Both are ideal if you have already taken steps on the energetic level. Then you can continue to practice and make flying hours in a safe environment.

Are you training with me or have you trained with me in the past and want regular practice with like-minded people? This is the perfect option for you. 

And of course all under my personal guidance.


You can register for these evenings via the link in the show notes. Or send me a message. Then I'll be happy to help you. (You can find my mobile number on my website.) 


The annual courses will start again soon, both live and online. The Master your Intuition Academy is a wonderful basis and a flying start to move up from the floor.


There are so many options that fit the many wishes and requests that I have received from students and listeners. 


I look forward to meeting you in any way!

And it’s great that you followed your gut feeling, because I'm sure that's what brought you to me. Whether you found it directly or (as I often hear) inexplicably. Anyway, I don't believe in coincidence. So thank you, somewhere you clearly tuned in to the magic ball pool and it connected us in this way. How intuitive is that! I am very grateful that our energy is allowed to connect in this way. 


Good luck with your journey of intuitive, spiritual and personal development and growth. Life presents us all with all kinds of challenges. 

Most importantly, how do you deal with it?

The choice is yours!


Big hug from me and see you soon!

Love Lisette x

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2021© 

83. Your Intuitive Voice

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