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13th january 2021


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 50. Mastering vs. Learning: Discover The Difference And The Life-Changing Power Of Mastering A Skill. 


Is this recognisable - You want to learn new things but notice that everything is only half baked and you don’t really do much with what you do know already?


If you discover the difference between fun learning and powerful mastering, your life will change!


Once you become the master of your life your life will never be the same again.


You will experience strength, happiness and satisfaction because it is in your system and part of who you are! 


Welcome to Podcast #50!


I've been podcasting for almost a year now and if you listen back to podcast #1, you will hear that I've started mastering it quite a bit along the way. It's a skill I've learned. 


Which gets us straight into today’s topic nicely. 


At podcast #1 I resolved to launch an episode every week for at least 2 years - non-negotiable! Regardless of whether anyone listened or not, I made that commitment with myself.


And yes, #50 is here and wow what a journey it has been! My life has changed enormously and I feel more powerful than ever!


I wouldn't have dreamed of the success of the podcast and actually this is just the beginning!


Now when I listen back to those first few episodes I almost want to record them again. I shared this feeling with some of my students, and one of them, who is listening to the podcasts for a second time, immediately said: No, it's really beautiful. You grow in your podcasts, which we can hear and that's nice.


Oh, I thought then. She has a point. Because isn't that what my podcasts are about? Growth and development? Personal transformation?  

I can tell you, I’m all for that! But has that always been the case? 


No, absolutely not! You can rest assured that I've also struggled. Searching, doing this, doing that, doubting, no, it wasn't easy …  A human quest I think, but why is that?


I thought about it and a situation with a student gave me an insight.


The gist of that insight: We quickly feel we already know it all. So we lose interest, blame an external cause on this loss, before hopping on to the next new thing. There we will then repeat the whole ritual.


This doesn't apply to everyone, but it's a pattern that I see recurring regularly, including with myself. 


I have come to the conclusion that it is because we have learned to learn.

Yes, you heard right: we learn to learn. And that's where it goes wrong. Just think about school. You learn something, which is then pushed into your thinking, analytical brain. Conscious thought applies what you have learned and simmers away.


Can you keep this up for a lifetime? Yes, there’s nothing wrong with it. But, guess what? Is someone who does this happy? Do they feel like they are really alive? Do they experience passion, strength, love, satisfaction and gratitude from what they do? 


Well? I personally think Not!


The old-fashioned way of learning (I call it flat, passive learning), makes us all feel that way. And so much of what we learn is forgotten again. 


Now you may be thinking: Okay, nice of you to say this, Lisette - but where are you going with it? 


This is where I want to go:

How did you learn to walk?

How did you learn to ride a bike?

How did you learn to swim? 


I think you first considered learning to walk for about 1 to 1.5 years while watching someone else. You looked at those who could do it with ease - for example your parents, carers. They were your role models. And then you probably thought: I want to be able to do that too.


You started to pull yourself up on something, because standing up turned out to be a bigger challenge than those grown ups make it seem. Geez, boink, there you go again on to your thick nappy. And hop, again, puffing and groaning but you did it. You went for it. You fell, you got up, you fell, you got up - suddenly the moment of balance was there and hop, step forward and boom …  you lay down again. Again, inexorably. Even so, not a single hair on your head thought about giving up. So again, you find balance, step forward, shift some weight, move another foot, 1 step and bammm and then … Grand applause! People cheering you on! 


Wow you thought then, that's cool, that feels good, I'll keep going! And yes, get up, step, step, fall, get up, walk. And then proud faces and a sense of I can take on the world. Then suddenly the moment is there. You walk, in fact, you walk and do other things at the same time. Put toys in your mouth, pull the plant off the table. Wow, how cool! 


And as you relive this with me now, I hope you sympathise. Because what you did there is not just learning. Learning is: someone explains how to do something then leaves you to it. But that’s not how you were able to walk. No, you watched, then applied it, performed it and practiced, practiced, practiced until (here comes your most powerful word) you mastered it! You became a master and that is why you can now do it fully automated without thinking! 


