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EnergyJoy typewriter script with High End Succes Medium Lisette Lucas

28th december 2022


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 152. How Intentions Can Shift Your Life & Business, So You Too Can Manifest Your Best Year Ever Through Energetically Charged Intentions


Perhaps you want to make certain goals and dreams come true, but you don't know how or it just doesn't seem to work … 


  • In this podcast you will discover why things haven’t worked out until now.


  • And how an energetically charged intention is the solution.


  • So you can manifest your intentions for the best year ever! 


(The shownotes for this episode can be found at:


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Welcome to Podcast #152! 


The end of a week, month, quarter or year is a great time to reflect on your goals, wishes and dreams for the next week, month, quarter or year.


I'm making this podcast now at the end of the year, a good moment to look back and reflect on my own goals, intentions and wishes. And yes, if I achieved them.


In the business field I can tell you that I have amply achieved my goals: I had my best year ever. I want to thank you for that, because if you listen to my podcast more often, follow my exercises or have purchased my Podcarddeck, then you have helped to set the EnergyJoy frequency in motion.


So I am super grateful for that! After all, we do it with each other and for each other. From that connection we can let our stardust shine together and unfold our own potential. 


So yes, I can say: I have manifested the energetically charged intention for my business that I set at the beginning of the year!


And I’ve manifested even more: including my dream car! Which I strangely enough didn't have as a manifestation intention this year. (This year I had my eye on a different car.)

But I had already stuck a photo of this dream car, which I suddenly manifested this year, on my manifestation and visualisation board in 2007, after reading the book 'The Secret'. But at some point I had completely let it go because for years it wasn't really convenient with a large family. 


But when I manifest and set the energetic intention I always say: ‘… this or something better …’


And suddenly, the universe made room for new possibilities. 


Yes, making space sounds nice, but actually you may get chaos first before something new and better can take its place. 


And that’s what happened to me this year - it seemed to go wrong on all levels. But in hindsight that was part of the intention that I had set and where I sent my intention and energy. 


Then suddenly it happened that I received something better on all levels than I could have imagined in advance as a goal and intention. 


I also laughed when my own daughter said to me: ‘Mama, you had that car hanging in your wardrobe in the previous house with all kinds of different pictures.’ 


Haha …  indeed it was on my visualisation board. I’d just forgotten. But when I think back to that board, so much of it has already come out and manifested! 

‘Wow’, I thought then! ‘Manifesting this car has really been Next Level letting go’. For it appeared in my life with a story too bizarre for words. Truly magical and mind blowing! 


So I want to pass this along to you as well: when you set a powerful intention, which is energetically charged you can manifest anything. 


I also recommend downloading the manifestation loop from podcast #147. Your Infinite Manifestation Loop. Keep that picture clear! Very important. I'll put the link in the shownotes at:


For looking back at my own trajectory of transformation, I understand why I can now manifest what I want. 


I have shifted from fear to confidence. 

From head to soul. 


Trusting my own inner knowing. I feel the 'certainty' pulsating through me like a knowledge.


And that's where the biggest shift is.


Usually we manifest what we don't want purely out of fear, which stems from a place of shortage and of scarcity. This then leads to more of the same. Trust me, I've been a champion at it too, for years! Until I started to understand how it really works. (Something I help you understand and clear when you enter my EnergyJoy Mastery Academy.)

This insight is where the key truly lies for your really need to clear out old sh#t (sorry for the word), before your wishes, dreams and goals can manifest. 


It's that simple! And I can and want to help you with doing that, with all my love. 


In fact, I can offer you the fast lane to super quick manifestation. 

But you have to be prepared to go all-in and do the work. 

Because no, unfortunately, it doesn't happen by itself. 


So you have to make that commitment and agreement with yourself. 


For setting energetic intent and then manifesting it is not saying a quick prayer and then sitting on the couch waiting for the universe to manifest. 

I've also tried that and it doesn't work, not as a standalone manifestation technique. 


No, intention setting is a powerful focus on what you really want and wish to receive in your life (‘... this or something better …’), then letting it go and doing the inner & outer work.


You can think of it as going to the gym. 

For you know that you don't simply walk out with a six pack after training 2x. 


You also have to go all-in there: week in, week out taking time, focus and energy.

But at the gym you know that you will feel and maybe even see results after 6-8 weeks.


And so it is with setting your energetic intention too. You too have to give it time!

But unfortunately, after 1 to 2 weeks of actively putting energy into it, we already doubt whether it is for us and whether it is possible. So then we manage to convince ourselves that it doesn't work after all. 


In other words: Then our old programming will take over again and we are back in that vicious cycle. 


My advice: Break through that old pattern of misery that no longer serves you!


A nice example from one of my Master Your Inner-Medium Academy students: 

So I had taught them all a high-end manifestation technique, one that is hugely powerful, but again, you have to do the work - both internally and externally. 


And she did! She succeeded and won her ultimate dream wish!


Her intention and wish was, as a single mother, to take her 2 children to Disneyland. 

She had fully committed her energetic manifestation intention to this and yes, believe it or not: she won the holiday in a contest! 


How fantastic is that! 


And yes, I also wish you your ultimate dream, wish, goal and intention. 


Because playing with energy and feeling the wisdom of the universe flowing through you is phenomenal and magical in my opinion!


So are you ready to also powerfully activate your energetic intentions so that you can manifest what you desire in your life and business? 


Then you can contact me via the shownotes for this podcast, via DM on Insta, Facebook or Linkedin, or book a Soul Connection Call, to get your next steps clear and to see if we are an energetic match. 


I’d love to help you manifest your best year ever. 

Because I can tell you: It feels phenomenal! 


Thank you for listening and thank you for your energy, enthusiasm and love through the airwaves! 


I wish you the best of luck and hope to meet or see you again soon,


Love & x Lisette

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2022© 

Podcast 152. Your Energetic Intention

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