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4th march 2020 


Lisette Lucas


Podcast # 5: Boost Your Immune System With The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind + Free Immune Boost Meditation


Welcome to podcast #5!


Today I'm going to talk about how you can boost your immune system.


It will not have escaped anyone that the Coronavirus is spreading around the world. The newspapers are full of it and it is the news of the day. 


And that is how this podcast was born. 


Today you will learn:


  • The effect of anxiety and stress on your immune system

  • The impact of the words you say to yourself

  • How you experience the physical effect of the pictures you make in your head

  • How to be the architect of your life


  • You will receive the Energy Immune Boost session


At this time what I personally notice is that fear predominates. Perfectly understandable of course. Partly because there is no cure available as of yet.


We receive preventative tips from the government such as: how to wash your hands properly, and how it is best to sneeze and cough in your arm. 


Personally, to stay healthy I think something else needs to be addressed, and it’s not something really spoken about. 


I was recently at a party and found that greeting and saying goodbye had become an uncomfortable experience. Should I give the customary 3 kisses? Or even shake a hand? In the corner of my eye I saw a large bottle of disinfectant gel on the bar of the luxury restaurant. It became very clear to me, there is so much fear - and what do fear and anxiety do? They create stress, and stress is a huge attack on your immune system. 


Just think: what is the purpose of stress and anxiety based on the primal survival principles? To put you in a fight, flight or freeze mode. In other words to survive a threat: you can fight, flee or freeze. However, there are other effects when this natural principle is put into effect. All the energy that is present in your body is sent to your arms and legs, so you are ready to fight or run. Your body enters a survival mode, it is a life or death programming.


Of course it is ideal to be able to flee from that bear, who is suddenly on the road in front of you, right? A wonderful principle and as soon as the danger has passed, your energy returns to rest; your natural, physical balance is restored and everything can function as it should again.


But what happens if that “imaginary bear” is a long-term, stressful situation, a persistent fear, a threatening thought? Think of a global pandemic with no known cure. 

Well, then our system remains (at an unconscious level), in that fight, flight or freeze mode. Our system does not distinguish between a bear, a virus or an angry colleague. Our system is either threatened or not threatened - there is no middle ground. 


So when you experience fear, stress or anxiety that is threatening, the energy continues to flow to centres that are meant to flee and / or fight. 


When your body is in this survival mode, something else happens too. The immune system (the natural system intended to defend against foreign substances), is put on the back burner. This is because your body cannot give 100% attention to everything at the same time. So the immune system will work less effectively when your nervous system feels threatened, stressed or fearful; all the energy is needed in other places that help you survive in the short term over any long term threats. What good is long-term survival if the bear can eat you right now? So your body sees fight, flight or freeze as a priority, and then when the coast is clear, it is the turn of the immune system.  


In other words your immune system will always come second to a threatening situation and short-term survival requirements.


For myself I know if I take on too much, have a busy schedule and not enough sleep then inevitably I will get ill. Why? All these minor stresses combine to put my body in a stressful situation, meaning my immune system gets put on the backburner and my ability to defend against bacteria and viruses rapidly diminishes. Purely because my resistance, my immune system, decreases due to stress. 


We all know by now that stress is not good for your health. But we need that health more than ever, to keep foreign substances, bacteria and viruses at bay. Adequate rest, relaxation, healthy food, exercise, fresh air- all are ingredients that contribute to good health. Rest, balance and regularity. 


Based on my training and knowledge, I think it is very important today to add a free tool. A tool that gives your natural immune system a boost. 


For many years I trained at home and abroad (something I still do), in the field of intuitive development, mediumship, personal transformation, energy healing, applied psychology and coaching. I have been trained and certified by Marisa Peer, and several other experts. Marisa is a world renowned therapist and she has worked with the greatest in the world. Among other things, I apply her methods and techniques in my practice and am recommended on her website as a practitioner of Rapid Transformational Therapy. From the cell command therapy, the rewiring brain, and the neuroplasticity techniques I have made a special recording that boosts your immune system at a subconscious level. This helps, supports and stimulates you to activate your body's natural self-healing ability on all levels. 


In addition, I have studied the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza. His work is unique and I highly recommend it. He has built a groundbreaking bridge between medical science and the holistic approach. His investigations are based on factual and verifiable information. In short, he speaks of how it is possible (as we access the subconscious mind), to create new pathways - new neurological pathways with the power of our mind. In this way, we can create our own reality by tuning into the field of infinite possibilities.


Are neurological pathways something new? No, we have all been creating them since we were born. But these are by default based on the principles of survival, meaning they are programmed to detect danger and are linked to fear. A baby is born with only 2 fears: the fear of loud noises and the fear of falling. The rest has been learned. In other words: neurological pathways have been created for this. Just think about frightening events from your childhood, you can remember them perfectly, right? Those neurological pathways are burned into your brain. These neurological pathways, provided you do not change them, are present for life. 


The great thing about neurological pathways is that you can change them, creating new paths at the subconscious level. Also you can create all the possible paths you want to. In other words: you yourself are the architect of your internal paths and road network. Old paths that no longer serve you can be removed and overwritten; while new paths or paths that have become overgrown can be stimulated and reactivated so that they instruct you in a more positive way. 


