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23rd june 2021  


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 73. Cloud Manifestation Hypno-Meditation, Shift And Open Your (Under)Consciousness & Energy For Manifestation


  • Do you sometimes just need to withdraw from the daily grind?


  • Then I have good news: this hypno-meditation is your escape! 


  • An experience that will stay with you on a conscious & unconscious level


  • And your energy will shift and open for manifestation from the deepest layers of your being and creation


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Music by Silencio Music 


Welcome to Podcast #73!


Do you have moments or days when you: 

  • Need to completely withdraw from daily earthly reality, into a moment of reflection and gaining insight?

  • Or need peace, space and to see magical and wonderful possibilities that can shift your life?


Well, then this is your lucky day!

Today I have created a beautiful, powerful hypno-meditation for you that provides all of this. Now, hypno-meditation goes just a little deeper than regular meditation. With the advantage that: it fully relaxes you, lets you float nicely, and also sink into those deeper layers. So that it is even more powerfully stored in your system. 


The idea for this meditation arose in 2019 during an Arhatic Yoga workshop.


I was deep in a Pranic Healing meditation given live by Master Hector, who is one of the eight masters of Pranic Healing in the world at the moment. 


The power of that meditation was deep and intense.

And the internal experiences were truly phenomenal.


In that meditation I was taken on a kind of cosmic journey. And this was all done internally by a great master in Spirit. Well, being a medium has its advantages because then you can perceive even more. And then it happened. A connection that was definitely very strong and intense. 


And before I knew it, my being, so to speak, and my awareness changed shape. So the Lisette who just sat there changed. It was as if I was dissolving and could easily transform form. Completely wonderfully detached and free from the physical body and the earthly conditions. It's actually hard to describe but that’s how it happened.


During the entire meditation I was simply sitting in a room with around 60 people. I sat up straight in a chair, hands on my lap with my palms up, relaxed … and then I had this wonderful experience.


And yes, to this day this experience is stored in my system.


Apparently that was for a reason. One of those reasons is that I can and may now share it with you.


If you’d like to, I'm going to take you with me on a similar journey. One in which you can experience what it is like to let go and much more.


I myself make this in a form of trance, letting the ideas come through me. So enjoy. 


I created this in my own way, and it has become my own recipe. Because I let it flow through me, it becomes more powerful and a hypno-meditation. A combination of meditation, deep relaxation and hypnosis where you work through deeper layers. Hypnosis may sound scary, but it's just relaxing a little more deeply. That's how you can see it. Because if you want to get out, you simply open your eyes and you'll be fully in the here and now again. Completely safe, you don't have to worry about anything. But the point is:

The more you relax, the deeper the information can get into your system. The deeper it gets the more you can shift. Yes? So in this way it is powerful and helps you transform and heal where needed.


So are you ready to dive into this meditation with me?

Then make sure you can't be disturbed for a while.


And come with me … 


Make yourself comfortable, phone on silent or if you’re using my app page, on airplane mode. Just to make sure that you can’t be disturbed for a while. 


Make this your ultimate moment, a gift to yourself and your deepest being.


Sit or lie down relaxed. 


It is best not to cross your hands and legs. 

Put your hands comfortably in an open and receptive position on your lap or on your stomach … 


Breathe in and out slowly … 


Listen to the hypno-meditation preferably with headphones, earphones / headset. 



You can listen to the Hypno-Meditation via the podcast or via the Lisette Lucas App (page) [no script available]. 



Wow! How was that? My cloud, my cloud experience. I was then also taken to that cloud. And then it was said to me: You can be anything you want! I became that cloud. So go feel like that cloud - you can move the way you want to.


Thank you for listening to this special Cloud Manifestation hypno-meditation. Which simultaneously takes you deep whilst also keeping you present and well grounded. It’s an all-in-1!

You can listen to this hypno-meditation daily so that your energy can form and adjust.


Did it feel good for you? Then please share the meditation with anyone who you feel could benefit from it. Together we build up good karma in this way and can manifest beautifully from abundance.


Because you know now, you have felt it, connected with it - there is enough for everyone! Now and always!


Thank you and I'd love to hear about your experiences.


Do you need a special meditation with a specific theme?

Let me know.

Who knows, the next meditation might be inspired by your idea, input and theme.


On I will post all the information from this podcast and also where you can listen to the meditation directly - via my app page and soon via my own Lisette Lucas app. 


See you next time! Live in my practice, online during my academy training or free masterclasses, energetically via the podcast -  in any way. I look forward to it! 


Thanks again and lots of love from me! See you soon!


X Lisette

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2021© 

73. Cloud Manifestation Hypno-Meditation 

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