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17th february 2021


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 55. Unwanted Visits: Shining a Light On Energetic Presence And Unexplained Phenomena That Give You The Chills. 


Have you ever experienced this or maybe you know someone who has: You feel, experience or see a presence or unexplained things happen in your home?


  • In this podcast you will gain insight into these energetic phenomena.


  • So that you can understand them better and see what they really are.


  • Then you can live freely and happily and regain control of your life instead of being distracted by fear. 


The show notes can be found at


Welcome to Podcast 55!


I always say: If something comes up 3 times then you have to do something with it. And that's how it happened to me for this podcast episode.


My daughter told a story that someone she knows suffers from something strange, something inexplicable. At this person's home, picture frames hang at the top of the stairs. And there always seems to be 1 specific photo frame falling down. The frame lands at the bottom of the stairs, with glass unbroken. And it is always the same photo. 


I also had a consultation in my practice with a client who said her children get anxious at night. One of the children said that at night he saw dark shadows that frightened him. 


And then yesterday I received an email from a student in which she told me that the teenage daughter of an acquaintance often received energetic visits. Some of these she knew, but there were also some that she did not know and that frightened her. 


Of course I get questions about this often and I have also experienced a lot myself. 


Recently during a consultation I mentioned that the dear deceased I felt with me had a good sense of humour, which is how she could make her presence visible … as I said it, (exactly at the moment I spoke those words), next to me on my desk, some flyers flipped forward. ‘Well, yes: exactly so!’ I said laughing. And we had a hearty laugh about it. 

And I have also experienced that someone was very afraid in a certain room. A loved one had died there and every time she went in the lights went on and off. 


When I explained what was happening and what the thought and meaning behind it was, it immediately stopped feeling scary and even loving. And yes, when I told the client the lights started flashing in my practice. We had a good laugh about that too.


My mother told me years ago that just after my grandmother passed away, her favourite painting was turned upside down every morning. And then she would hang it up again and say ‘Hi mum’. Then the next morning the same phenomenon happened again. 


Now I can talk about it with a smile, but that has not always been the case. 


I was terrified of it!


I felt a lot when I was young and noticed that I was being watched. It gave me the chills, I didn't dare to sleep without light and never wanted to be alone. If I knew that my parents were going to play tennis on Monday evening, I would start to sabotage everything in the afternoon. When this failed I tried to prevent my mother from leaving. Purely because I was afraid of being alone. I was still really young here - about 5 to 10 years old. 


My mother told me that ghosts didn't exist so I wanted to believe that, but the fear remained. I always did everything to avoid being alone. Because even though I crawled under the covers with my bed full of cuddly toys, I felt like the presence could move straight through it. 


And then at a certain point the moment came to delve into this energetic matter. Actually, observing the deceased previous resident of my bedroom in broad daylight was the last straw. 


Then I was like. I have to do something about this. So it was done. And I can tell you: That has been the best choice ever! Years of fears gave way to insights. I came to understand better what was behind that feeling and those phenomena. And then I thought: Wow … it's not scary at all! It's beautiful!


It only seems scary because we have no logical explanation for it. For these things are usually dismissed as spooky nonsense, because we have no control over them. 

So yes, then you would prefer to dismiss it as: it doesn't exist, all nonsense. Which seemed the easiest way to me too. But energy also goes where it shouldn’t. So that's how it was for me too. 


I will explain a few basic rules that have given me tremendous insight and clarity.


First: We basically live in the frequency of love. And that's a high frequency. 

When I work with energy I work from this loving, happy frequency.


Now energy can never be lost, it can only change shape. So when it's time to leave your physical body (your earthly coat), the energetic part of you moves on (that part which is known as the soul). The soul is the pure essence of you, in which all the qualities and experiences of you are stored. Of this life and also of the many lives that you have lived as a soul. 


I also want to say right away: this is my personal view and interpretation. I hand this information to you with love, but you must also look for your own truth in this. For it goes beyond the limits of earthly existence. In my work I have brief contacts with soul energies - loved ones who have passed away. These souls want to make you feel and know how things are going on the other side, in the spiritual world. So that's very important. Think of it for yourself as Soul-searching. If things I say feel good and resonate deep inside, you can take it. Otherwise, you can keep looking. I personally think that this is very important. Find your own truth and don't blindly accept everything. Your own soul feels the truth. Trust that. And I am consciously saying soul, because your mind usually quickly dismisses it as nonsense or not real. But that deeper layer of you - that's what I'm talking about now. For that is also the part where all wisdom is stored and that is also the part that can pick up the frequencies of other energies.


So it is often wise souls, or old souls who come into contact with this. But it could also be through situations like the following.


Such as the picture frame falling down, time after time, that I mentioned earlier. 

Usually it is our own deceased loved ones who want to say something. Often there is something going on in the house on an emotional level, where your loved one in the spiritual world wants to let you know: I am here for you. I see and feel what you think!


