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2nd december 2020


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 44. Condition, Rewire, Program and Train your Mind and Energy Towards Ultimate Success and EnergyJoy!


Perhaps you need change and are ready to transform but you don't know how.


Knowledge is potential power, applying that knowledge to yourself and setting it in motion creates results. 


In this podcast you discover the fastest route to transformation. So that you can shift your mind, energy and therefore your life to ultimate success!


Welcome to Podcast #44!


Experiencing success and happiness are the rewards of life! I can tell you one thing in advance: these do not always happen automatically! 


Achieving success, experiencing success, being successful in your life according to your personal conditions is the ultimate icing on the cake. 


Experiencing joy, experiencing the frequency of EnergyJoy, is the result of training yourself: teaching yourself how to transform and let go of lower frequencies, old patterns and beliefs as quickly as possible. 


Today it is Podcast number 44, the subject came to me naturally and when I looked for the numerological meaning afterwards, a smile came to my face. It was a ‘Wow’ moment, which you’ll experience when you live in synchronicity and in the flow of the unfolding of your essence.


Then situations and circumstances automatically come your way. The solution or next logical step is given to you, without a need to force anything. And that brings me to the energetic meaning of the number 44: A double number means (among other things), that you are on the right path and that it is time to gain more knowledge. Well, you're listening to this podcast so you've already sensed it yourself.


You can deepen and expand and strengthen your knowledge. If you continue to follow your feeling in this and respond to the authentic, natural call of your soul, doors will open automatically.  


You are supported in this so trust in something bigger than yourself.


Last week I drove into a car park in the Hague with my daughter. We had already been to the Bijenkorf to buy a present for her 17th birthday. As we were driving underground through the garage, I suddenly noticed a Belgian licence plate between the parked cars. That’s not that special you might be thinking, just a white number plate with red letters. But in this case my mouth dropped open in surprise, and I immediately shouted out aloud the text on that licence plate: ‘GRACE’! My daughter looked at me somewhat surprised. 'Wow!' I said, trying to explain to her that Tony Robbins always uses this word. 


If we want to manifest something in our lives, if we want to achieve success, then there are many factors that we can influence, direct and train ourselves without spirit intervention. 


But then there is actually the most important ingredient for manifestation, and it’s one we have no influence over. An ingredient that is incomprehensible but is always and everywhere around us and flows through us. You can give it many names, it's something intangible, it's something you have to rely on, and that is, yes, you can already feel it coming, that is: GRACE!


I think it’s a beautiful thing - Grace! It’s like the magical pixie dust sprinkled over us, like golden sparkles, it’s what creates ‘Wow!’ moments.


That license plate in that car park moved me deeply. Why? Well, have you ever seen such a licence plate in the Netherlands? I certainly never have! Especially one with this special word, just ‘wow’!

I didn't consciously choose this topic for episode 44 - it simply happened. Purely because I let go of the need to have control by creating something with willpower.

So instead inspiration comes through me, naturally, with yes, with the help of Grace!


And of course you can also call it God, angels, helpers, guides, spirit, Allah, source energy, the universe, the source and so on. 

But I want to add the word Grace for you here. Because for me, the energy of infinite trust resonates in something greater than myself. A reverence and a love for the connection with all there is. I also feel supported in this and that gives me strength.

So I want to pass that on to you, right now. 

Whatever you are going through in your life, trust Grace. Always trust something greater than us as humans, something that has a greater plan. Something we can't see or understand yet. By trusting we get courage and support, at least, it helps me enormously when I run into something or am confronted with things from daily life. So I hope it gives you something too. 


When facing things, start by feeling what it means to you, what solutions present themselves. But if nothing arises then leave it to Grace, let it go and let it unfold in ways you never thought possible before. 

And yes, watch out for little signs and 'coincidences'! Like my examples with the number 44 and the licence plate. Coincidences do not exist, so trust that there is a loving greater power looking over your shoulder who always wants the best for you! 


By the way, you can find the Shownotes of this episode at


And do you have experiences with Grace that you want to share? I would love to hear from you, send a message to:


What I just told you is a bit of reverse engineering. Usually we take the earthly steps first and then we ask for help if it is needed. But you can also ask for help, and support in advance.


I've talked about your free will in previous podcasts, how if you want help, you really have to ask yourself first. 


But that brings me to the earthly life piece of your Ultimate Success. 

Ultimate success, of course, looks different for everyone.


For example, a mother will feel supremely successful if she allows her child or children to grow up healthy into sensible, loving young people. 


An entrepreneur will only feel successful if they have realised turnover X. Whilst a social worker will only feel successful if he or she has saved hundreds of lives.


So now a question for you: What is ultimate success for you?


And that brings me back to podcast 42 (Personal Transformation with the 7 levels of the EnergyJoy Life Triangle.) With the tools I share in this episode you can immediately see in which area of your life you still have to take steps. If you’re unsure about what you want then absolutely download the Life Triangle (for free) because measuring is knowing! 


