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3rd march 2021


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 57. Kundalini Energy, What It Is AND The Benefits And Dangers Of An Awakening.


  • Maybe you’ve heard of Kundalini energy, or perhaps you have noticed a change in your energy. Today you will discover what Kundalini energy is with all its pros and cons.


  • This podcast provides insight and clarity based on my personal experience. 


  • So that you can recognise it more easily and can help and protect yourself and others with this information.


The show notes of this episode can be found at


Welcome to Podcast 57!


It’s great that you're listening for this podcast is a very personal one. 

Personal because the idea for this podcast arose from my own experience of a spontaneous Kundalini awakening. Also from the experiences I have had with students and clients in my practice.


To be honest, when the Kundalini energy started moving in me I had no idea what it was. 

It was June 2015 and I was standing in the kitchen by the sink, doing the washing up. Suddenly I felt an enormous heat in the middle of my back, at the height of my shoulder blades. It got so hot that I thought the sun was shining on my back. I turned around and the crazy thing was - the sun wasn’t shining at all. I didn't understand it at all. Gradually this feeling came back more often and not only on my back but also on my chest in front of my heart. 


And then I started to notice a pattern. One example: if I received a message from someone with whom I had a deep heart or soul connection, before the message came in I felt the heat increase to my heart's level and pling, suddenly there was a message.


I remember thinking … wow, this is bizarre. I feel like a kind of antenna, as if I can suddenly pick up incoming signals.


As a medium and psychic I could attune to energy and reading and perceiving, but this was absolutely different and new.


So yes, I was fascinated by what was happening and gradually the symptoms started to increase. 


I started to feel this heat in several places in my body. The heat also turned into stitches or a tingling feeling, a kind of tickling feeling or just cold energy - twitching and shivers. All weird and strange things that I had never felt in that way before. It got so intense that I really started to wonder what was wrong with me. I felt it (and noticed it), really in my energy centers - my chakras - such as my 3rd eye, solar plexus, navel chakra, base but also my crown. Everything seemed to be activated. I also noticed that my mood started to fluctuate. This energy sucked me in, so I switched from euphoria and being super happy, to withdrawing into myself. I felt something that others did not understand and dismissed as crazy. I lost weight (which was great hahaha), but I often slept badly and was tossing and turning for hours. In addition, synchronicity increased enormously, as if I had entered a world full of signals and signs that made me feel and see which direction was right. Up to the bizarre. Also my telepathic abilities became very strong, with even more predictive dreams and many nightmares. 


And then I googled and discovered that these symptoms are associated with a Kundalini awakening. In other words, an energetic Kundalini awakening. I found beautiful messages but also shocking, intense messages. 


I was really active on the spiritual path at that point of awakening and had been for the past 7 years. I had gone through tremendous growth, development and personal transformation. A childhood trauma reached its climax after almost 23 years of lawsuits. And also my personal life had not been the way I wanted it for years, I felt that something had to change there. But I also had special, beautiful, pure and deep soul connections in the earthly and beyond.


All this coming together had apparently been some kind of trigger in me that caused the Kundalini energy to rise.


Now you will wonder: ‘To rise?’ 

Yes, rise. 

Kundalini energy is a dormant, coiled energy that sits at the very bottom of your base. At the bottom of your spine, say around your tailbone. It is present in everyone but in most people it remains latent and dormant for a lifetime.


You can actively arouse it or you can awaken it spontaneously as has been the case with me. 

But it can also be triggered by trauma, accident or spiritual practice (consciously or unconsciously). 


The symbol used for it are 2 snakes that, as it were, go up as energy from your base, at the bottom of your spine. 


This clears your energy so that you can be the best version of yourself on a soul level as you are destined to be.


Free from blockages and emotional barriers. So the heat I observed and the accompanying symptoms were not so much the Kundalini energy but, more the process of clearing the energetic system. This clearing removes blockages from both this and past lives.


Then your energy can flow freely and you can live to your full soul potential. Your "destiny" if you want to call it that.


That may sound nice when you hear it that way, but I can tell you. I have gone through the deepest, most painful depths I have ever experienced before in this life. But I also learned to experience and feel love like I had never experienced it before in this life. 


An unconditional love on an indescribable level. 

And I experience that to this day. That intense pain and everything negative is fortunately now over. 


But I can tell you, it didn't happen overnight.


I was with Mavis Pittilla in Manchester, England in early 2016 for mediumship training. There I thought, I'm going to ask Mavis. I knew Mavis had gone through a Kundalini awakening herself so told her about my experiences.


She then said: 'I saw a disturbance in your energy field'. But that she hadn't seen it was Kundalini. But from that moment on, apparently, Mavis's alarm bells went off. Partly because she herself had experienced the impact on her personal life, I think.

She wanted to speak and see me online from that moment on, several times after I was back in the Netherlands. I was given exercises and I had to do them. Every day. She was very strict. I was actually shocked. 


I was quite excited about what happened. But Mavis already knew it was going to turn my life upside down. Indeed, at that moment I was no longer happy in my marriage and felt that something had to change. I really felt like it would kill me otherwise. Very bizarre and scary actually. 


