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EnergyJoy typewriter script met High End Succes Medium & High End Frequency Business Coach Lisette Lucas

5th october 2022 


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 140. Money Blocks: Find Out What A Money Block Really Is, How To Spot It & Break It Powerfully + A Break Your Money Block Exercise


A question for you: do you have the feeling that something is blocking, stagnating or even sabotaging you when it comes to money (i.e. a money block)? 


  • Discover in this podcast what a 'money block' really is.


  • So that you can powerfully break through and transform your blocks.


  • And then make the frequency of money work for you, instead of against you! 


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Welcome to Podcast #140!


Who doesn't know the phrase 'Money Makes The World Go Round!'. But is this really so? 


For I always say: 'Energy makes the world go round!'


Because: Everything is energy! Whether or not you consider yourself spiritual … 

It has been scientifically proven. You can't destroy energy, but it can change shape. And this is exactly the most important thing to know! So keep this in mind. 


Now straight to the point: Money is nothing more and nothing less than energy!


So when you are master of your energy and frequency … 

Yes, then you will also be able to master the frequency and energy of money in your life.


And I can hear you thinking: ‘Nice Lisette, sounds simple, but why do so many people have so many problems with that?’ 


Actually it’s very simple: almost all of us run on old software and programming. As humans we all have a powerful database of internal software that we run and live on every day.


And what if there is some energetic programming somewhere in that internal software that shows that money is associated with pain? Your super intelligent system, automatically operating from primal programming, will keep you away from that pain. 

This is because your age-old primal programming is very black and white, with only 1 goal and function: to make sure you survive! It is permanently set to keep you away from pain and to steer you towards apparent pleasure. 


And therein lies the challenge!


Once you associate the energy of pain with money more than the energy of pleasure …  

Then you will always sabotage yourself on a subconscious level away from money.


I myself have been the walking example of this.


I grew up in a very rich, wealthy family. Money in abundance: houses, boats, cars, clothes, jewellery, vacations …  for me it was all the most natural thing in the world. 


Until, as the highly sensitive girl I was, I started to see how family members treated each other when it came to money. But I also saw it in people around us … or more accurately I mainly felt it, the energy of jealousy, hatred, envy. Envy was the energetic frequency that I came to associate with having a lot of money and wealth.


And so it happened that as a little girl I created the belief, on a subconscious energetic level, that having money causes pain.


And remember what I just told you: Your primal programming always steers you away from pain and towards pleasure. So does your programming associate owning a lot of money with pain? Then your subconscious programming will do everything it can to keep you in seemingly safe pleasure. And in this case with money, it’s clear that the safety is only an illusion, as your programming will keep you in scarcity and a shortage of money.


For me money was linked to pain, so what was I going to do once I got my hands on money? Once I made money?

Repurpose it ASAP! I let it change shape, for example by buying clothes, by giving people gifts, by giving it away.


Of course I didn't realise this when it happened. It took years before I finally started investing heavily in myself, after reaching the point of feeling that I had to, something had to change. I had that moment and feeling of: Enough is enough! And then I discovered why my bank balance was so low all the time … 


I was sabotaging myself for fear of pain! And apparently in the pursuit of pleasure …  


Wow …  what a huge and life-changing insight that was!


As it turned out, I had a massive money block on a subconscious level. So I always made sure that, as soon as money came in, I immediately conveniently channelled it out the door. And in doing so I linked the feelings of fun and safety to that. Strange when you think about it isn't it?!

Well maybe not because my wardrobes were always full haha! But then the moment came when I felt: ‘Enough is enough!’ and I fortunately found out what a blockage really is. 


Because when you hear the word blockage: What do you think about?

(Do follow this visualisation as it can provide powerful insights.)

What does your (possible) money block look like? 


For example, I saw a gigantic road congestion in front of me with those signs, fences, red/white, stop signals, red flashing lights. With that 'danger' feeling as if there is an abyss behind it. A threatening sense of danger … 


I’m curious what a blockage in your thoughts and mind looks like.

