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10th march 2021


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 58. The Power of Manifesting, Find Out How To Manifest With This Powerful Tool + Free Visualisation


  • Perhaps you want to change things in your life but don't know how. 


  • The manifestation tool from this podcast will help you straightaway. 


  • So that you get a clear picture of how you can easily shift.


  • And then give your manifestation power a huge boost! 



Welcome to Podcast 58!


It’s great that you have taken the time to listen to this episode.

For it’s another very powerful one!


Because if you master these techniques and tools, if you really master them, your life will change forever in the most positive sense of the word. I promise!


The great thing is that it is a combination of mind & energy: you need both.


I recently talked about manifesting in one of my masterclasses. And I got the question: ‘What is manifesting?’. If you look it up you will find several meanings. But for me, manifesting means: 'making your wishes visible in your reality'. Your wishes, your thoughts, your dreams will show up in your reality.


If you don’t yet find the concept of manifesting really tangible yet, I have something funny to tell you: you are manifesting this information and this podcast right now. Before you pressed play you had a thought and a feeling. And you have heeded that thought and this feeling and then made it a reality. 


So applause to yourself: You've mastered it already!


That's great to know because straightaway you can take this insight with you: if you can do it once, then … you can always do it with anything. So by successfully manifesting this podcast you have the skills to manifest your wishes, goals and dreams. 


Now for another example where you are already manifesting successfully. 


You feel thirsty, so you think about what you want to drink. In your mind beforehand you smell and taste it, you hear it flowing into the glass and then you manifest it. 

Voila - your glass of chosen beverage is in front of you! 


Now these are positive and simple examples. But of course there is also a downside. 


Because what do you think happens when you have negative thoughts with negative, heavy feelings and emotions? 

When you are picturing a negative scenario happening in front of you? 

What do you think? Right, then you will manifest it.


Because that's how the cosmic laws work.


What you think and nurture will become reality, and I’ll come back to this in a moment.  


In other words: where focus goes, energy flows. 

Podcast #22 is all about this. 

(By the way, you can read all the information about this podcast in the show notes at


So yes, your thoughts become your reality. 


Because what are thoughts? Thoughts are energy. Just like everything in our reality. Thoughts are measurable as energetic waves. 


So every time you think or have a thought, you are sending out a subtle but often very powerful energetic frequency. Thoughts may be light, but they are also very powerful. And you can feed thoughts like I said. By feeding I mean: giving more power and therefore actually more energetic charge.


Ahhhh, so now we're getting somewhere. If you want to manifest something, you make sure that you send out a powerful, energetically charged thought. Well actually you radiate it. 

Yes really, it's that simple. 


And that also brings us to The Law of Attraction. Because what you send out you also attract. Regardless of whether it is good for you or not. Whether it is something you do or don’t wish to receive in your life. It always works, positively or negatively.


And that's why I always say: the pictures you make in your head and the words you say to yourself always have a direct effect on how you feel. Then how you feel determines your reality.


And there lies a very important key: How you feel!


Because you can think of something, for example: ‘I want to have a successful online business next year’. That sounds great, but if your underlying emotions and feelings radiate something else energetically … what will happen then?


Right, nothing at all!


Okay, I hear you thinking now. But how can you ensure that your thoughts, feelings and emotions are on the same level? In other words, radiate the energy at the right frequency and therefore automatically attract it?


Very easy! 


Absolute certainty!


So not only sure of what you think but 100% sure of what you feel. That you have everything you need to, for example, make the successful online business a reality.


Okay, nice Lisette, certainty? How do you get that? 

That's something I talk about in many podcasts. Breaking through your old patterns and beliefs is the best way to shift it. 

Because often we find ourselves in a loop of: I would like to manifest this but …  I don't know if I can do it, I'm not handy, I don't know if I'm good enough, I don't have the financial means … etc. etc. … and now you immediately know what you are manifesting with these thoughts, right?


Your successful online business or more of everything that blocks you? 

Right, the latter of course. 


So I'm going to teach you to shift that. And it’s very simple, really. 


Believing it's simple is a powerful step in the right direction. It is a mind-set shift, a minuscule shift of 2mm. And anyone can make that. Myself included and so you definitely can too!

And you do that by becoming a master of your thoughts! Because if you can steer and control it in the direction you want, your life will change forever. 


An easy way to do that is the tool I'm going to give you.


This tool is: The Manifestation Visualisation


Here you learn to visualise, think, feel and apply all your senses to control your nervous system and therefore also your energetic body.


Because like I said, your system doesn’t know the difference between good or bad. It only responds like, "Okay: Your wish is my command."


Which is great! Provided you know how to apply it, of course.


So that's what we're going to do, we're going to take advantage of the fact that your energy body doesn't know the difference between something that has happened and something that hasn't happened yet. 


That's the magic effect! So you can visualise and feel and experience what you wish in your life so powerfully that your energy and therefore your reality immediately shifts.


Because your energy body and nervous system can’t tell the difference between present and future, we can energetically change the frequency right now, to bring you what you desire in your life. 


If you want to manifest a successful online business, in the exercise you will feel and experience it as if it were in your life right now. You will feel it and absorb it into every fibre, every cell. You feel how wonderful it is and what it all brings and gives you. You are, as it were, overflowing with gratitude, joy, energy joy and happiness. The love for what you do flows from your pores … and so on. Yes, get the picture? Can you see it? Maybe you can already feel it in your body. Just think about what you want to manifest within 1 year. 

I'm about to take you in my time machine. Because we are going to create and manifest your future. How does that sound?


I'll take you with me, if you drive a vehicle, put the podcast on pause, put your car in a parking lot or somewhere quiet. So you can close your eyes. Or listen to it later. But for the relaxing and powerful effect, don't do it if you are driving a vehicle or work with machines. 


Yes, are you ready? 

All right, just follow my voice and make sure you can't be disturbed during this powerful manifestation visualisation: 


The Time Machine


Very good, make yourself comfortable and make sure you can't be disturbed for a while.


Sit or lie down, whatever feels comfortable to you. But make sure you don't fall asleep. This is an active visualisation.

Breathe in and out slowly, very well, in and out, and while you are sitting or lying like this, feel the tension and bustle of the day slide off you … 


[Visualisation can only be listened to online for the powerful effect].



So welcome back to the here and now. 


I'm curious what your time machine looked like behind the door. Make a note of the date and let me know in a year how your life has shifted! Come back to this visualisation regularly and fully integrate the images and feelings into your system. Then it becomes your reality.


I want to thank you deeply for listening to my podcast.

My company (and my podcast) were once a visualisation in my time machine and you're listening to it now so yes, I've manifested it. My online and offline business is super successful, thanks to the powerful daily steps I have taken and continue to take, visualise and especially feel. I know with absolute certainty that it will only grow and grow because I feed it daily. And I wish the same for you.

Get started, listen to your feelings and inner knowing. Fear voices didn't fit in your time machine, right? So you can put that behind you for good. You are now ready to shift, good luck and keep me posted! I am here for you. Do you need further support? You know where to find me.


At you will find the show notes of this episode. Thanks again, big hug and see you soon! 

Love Lisette

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58. The Power of Manifesting

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