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3rd june 2021


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 70: In & Out Of Alignment, How To Rebuild Yourself, Shift Your Vibe And Frequency AND Tune Into Source Energy + Alignment Technique!


Question: Most of the time are you in or out of alignment? 


  • Discover, based on my personal experience, how to recognise that you 'shoot out' and what alignment is in the first place.


  • After this podcast you will have more insight into how simply you can shift.


  • So that you are immediately aware of your real state of being


And a simple technique to pick yourself up again and bring yourself into alignment.




Welcome to Podcast #70!


To get straight to the point: sometimes something (or someone) just takes you straight out of your pleasant state of being - whether consciously or unconsciously. 


All in a split second.


Something happens that changes everything, so that your whole world is flipped.


And then … 

What do you do?

How do you feel?

How do you operate?


I say this is external conditions, shaking you so hard that your physical body and your energetic body are temporarily split.  


A separation takes place between that part that is connected with all there is, the cosmos, with source energy, God or whatever you want to call it; and that part that tries to survive here in the earthly world.


The moment something shakes you up, you lose that connection - whether for a long time, short time or sometimes just for a moment.




Well, to be honest - why am I discussing this? Because I myself experienced a circumstance that touched me so personally, that I really wondered: how is it possible that someone so close to me does not understand me in this way?


It touched me so deeply that emotions took over. Partly because certain actions affected me enormously which subsequently also triggered old wounds.


Yes, so I also need to process something there. That was obvious.


Yet something even seemingly small can be the final straw that triggers you.


And so it was with me. 


I let it go, I really had no choice. I let it flow and let the tears flow. And yes, sometimes that's wonderful. Although, at the time, it definitely didn't feel that way. Because there was anger, frustration and misunderstanding in the undercurrent. And then through the tears I suddenly had to think of the word: alignment.


I see alignment as being purely in tune with the bigger picture or being completely out of tune.


In other words, you are fully connected - connected to all the drops of the ocean. And with which you can create a beautiful swell from that connection. Able to move anything you want.


Or: And (as it) happened to me. You really are that one teardrop, the one drop in that huge ocean. Literally sinking into the big picture and not being able to see anything because of the waves that push you adrift and separate.


Yes? Can you feel that difference?


So: 'in alignment' is being grounded. Feeling fully connected and automatically being in the flow.


And 'out of alignment' is being completely disconnected from the bigger picture. Lonely and separate - struggling in emotions and pieces, situations and circumstances.


Personally, I dare to say that I have become very adept at being 'in alignment'. I just plug myself in, so to speak. That's how you can see it. And bam it flows through me. I've learned to master that fairly well over the years. 

Of course with a lot of practice and making flying hours as I always call it. 


But this event still touched me so deeply that I really went under for a while. That connection completely disappeared and I felt like that tiny, tiny drop in that infinitely deep and dark ocean. 


Such a moment when I thought … ‘Gosh, podcast Wednesday. But how can I make an inspiring, empowering podcast being in this state … How am I going to succeed? How can I convey that to you in this way?’.


Bam! And there it happened.

I distanced myself from the situation. And just took that energetic step back and looked at it. 


And I realised in that moment what had happened: I was unplugged. I had pulled the plug so was no longer in tune with the bigger picture instead I was in complete seclusion… 


And then, during that moment of insight. Actually as I was plugging myself back in. Then came that shift. 


It took place within fifteen minutes. And brought me back into alignment and it started flowing through me again and I started to see clearly again. I even suddenly saw the power of the situation, the lessons and insights and felt this flowing through me.


And yes, so for a moment I was shaky. But by understanding (and especially feeling) energetically what was happening, I could go back to that most pure and natural state of being.


Completely in tune, completely connected with the swell and creation of the moment.


So yes, absolutely! I myself am also learning from this. And also realise how essential it is that the emotions are allowed to be there and can and must be faced.


That they are literally recognised.


But especially that you experience when you are in and out of alignment.


So ask yourself:

Can you feel when you are plugged in or out?

When you plugged it in or when you took it out? 

Plug in and you're in the flow, unplug and you're that little drop in that endless ocean. 


In other words, when you are in or out of alignment?


If you find it difficult to answer this, I'll give you my personal best measurement method.


The measurement method is very simple.


Yes, do I have your attention? Very important because this is a huge shift in your life and being.


The measuring method is: FEEL!




You feel it.

You feel it in your emotions.

You feel it in your state of mind.

You feel it in your state of being.

You can feel it in your stress levels. 

You can feel it in the calm, almost serene vibe that pulses through you. When you're plugged in. 

You feel it as satisfaction.

You feel like it's okay.


So yeah, what's the key here? The key is: Feel!


You can measure it with feeling. Yes, super powerful and super simple, you just have to know right? 


Because if you are not in tune and try to float alone, like that drop in the ocean, you will experience things as a struggle, as fear, as unrest, as unfair, as heavy and difficult and emotional at the same time … and so much more.


So it is all linked to the vibe, the frequency that you radiate - which you release and resonate.


And that completes the circle.

Because what you radiate energetically you receive back.


It's that simple. That is the law of attraction. Purely a cosmic law that always works.


How do you keep that frequency at a level that you no longer attract heaviness? Or you can call it negativity. I think heaviness sounds a little less negative though. 


