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5th may 2021


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 66. Synchronicity & Signs: 6 Levels Where The Universe Almost Magically Shows You The Way, Supports And Helps You.  


Imagine: You are stuck, feel alone and don't know which direction is the right one...


My tip: Open your 6 levels, ask for help and receive support, guidance and insights from the universe 


  • In this podcast you will learn to understand and recognise the language of the infinite cosmic wisdom around you.


  • So that you can confidently take the right steps towards your dreams and wishes. With the Universe backing you up! 


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Welcome to Podcast #66!


Awesome that you're here today!


This is a great topic if I do say so myself. Why? Because I live and breathe this. Experience and live it - day in, day out.


Has that always been the case? No, absolutely not.


I have learned it along the way. Until I couldn't avoid it anymore. And of course I also learn something new every day. 


Today the podcast is about synchronicity and the accompanying signs. 


Let’s start with the basics: ‘synchronicity’ is a good word, but what does it really mean? I consulted Google University and came across several explanations that amount to the same thing. 


This one from the spiritual dictionary appealed to me the most: 


The word or term synchronicity was coined in 1930 by Swiss psychiatrist and psychologist Carl Gustav Jung. And synchronicity literally means: Simultaneity.


There is synchronicity when 2 or more events occur more or less simultaneously in a context that is meaningful to the person concerned. The person then experiences it as more than just coincidence. 


From the spiritual perspective, this 'more than just coincidence' is seen as a sign, a clue or a signal. 

So in short have you heard yourself thinking or saying out loud: Well, what a coincidence?!! Then look further …  because I always say: coincidence does not exist. 


And to open your mind to synchronicity and this wonderful language of the universe (as I also call it), I'm going to take you through my 6 levels of ways of perceiving it. 


The universe for me is the collective term for all that is there beyond the limits of our earthly existence and awareness. So I'm not going to delve into where it comes from and from whom. It is now about opening up your 6 levels of perception. From there you can start to trust and deepen. And by deepening I mean: experiencing, perceiving and feeling who and what is behind the synchronicity. For example: a loved one, Spirit, guides, your energetic team, angels, God or whatever name you want to give it or whatever you feel connected to. 


But often trust is enough. Have confidence. Because then you end up in a vibe and frequency that connects you with the inner knowing. And that alone is worth a smile on your face. Because that feeling is fantastic and absolutely magical! And as I say this I am now looking at a gift from the universe that I have received in a very special way. Yes, indeed, through synchronicity with a beautiful deep meaning behind it. Perhaps there will come a time when I can and may share more about it. But for now I would like to ask you to open up to all possible ways in which synchronicity can come to you. Really and truly. It will help you immensely! 


And maybe you're already working on it but you're still in a bit of a spin of is it 'wishful thinking' or 'self fulfilling prophecy'? Or am I thinking about it now because I just want to see it?! 

For those caught in that cycle, well I can tell you …  that is your mind which always wants to keep you seemingly safe. Step out of that because if you want to move forward that 'limiting mind' mode is not really useful. So step into the flow and vibe where miracles are possible and where you can create and achieve anything you want. That alone will help you immensely. 


Yes - do you feel a ‘Yes’?


Are you ready for it? Great, then make sure you have a pen and paper to hand and can write notes as we go along. You can also find the script for this podcast in the show notes at: 


The 1st level I want to take you to is the most obvious. Namely:


Level 1: Seeing

Literally seeing and perceiving with your physical eye a 'more than coincidental' thing. For example: seeing a symbol, object or person that is connected and relates to your issue or what you are worrying about.

I had a great example of this yesterday. While driving with my daughter to the beautiful new 'Westfield Mall of The Netherlands', I noticed that my energy was low. 

So while I was waiting at the traffic lights I decided to consult the Universe -  I asked: ‘Universe, please give me a sign that I know I'm on the right track’. And then I let it go. In other words: I had complete faith in the infinite intelligence of the universe so could now dismiss my concerns. Kind of energetic Enter from sent and then actually didn't think about it anymore. 


And then it happened. 