That is exactly what we are going to do. We no longer need those fear paths, stress is not necessary. With our minds and deep relaxation tools, we can install new information on our hard drive. This can help enormously to boost your immune system. 


The mind always believes the following:

  1. The pictures you make in your head

  2. The words you say to yourself.


This knowledge is the foundation of everything. 


You are in control, so you decide which thoughts and which images you do and do not allow in.


Every picture and every thought has a direct effect on the conscious and subconscious level on what you feel and how you feel. Thus, determining how you are going to behave which ultimately determines your reality.


I will give you an example of a picture and its effect on your body, feeling, acting and reality. 


Imagine: you are going to a birthday party. You walk in and have a choice of lots of delicious dishes from the coffee table in the middle of the living room. It all looks so tasty. When suddenly your eye falls on one special dish, your favourite dish. What is your favourite dish? Think about it. See it before you now. You can smell it and the water already enters your mouth at the thought of this. You look at it, pick up a plate and want to start scooping it up. As you reach out a hand, the family's large, energetic, long-haired dog bursts into the room. The dog is happy and cheerful for he’s just been out and is soaked from the rain, leaving a trail of big muddy paw prints in his wake. Suddenly the dog runs straight to the coffee table before shaking himself off. Water, mud, hair flies everywhere. Then a huge blob of drool with sand lands directly on your favourite dish, that only a second ago could have been in your hand. All that delicious food covered in dog drool. 


What are you doing now, what are you feeling now? What is happening in your body? 

What are your thoughts saying? What happened to the picture in your head now? Interesting isn’t it?! Especially when you consider that there is nothing tasty in front of you and no drooling dog. Yet you still experience so many sensations, purely with the picture you create in your head and the words you say to yourself. 


Now this was a funny example, but all pictures in your head work this way and are incredibly powerful. 


What I'm giving you today as a free tool is a recording that allows you to edit the pictures in your head and the words you say to yourself. You will see yourself as perfect, healthy, bubbling with vitality. You see your immune system as a powerful, strong, natural system that always works 100% perfectly. Your energy frequency is so high and so powerful that all foreign substances bounce off your energy field. They don’t even come close to penetrating your naturally powerful barrier. Simply because you are very healthy and full of vitality. Completely balanced. Knowing that with the power of your brilliant mind, you are communicating with the intelligence of your cells. You reactivate the natural self-healing capacity of your body. As Dr. Joe Dispenza describes it nicely in his book: you're the placebo.


In other words, you are the doctor who lives within you. That doctor is present in each of us. This is the ultimate time to enter into the perfect partnership. Everything is there, all you have to do is listen and take a wonderful moment for yourself. You're more than worth it, right? 


In the recording I communicate with your cells, with the deepest part of your being and I bring you into a deep relaxation with my voice and with the help of special music. Your brain enters the so-called: Alpha state. This is a brainwave frequency, and in the Alpha state the door to your subconscious mind opens and you are perfectly open to suggestions that are being given. You are fully alert and sharp, yet wonderfully relaxed. Think of it as daydreaming. 


In my practice I also use these techniques in intuitive transformation sessions and the results are phenomenal. 


I will post the download link below this podcast and also in my shownotes. I recommend you look further into the work of Marissa Peer and Dr. Joe Dispenza. The more the thinking, analytical, critical mind understands the principles discussed today; the easier your mind will open up to all possibilities and take in the suggestions. You don't need to understand all medical terms. Just think about eating something. You know how to take a bite and how to chew. You do not have to control the enzymes in your mouth and stomach yourself. Fortunately, that goes without saying, but that's how it works with this too. So you just need to understand that your body knows exactly what to do if you give it permission and you want it. Go on a journey of discovery yourself and become the architect of your own life! 


After all, we are all born with a physical body, an energetic body and a brilliant mind. 

Through a deep meditation I received the inspiration and insights for this podcast. I didn't think about it, I opened myself energetically to the field of infinite possibilities.Then I felt and observed how a perfect immune system has a high vibration frequency, and how external influences, foreign substances, cannot penetrate this barrier. I literally saw them “bounce” against the powerful energetic barrier. As if you are safely behind bulletproof glass, and see something coming towards you but it bounces against the glass and cannot reach you. With a powerful energetic barrier no foreign elements can enter your orbit, they just bounce away leaving you safe and protected because of your perfectly functioning immune system. The immune system that you are in total control of with the power of your brilliant mind. You are in control of the omniscient doctor in your life. The possibilities are endless! 


I am happy to offer this podcast and the bonus Boost for your immune system uptake for free. For I want this knowledge and this tool to reach as many people as it can. We have everything we need within us, you just need to understand how it works and how to activate it. So please share this with your loved ones, the people who are important to you, any person who can use it. Then fear and stress can be transformed into a life of freedom, health, love and you will operate in the energy of Joy!


This is already the end of podcast #5. Request your immune Boost Session now via the link below this podcast. You will then receive an explanation of how to apply it and the free download.

I normally give these sessions in my practice, clients pay many hundreds of euros to transform. My contribution today is completely without personal financial gain, but I want it to contribute to a healthier world; and that starts with you. Good luck, for questions you can always email me at  


Until next time!


xxx Lisette

All Rights Reserved © EnergyJoy 2020

5. Immune System Boost

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