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21st july 2021 


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 77. Grief & Loss: When Angela Koster’s Sister Diana Passed On She Was Inspired To Write a Book. In This Podcast Shares How She Converted The Deepest Grief Into A Powerful Tool & Book + Free Book & Cards Win-Action


  • How do you deal with grief and loss? 


  • Angela received a tip and message from her deceased sister in my EnergyJoy practice


  • Her inspiring story can also help you heal and move on


  • So that your life can be transformed in a way that you never thought possible before


(The show notes of this podcast can be found at:

Welcome to podcast #77!


Angela Koster writes about grief and loss in her 1st published mourning diary called: A Book To Mourn. 


Angela has been a client in my EnergyJoy practice for both consultation and my beginners course Intuitive Development and Mediumship. 


And now she is the author and publisher of her 1st book! 


After my response to a post on Linkedin about her new book, we got in touch again. 


Angela's reaction gave me goosebumps and tears welled up in my eyes!


She wrote on Linkedin: ‘Remember a long time ago when I was with you (for a consultation) after Diana's passing. She told me I had to write …  at the time I thought: “What does she mean by that … ” and now see 5 years later 💜’. 


 And that's why Angela is here today!


When I asked to make a podcast together, Angela immediately said: ‘Yes, Diana connects us again!’ 


Welcome Angela! Great that you are here and that we can and may make this special podcast together. 

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Watch the recordings of the conversation & interview via the Lisette app page or YouTube

X Lisette 


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77. Grief and Loss with Angela Koster

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