I will never forget when my father-in-law had just passed away. My husband (his son) was broken and crying very hard, inconsolably. I was downstairs while my husband was suffering upstairs, when suddenly I heard a bang, as if something was falling. I ran upstairs and looked where it had come from. The picture frame that was right next to my husband on the table had fallen over. I asked ‘What was that?’. And he said: ‘Dad changed the list’. And at that moment we both had to laugh through our tears. Haha …  really something for Dad. He couldn't stand seeing you so sad. And now I understand. Because just imagine that your child or loved one is crying loudly. You stand next to them but they don't see you. You want to comfort them but they don't feel you. You want to help them but it can’t be done. What would you do? How frustrated would you feel? Well, I would also knock something over, flash lights or turn the TV on and off. Yoo-hoo, I'm still here! Okay, I’m no longer in my earthly outfit but energetically more radiant and powerful than ever! I am standing next to you! I hear your thoughts and I feel your pain. I'm here for you, now and always! 


That's all they usually want to let you know. How logical when you think about it like that, right?


And if one person is still not open to it, the spirits will look for another entrance. And usually these come from young children. Because they have not yet had their earthly coat on for so long so are still very energetically connected with the world of spirit. Their crown chakra is still wide open and for them it is the most normal thing in the world. 


My oldest son told me when he was with Grandma that Grandpa was there too. He pointed out where he was and that he had also repaired the TV. Then we adults looked at each other and said: ‘Oh that's super nice baby! How was Grandpa?’ And then he said, ‘Good’. And looked at the spot on the couch where Grandpa used to sit. We did not tell ourselves that Grandfather had already died 3 years ago. And Grandma then said unsuspectingly ‘Yes, so weird the TV stopped working and suddenly is fixed.’ 


My daughter told Grandma, when she was about 3.5 years old, that she used to dress up with Grandpa and that Grandpa had put on a skirt which made her laugh so hard. Or once when she'd been rude to a friend, out of the blue as we were going to school she said: ‘Grandpa said I wasn't right.’ 

Well, Grandpa had already passed away 5 years ago. She had never met him in earthly life. 

We always treated it as if it were the most normal thing in the world. And I want to recommend that to everyone. Because children will pick up on your beliefs. If you dismiss something as nonsense, they will keep things to themselves and think they are strange. While actually it is something very natural. Gradually the crown chakra closes more and the phenomena will decrease. This is not helped with the emphasis in school on mental development. As such I wouldn't recommend teens develop it.

I primarily help young children and teenagers learn how to deal with it. The same with adults too. 

You can rest assured. I can open myself but when I go to bed I am closed - then I don't need nocturnal visitors. 

And that's how it should be. You have a physical body and an energetic body. Spirit is just energy. Manifesting something costs them a lot of energy and they will often only do it right after the transition: death, or if a person is in need - if you need help. Then they want to support you and let you know that they are there. Then you or your children can feel their presence closer. But otherwise you have free will and they respect it. So if you don't want to feel or perceive anything, you can close your shutters - shut off your energy to it. If you don't know how to do that, you will be able to continue to observe it. But like I said, I want to sleep at night. So I close my shutters. Sign closed on my energetic front door so to speak. Because I'm in control and no one else. That's the most important thing to realise. And it is also the most important thing you can give your anxious children. There are many ways and tools to help you strengthen this ability. 


But realise that when you observe something, it’s because your loved ones usually want to pass on something or let you know that they have arrived well after death; that they are doing well or that they know what you are going through and that they support you. 


So what seems scary or spooky is suddenly no longer scary. It is usually our own loved ones around us. Sometimes someone is very open and can be used as a kind of communication channel to get a message across. I mean, suppose you died: you see your partner or someone you love grieving. You also see someone who can see and perceive you and who can act like a telephone to share your message. What are you going to do then? Are you going to try and get the attention of your partner or loved one, who is blinded with sadness and does not see or perceive you? Or do you show yourself to someone who can observe you and act as a telephone so that your message can be transmitted?


I know what I’d do! Do you? 


So if you observe someone who scares you, you can just ask in your mind what they want to say or let them know they can talk through you. Trust the feeling you get right away. Therein lies the answer. If you don't feel like making contact, just say: ‘No, I choose not to be accessible.’ And shut your energetic doors. But my advice, get professional help to assist you. The intelligence of the spiritual world goes far beyond our earthly understanding and mind. So they are there for a reason. You may receive information from love.


In my view, ghost stories turn into beautiful stories of love beyond the limits of earthly existence in this way. Because as my mentor Mavis Pittilla always says so beautifully: ‘Love, like life, never dies’. 


Do you want to develop further and learn more about communicating beyond the boundaries of earthly existence (called mediumship)? Then I can of course help you with that. You can always email me at: with any questions.

You can find more information about this podcast in the show notes at:  and I also share a powerful tip there if you are experiencing fear of solving this spirit problem. 

Thanks for listening and a big hug from me!

X Lisette


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55. Unwanted Visits

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