So I brought the exercises with me and Mavis told me that Kundalini is the most dangerous energy there is. And that you don't need it for mediumship. 


I remember when she told me to let it sink in.

Partly because you read so many conflicting stories online about this matter.


Anyway, of course I listened and did my exercises properly and definitely felt that it helped. The energy calmed down and instead of it making fun of me, I could now transform and drain it myself. 


And that has been my salvation. I then went through with the divorce because I had to listen to that feeling as I was broken inside. Indeed, in retrospect, melanoma cancer developed from this pain, unexpressed emotions and blockages built up under the skin. 

Amazing when you think about it: Subcutaneous … skin cancer. 

Well, I've been very lucky because it ended well. 


In addition, there were many unforeseen factors that prevented me from going through the divorce, after having been in a painful situation with my family for 2 years. 


Kundalini energy causes seismic shifts and works like a magnifying glass. In other words: Everything that is beautiful becomes even more beautiful and everything that is not beautiful becomes terrible. This is good to remember if you or a loved one is going through it. 


But when that energy calms down, the magnifying glass also weakens. 


Most of all the process has taught me to look inwards, to work on pieces that needed to be cleared and cleaned up. It has set in motion a huge growth and transformation. 

This podcast being one result of that. 


It has brought me closer to myself. Am I completely there now? No, of course not and luckily we have a lifetime to work on this. Fortunately, you are never done with that. Life always presents you with new challenges.


All the energetic benefits are still there, it's getting more and more powerful and yes, I love going on astral trips. But I'll keep that to myself (for now). There is so much more out there, and it is wonderful to explore the edges of those energetic boundaries and to experience what is possible. 


But what it has also brought me, is that I can now help others the way Mavis has done for me. 


I will never forget that a few years ago I got a call from someone who was desperate because a loved one had been taken away by the police. This young person had apparently gone into psychosis and was walking down the street in a revealing outfit. The person who called me asked if there was anything I could do. I asked about the symptoms, felt energetically at a distance and then said from my own experience, this almost sounds like a spontaneous Kundalini awakening. 


Then that person added that the person concerned had started eating vegan from one day to the next and was practicing Kundalini yoga very enthusiastically. 


Well, that was the answer.


What had happened?

The person who was in his early 20s, had completely changed his lifestyle and was therefore consciously forcing and triggering Kundalini energy. And so it was activated. 

Which actually made me really angry because I immediately asked: who was supervising? Because that's so important! You should never do this without the supervision of a spiritual master. It can be dangerous, as it turned out for this man.


You can see it like this. Your body can handle the energy if you are well trained. Otherwise it’s as if in your energetic house you turn on all the lights, all electrical appliances, all computers, washing machine, dryer, microwave all at the same time. 


If your fuse box isn’t reinforced, what happens then? 

Then the plugs pop out!

Short circuit! 

And so it went. That latent dormant energy had soared in this person and had shot to the head with the result: The plugs popped out!

A short circuit in your head is literally going into psychosis.

And that’s what had happened … 

I was then able to guide this person and it has settled down and is now fortunately going well.


So I was lucky myself. I had developed a somewhat strong electrical circuit during my years of spiritual and energetic training. My body was already used to it. So with me, the energy got stuck in my heart.


A few years ago I had to do an intervention with a student. It was tough for everyone but I did what I had to do. And now this person is very grateful and luckily it all ended well.


My main message that I want to convey with this podcast is the following:


Developing yourself energetically, spiritually is wonderful. But please do so under the guidance of someone who is well trained in it. So they can provide good support and help you build it up step by step. Step by step. Everyone usually wants to fly right away and connect with spirit. And yes, that’s definitely beautiful. But you wouldn't fly a rocket if you didn't know how to land! 

So go learn how to land first, learn how to bring down rising energy. That’s a crucial basic step. Because if you're flying and you don't know how to get down, you're screwed. Really and truly! Most end up somewhere where they have to take medication. Such a shame -  but once you’ve blasted through this energy, the damage to your energetic filters is virtually irreparable and it will always remain a weak point. Just think of bad trips through drugs and other substances. 


I’m not trying to scare you but simply to make you aware. And that is why I consciously created my Master your Intuition Academy: to let people develop from the base and to take them step by step on this beautiful energetic journey. Because that’s what you need when exploring energetically.


If you need guidance or help, you can always email me. Do you know someone who is struggling and has certain symptoms? Forward them this podcast. 

It is so, so important that there is more clarity and insight out there. 


On the internet it is touted as the limousine among the energies - yes, it can be, if you have trained well and vigorously for years. But it’s not spoken of that most have to go through the most painful and difficult 'dark night of the soul' to reach it. 


Go on developing, discovering and transforming and take it easy. You have all the time and above all: Enjoy the process and your loved ones around you. Then it is a wonderful, life-changing journey in the most beautiful sense of the word.


Good luck and know I'm here for you!

Love Lisette

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57. Kundalini Energy

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