As I walked with my daughter through the beautiful Mall in Leidschendam (close to my house), I looked to the right and saw a gigantic propeller and engine of an airplane. Really they were a few meters tall. 


You should know, my grandfather was one of the very first KLM pilots in the Netherlands. His attributes are also in the aviation museum. So my attention was aroused as they reminded me of a Fokker plane. But it was only 1 incident. And that happens, sometimes you see something of interest but it is inconsequential, so I didn’t think more of it. 


And then we walked on and at the next store there was another gigantic object that was linked to my question and also had a link with the 1st object I saw, that propeller. Okay, you understand now my attention was aroused. And I immediately made that connection. Because it was directly linked to my synchronicity question and when I got that 2nd object, it marked 2 symbols of importance. Then we walked on to the next store and I completely unsuspectingly looked straight ahead and Pling… There I saw a gigantic swan! A gigantic large image of a swan. 


Now you are probably thinking … well that’s nice Lisette. But for me this was exactly what I needed. These were 3 symbols, signs that I saw in succession with my physical eye that I absolutely could not ignore. This was no coincidence. And the best part was: My daughter was deciding the route and I simply followed her somewhat absently. That is until I saw that series of 3 signs and yes, thanked the universe and synchronicity. For my mood was immediately better. My vibe shift was exactly what I needed. 


And so it works. Here it’s nice to share another memory quick. I remember being in a bookstore really many, many years ago with my daughter, who was around four I think. She walked up to a bookcase and she took out a book about auras and asked me: 'Mama, is this something for you?'. Then I was like, ‘Wow’! I immediately bought it too. Very, very special. So sometimes you don't even get the synchronicity yourself, it is other people who hand it to you.


Yes?! So that's how it works. 

Most importantly: Ask! Ask for help, you have free will so if you don’t ask for help, you will indeed be allowed to do it yourself. 

Show your vulnerable side and then miracles from small to bizarrely huge may unfold. 


So the 1st level is Seeing: The literal perception with your physical eye of one or a series of 'more than coincidences'. 


Level 2: Hearing

And then we move on to the next level: Hearing. 

Literally in the physical sense with your ears. Listen to what you perceive. I always say if something comes up 3 times then you have to do something with it. That's why, for example, seeing those 3 signs yesterday was so special for me. 

So listen to what is being said. Not only to you but also around you. Listen for those 'More than coincidences' that you catch in a passing conversation. 

And also music is a hugely powerful medium. Songs linked to memories. How coincidental that you hear exactly that song on the radio …  recognisable? Sometimes I feel like I'm living in a 'mindf#ck' (sorry for the word). Where there is so much synchronicity that I really think wow … I’ve got the message. When you can’t get around it then just watch. 


And what's also nice: write these things down or capture them with signs and symbols. Maybe even take a picture of them (that's how I often do it). Capturing those ‘Wow’ moments. Wonderful. 

But also how fantastic it is when you miss a loved one and you’re in the car when suddenly …  your favourite or their favourite song comes on?! I always say thank you in my mind and smile. For that also makes Spirit happy again, because it is very nice for your loved one on the other side to know you have recognised their message. 


Level 3: Feeling

And now we continue. You’ll notice that the levels become more and more subtle. Seeing is usually the first, though for some they hear things first. 

But this next level is: Feeling. For the sensitive and empathetic among us, this is easy. But by feeling I primarily mean: being open to subtle influences on your energetic and physical body. Perhaps you're sitting on the couch with your blanket and you suddenly feel a gust of wind. Or you suddenly experience a warmth like a hug around you. That could be a sign that your loved one is close or simply a sign of protection or safety. Not knowing the positive motivation behind these signs may have worried you before. 


So pay attention to the smallest most subtle signals and feelings. Another example is when you meet someone for the first time who feels very familiar. Trust that feeling because messages can come to you in many ways. 

Learn to feel and you will be amazed. In podcast 63 I talk about a 'chance encounter' at Schiphol Airport, where I felt I was being watched. If I hadn't observed that, things would probably have turned out very differently. So be open at the right times. Of course I can also teach you that in my academy. 



Level 4: Smell

This one goes one step further. I will never forget that my father-in-law had just passed away and that I smoked cigarettes. 