Yes I always say. What's the best way to remove the heaviness today? I always say: The frequency of EnergyJoy and beyond.


EnergyJoy is the happy frequency. The frequency of joy. But honestly, I have to admit: the happy joyful vibe is not always easy to maintain. And the best news is: you don't have to. You can't always be happy, and you can't always be sad. 


After all, we move with the swell and flow of life.


So what's the best starting point to aim for? (This stage is super important too!)


It is: Satisfaction

Being content in the moment.

Then you shift your vibe to neutral and to a state of: It's okay. It's okay the way it is and I don't have any special emotions or feelings about it. It's okay, I'm neutral, I'm content right now, in this moment. 


And you can be satisfied with the wind blowing through your hair or the birds chirping outside.

Or the sunbeams hitting your face or the heart you feel beating and pulsing inside yourself.

You don't need much to be satisfied, but the best thing is: it shifts your vibe, it brings you into alignment and attracts more of what you want in your life.


Love, happiness, joy, peace, gratitude and so much more! At least, I assume that's what you want in your life. I certainly do, so I'll help you along this path of course, but only if you want that. That is your free will and choice. 


So get into the minimal flow of contentment and keep your base level vibe there. 

You can be neutral by freeing yourself from judgments and prejudices. And the best way to find that out is to listen to others. How they have judgment and prejudice. Then you will recognise it in yourself. And 'clear' it immediately from your system. Get rid of it! Become neutral. 


Because these thoughts immediately impact your frequency.

So give yourself an energetic push when you notice it. Like: ‘Hey, focus on the here and now’. Think about your vibe, think about your frequency. And step into that satisfaction. Simply be content in the here and now to shift to the frequency of EnergyJoy and beyond!


And that's actually very simple because while I'm saying this I have a smile on my face. Even though it may be hard to laugh, feel that smile inside. Even if you’re still in that low vibe, you can take that smile with you. Just talking with a smile on your face and you’ll shift right away! 


So that your energy and frequency then feel and pulse at the level from which you can manifest your dreams and wishes.  


And as I say this it reminds me of the live recordings of the Master Your Inner Medium Academy launching June 28th.


Yesterday I was recording a module with the founding members (so with a live audience), and I asked if there were any questions or concerns.

One of the students said that she had a challenge this week that triggered her own insecurity. And it all looked bleak.

Then she told me that she had listened to podcast 69 and immediately started applying what I said.

She said that after listening to that podcast, she was able to connect to the source herself, and that the inspiration and ideas flowed through her while she was ironing.


She had indeed mastered her inner medium!  


Tears welled up in my eyes of gratitude and joy. I loved hearing this. And in addition, Mavis (my mentor Mavis Pittilla), also always has communication with her spiritual guidance while she is ironing. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned that before, but it was so beautiful that a student had also connected through ironing, just fantastic!


Because this is what I do it all for! This is what it's about! It is all within you and sometimes you just need that little push. And yes, that push can be as simple as listening to a podcast! How fantastic is that! I am super happy and grateful that my podcast can act as a catalyst and I hope you can also pick out gems that resonate with you. So those that feel good to you. 


And about getting a name by the way. My newest membership programme, the Ultimate Gamechanger is launched on 1st June! I suddenly got that name during a hypnosis meditation. In other words, it flowed through me. Completely in tune! And now it is suddenly a tangible and simple yet powerful programme to apply.


All originating from that alignment.


Fully focussed on personal transformation and breaking through old patterns, blockages and beliefs.


Super powerful! Because when you are free of limiting beliefs and blockages that keep you seemingly safe, keep you small, encourage sabotage, or keep you in procrastination mode. If you are free from all that, you can achieve anything you want! And that feels fantastic! 


Now this programme has a special membership scheme to make it as accessible as possible. With a monthly subscription it is easy to pay in chunks and see results as you go along. Of course I speak from my own experience, so I’m super happy to offer you this too!


I will post the link in the show notes.


The first month we work on ultimate self-confidence, we go through your life like a detective and trace where and when your self-beliefs originated. Then we delete the negative from the core, for good! And you're going to love transforming and upgrading it!


I can tell you it’s thanks to doing that work myself, that you can now listen to this podcast. What I discovered and built from this inner- work restored me to my natural strength. The best investment in myself I could ever make. Because it gets straight to the heart of the matter! Truly powerful and therefore I’m super happy to be able to share and transfer this now! Because it is so important that we stand in our power! That's how I see it anyway. And I hope it resonates. 


The ultimate game changer is really a life-changing programme, so if that feels right, you know where to find me. If you have any questions about it, you can of course email:


The advantage is also that you can easily pick yourself up again and put yourself in alignment if you have had a wave submerge you. And that's the power.

It's not what happens to you in life, it's how you deal with it!


And I want to leave it at that for today. So choice is always yours. From your free will you can feel what resonates and suits you. How beautiful is that? 

I want to thank you for your attention and time.

Remember: Feeling is the key to knowing whether you are in or out of alignment.

And then you can shift it directly, first shift to satisfaction and then you automatically flow to the frequency of EnergyJoy and beyond! And yes, that feels phenomenal!


A big hug and see you soon!

Love Lisette 

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2021© 

70. In and Out of Alignment

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