Yes, a round of applause for yourself!


Yes, duh … Lisette …  that’s nothing special, anyone can do it. 


Well, they can if it’s done well, yes.But do you know what this means? 

If you’ve mastered something once then it is in your system and you believe that everything you give your mind and commitment to, every effort you put in will succeed! 


As I say this, are you feeling doubtful? Well, then get up and walk around. 


There’s the proof! You have mastered this and many more skills. So you are the master and the creator of your life!


And that's how you learned to ride a bike, and how you learned to swim. You just repeated your 'skills to mastery'. And if it all goes well you succeed! 


So what is the difference between learning and mastering?


Very simple, I'll give you a book titled: ‘How to swim’. With it you can learn to swim from the instructions. Good luck! I'd bring a life float if you try it. Because even if you stamp that book in your head: You're sinking to the bottom. 


To really know how to swim it takes practice, it takes training, it takes repetition, it takes repeating the foundation over and over. Repetition of the basics. And then … after weeks, months, years …  you can swim!


And that brings me back to the student who received my teaching material and after 3 lessons said: I already know all this. This is going over old ground for me, and I haven’t  learned anything from this. 


My thoughts (and answer) to this: if you have heard or learned something before and feel it’s impossible to learn anything new from it - that is pure mindset! 


And to be honest it’s a very human idea: to think once we’ve seen something once then we know all we can from it. But now’s the perfect time to buckle up and start working harder. You have to get around that limiting belief of your survival programmed brain and say: I'm going to get something out of this that I'm going to work with right now. Something that I'm going to master. Something I'm going to implement until I fully master it. Until it’s not just something I do, but it actually becomes part of who I am.  


And then one step further: If I master it, radiate it, breathe it into every cell, control every fibre of my being, then I will transfer it. Then I'm going to spread the information so that I can let someone else master it!


Well, to do so you really have to focus your full attention, 100% - because that is a profession in its own right. 

People quickly realise whether your words are a learned repetition or whether you breathe it from your being!


That's mastering! That's mastery, that's getting out of life what's in it! And the best thing is: Then you can do anything you put your mind to!


Purely because you choose to. 


The biggest key to mastery of anything is using all your senses. Which is why you can see straight away why anyone can master walking, cycling and swimming fairly easily. But if you tried to master these solely with your mind, it would be hard. You have to go all in there. 


And this is also the method and philosophy I use in conveying my exercises. 


You learn the foundation, you absorb it, you are going to hear, feel, experience, apply, live, you are going to accept your emotions, you are going to laugh, you are going to use your body, you are going to use all your natural tools -  use and apply to become a master. 


And yes, that's why my latest online program is also called: Master Your Intuition & Energy!


You don't simply learn it, it's not just what you do, it becomes a fundamental, integral part of who you are!


Does that come naturally? 

What do you think? Did walking come naturally?

Someone showed it to you, someone who had already 'mastered' it and then you started to model it, i.e. imitate or copy it. 


But you literally have to take the real steps yourself! 

And I am very happy to show you how to take those steps within my field of expertise. So that you can first walk with a supporting hand and then run into the world. And maybe it can teach itself to others. Because how beautiful would that be! 


Then you’ll make me very happy! Because that's what I'm going for, spreading a wave and vibe of EnergyJoy. I hope you have gained insight and understood what the power of mastering is. And how it can change your life forever. It really does change you forever. Provided you get into Mastery Mode.


So come with me, join me, develop and grow with me. Just like after 50 podcasts I'm starting to become quite a master at creating and developing this. Although, I'll come back to this at podcast #100, curious what growth we have gone through together! 


Thank you for listening, it’s great that you took the time to be inspired. Continue that flow, that vibe, that inspiration. Write down ideas, undertake new things, feel life flowing through you into every cell and enjoy! This is what it's like to live in the moment and that's great!


Thanks again, in the show notes at  you will find the notes from this episode. 


I hope to see, speak or meet you soon. Online or live and would love to hear what you want to master!


Love and Hugs!


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50. Mastering vs. Learning

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