I was alone and no one else smoked in the house. Then I knew enough and I said with a laugh ‘Hi Dad’. Or when I suddenly smell lilies of the valley or lathyrus. Flowers that I have strong memories of.  

But then I'm talking about smelling when those flowers are nowhere in my area. This can also be the case with perfume. And so what do you think? Coincidence? I'm going to be a cuckoo or maybe someone or something wants to tell me something? Again trust the universe and especially the timing of the incident. What does it bring you, what does it give you? And again, if you have observed it, step into that grateful EnergyJoy vibe and smile. Because that's what it's about. It helps you shift, it supports you - it supports you so that you can continue in confidence. Because that's usually what you need at that moment, right? I usually do anyway. And I receive it with love and open arms. It's wonderful to have that chat with the universe, fully in the knowledge that everything will be ok …  No matter what! 



Level 5: Tasting

And then we move on to taste. I have to admit that this happens to me the least. It happens more during mental work with energy. But sometimes I get something to eat and that immediately brings me back somewhere. Sometimes to memories I didn't previously remember, which  can be a huge source of strength and inspiration. And also support. 


As I say this, I suddenly think of this afternoon. While eating, I grabbed a bottle of soda from the fridge. Lost in thought I poured it and took a sip. After a few sips I thought: ‘Hey this takes me back to my childhood and to my grandma Lucas’. It was the taste of regular Coke. I thought I drank zero - the children’s bottle. I used to only get this at my grandma's house. Never with my parents. That bottle and that taste always made me feel rich which I’m only just realising. But this was a direct link to my grandmother Lucas. I don't feel her around me much, but that was a link to her. Just like a sweet I ate recently. And now I also realise that she was bad at expressing emotions. She did it more with money and food and drink. 


Wow …  even I am learning along the way. How beautiful. 

And yesterday at the former Bonnetrie in The Hague I told my daughter about my grandmother. How she always bought half the Bonnetrie empty when it was December to put us all in beautiful outfits. So now I notice that there can also be more time between the incoming synchronicity. This happened in the span of a week. How special. Spirit has its ways …  shall I say. 


Level 6: Knowing 

And the last level in my view is: Knowing, actually intuitive Knowing.

As the penny has just dropped with me, while making this podcast. 

If I had felt better I would have been able to perceive it already but I think it is no coincidence that it is allowed to unfold at this moment. So that you and I can also learn from it. Especially to open your mind to all that is possible. 

Seeing a butterfly, feathers, ladybugs, sounds, smells, symbols, but above all the deep inner knowing that when you observe it, you feel and acknowledge that there is so much more behind it than a random feather on your living room floor. 

The inner knowing works fast, remember that 3 second rule from previous podcasts (or my free masterclass)?

Intuition is always faster than thinking. So if you now also think that listening to this podcast was a coincidence, then your intuition, your inner knowing probably had a completely different reason for it. 


Trust is my most important message that I want to give you today. Trust your own perceptions beyond the limits of the earthly learned. Fortunately, there is still so much we don't know the answers to. So dive into that magical EnergyJoy flow and be surprised at all the splendor you will observe on your path. Because if it appears in special ways where you get that ‘Wow’ feeling because it’s just too coincidental, then you now know: You're on the right track! Keep it up, you have stepped into the universal flow and from that frequency you can handle anything! Follow the magical crumbs of the universe from your authentic self and it will unfold in a way you never thought possible! 


Yes, what a wonderful subject! 

And again great insights that you can put to use immediately. Open all your senses and let yourself be surprised and don't forget: Ask for help, guidance or support. There's the key! 


Thanks for listening and see you next time! 


P.S. I really have to add this: The Podcast number is 66 and I give 6 levels. Coincidence doesn't exist, right? What does 666 mean in this case? It is a sign for you to balance your thoughts so that they are in alignment with the Universe. In other words, be open to receive the synchronicity & signs. How great is that! Thank you Universe! Yep …  it's true The Universe is your Backup! 


Love and a hug from me

xxx Lisette 

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66. Synchronicity & Signs

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