If it’s already clear what you want to work on, and what areas of your life need to change, then you can apply the strategy and the following methods straightaway. 


I'm going to walk you through the following Ultimate Success methods:


  1. Condition

  2. Rewire

  3. Computer programming

  4. Train


Method 1: Conditioning


By conditioning I am talking about learned behaviour.


A funny example of conditioning happened to me yesterday while cooking. 


I was standing in front of my gas stove, a big Boretti with those rotary knobs that you have to press to get the ignition going. I think Boretti is a wonderful brand, but the ignition of the gas is always a weak point. So as usual I was pushing the big button to turn on the gas so I could boil the water. 

And then something happened which I hadn’t noticed at all because my focus was on the gas stove. 


My daughter said ‘Look there's Pepper, she's responding to the gas stove’. (Pepper is our West Highland White Terrier.) And yes indeed, Pepper was suddenly standing between my legs - despite knowing she is not allowed to be in the kitchen while we’re cooking. But apparently she associates the sound of clicking the gas with food, she’s conditioned to the sound. In other words, whoever is cooking regularly drops food when the stove is on, so lots of lovely goodies are to be found! Haha, we had a hearty laugh about it. It has become an unconsciously learned behaviour - inadvertently, I have conditioned Pepper. 


But yes, it is exactly the same with us humans! We can condition behaviour in the same way, whether positive or negative.

For an example of negative conditioned behaviour we can think of a mother in the supermarket. Now perhaps her child wants sweets but is not allowed. Upset, the child throws himself on the floor screaming and crying - refusing to leave the sweets aisle. 

The mother is shocked and ashamed so lets the child have his way. It’s a win-win for the child: attention and a sweet. 


So what do you think will happen next week when they go back to the supermarket?

Right, the bad behaviour was rewarded so it will be repeated. By the way, I've left my children lying around at such moments, in other words, ignoring the negative behaviour. Then they quickly unlearn this technique because there is no reward.


But you can very easily condition yourself. From my practice I use hypnosis to stimulate and condition new, desired behaviour on a subconscious level. Which works brilliantly! It also works in tandem with the following methods I'm going to mention.


The next method is: 2. Rewire. 

Rewiring literally means rewiring. Just think of an old house where power cables run through the walls everywhere - a network of old cables that have been around for years.You want to replace, update and renew them, so that all current technical gadgets and lighting can work well on it. 

You want new wiring so that you can live happily in your new home. 

But have you ever thought of your own body as your home? How new and recent is your wiring? How often do you check whether it still meets current needs? You might say ‘The wiring is a nice metaphor Lisette, but I’m not just electricity, am I?’. Well, to be honest, what would you compare it to? 

Simply think of your nervous system, which is composed of impulses of energy and energy transfer. Just like a house which is wired with electricity, you too have a wiring system in your body. This network of nerves and neural pathways can be completely instructed and rewired with the power of your mind. Really! Did you know: our Dutch Iceman, Wim Hof, has scientifically shown that you can influence and activate the autonomic nervous system, simply with the power of your mind. Something that was never thought possible before! 

Super good news because then you can build new powerful highways of nerves that do exactly what you want. All working for you to be the most successful version of yourself. Really, anything is possible if you're open to it. I also use this in the rapid transformation therapy methods. Super powerful!


And then we go to method 3: Programming

Your mind is like a computer. If you properly store information in your memory, the information will stay there forever. And so you can program and reprogram your mind to store whatever you want to experience in your life. Do you want to transform and let go of old pieces for good? Then you can, just like deleting old software. You just throw it in your trash. And you choose the information that you do want programmed into your subconscious mind. Very easy, very simple and super powerful!


And that last method is: 4. Training

Perhaps the most obvious because we all know it but, practice makes perfect. If you want to become a top athlete, you train day in, day out, for what you want to achieve.

But perhaps it would be better to say: practice makes progress. If you aim for perfection then you’ll never be happy or experience satisfaction. But you can choose to progress, very consciously right now. 

My mediumship, my psychic work, my energy work - I have mastered that by training, training and training again. Making flying hours. Just do it! That’s what my annual education and training courses are for, if you would like to learn mediumship too. 

Another great way to train is to listen to 1 special hypnosis audio recording for at least 21 days which trains your mind on a conscious and subconscious level. Repeating that recording, listening over and over again, and hearing and feeling it on all levels of being, makes it become what you do and then manifests the new reality of who you are. 


So do you want to be successful, happy in any area?


Make the magical mix of conditioning, rewiring, programming and training yourself with the last and most powerful ingredient, remember? Right: GRACE!


Then you create the ultimate successful life on your terms, on your terms!


Discover what you really want with the help of the tool from podcast #42! You can continue working from there. I have put the information in the show notes at:


Of course I would also be happy to help you take the right steps.


Good luck! I hope you have more insight into the methods that can work for you so that you can live your ultimate dream!


Love Lisette 

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44. Condition Your Mind

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