Take a second for an image to appear. Which picture, image or photo do you see? This is a hugely powerful moment for as soon as you have it clear, you can start transforming it. (As always trust that 1st feeling, whatever comes up straightaway.)


Yes? Okay! Great! So now you know what your block looks like. 

By the way, is this a general block or is this really what your money blockage looks like?


Because when I tune in on my old money block, I saw fences and everything with a money tree behind it … 


Because as a child my mother always said when I really wanted something (despite the wealth we lived in): ‘We don't have a money tree in the garden!’. That’s because my mother hated spoiled children, so don't think I got everything I wanted … quite the opposite in fact. 


So what was said to you in your childhood, your 1st 10 years of life?

How was money talked about?


Take a second to think. 


‘Rich people are stingy.’

‘The money doesn't grow on my back.’

‘You have to work hard for your money.’

‘You have to share otherwise others don't have enough.’

‘Clear your plate, the children in Africa would give anything for that.’ 


Very interesting to have it clear in your mind where you heard these words. 


But back to that block.


So you may or may not see the picture of the block. And if you don't see it, no problem at all. Then we can see if you feel it. So let’s keep going. 


Remember the sentence you just thought of, the one which you heard about money as a child. 

Think about the phrase that came out first. 

Step back into that moment you heard it first. 

Where were you? 

Who was with you? 

And most importantly, how did you feel when money was discussed?


Just feel in and around your body. 

And in the space around your body, in front of you, behind you, next to you, above you and below you: your energy field. 

Money - where do you feel it? 

How does it feel? 

Heavy or light? 

Pressing or expanding? 

Does it feel oppressive or very open? 

Warm or cold? 


Experience what it does to you and your emotions and trust that 1st feeling. 


Because this moment that you are thinking about right now created an imprint - an energetic imprint and residue in your energy field about money.


‘Huh?’, Do I hear you thinking now?, ‘Energetic what?’.


Simply this is how I like to describe it: this imprint created a cloud of energy also called a block. 


But to you what feels heavier: A block or a cloud of energy?

Precisely! A block! 

So I'd rather talk in clouds of energy that we can transform, transmute, clear, and then use light to dissolve them and remove them completely with ease.


Just try it right now: Breathe into the cloud of that somewhat heavier energy, that so-called money block. Feel the heaviness, see the colour, and even if you don't see anything, you can visualise it as a somewhat grey cloud.

And now comes the magic of energy work.


Simply shine a beautiful, powerful beam of magical golden light on that cloud, breathe through, smile and watch the cloud dissolve, disappear, break up and be gone.

Then just feel and look at the place where it was.

Send light and love there.

Very good, how does it feel now?


Do you remember what was there? Oh no? Because it's gone!


Transformed and deleted for good! 


And then feel as if there is a gust of wind that blows everything that has come loose out through the window. Blowing it away to the horizon and you see it disappear and then it is gone … very good. Now it’s completely transformed and removed for good!


And that is how simple you can make energy change shape! 

It’s just one technique from my toolkit that I use to clear blocks.


I'm curious about your experiences! Send yours to me by email or DM me because I always love hearing your breakthroughs!


Of course, you may experience deep-seated, persistent challenges. If this is the case I  advise you to listen to podcast 139. Trauma Reset, where I explain how deep challenges, on both an energetic and subconscious level, can be transformed under my personal 1:1 guidance.


For sadly if you don't remove deep money blocks and other underlying blockages at the core, they will unfortunately continue to crop up. 

Recently in a powerful 1:1 session, a client's money blocks turned out to have nothing to do with money, but with a traumatic experience from her childhood. She could never have imagined the link. But this huge insight has changed everything forever and it powerfully broke through the stubborn block. She had already done so much work on this so it was a massive insight. 


So blocks have to be really powerfully transformed. But good news: there is a solution for everything!


So I help and guide you with all my love in this. Whether it's for yourself and your own personal money blocks and challenges; or because as an entrepreneur in your own business you cannot break through that ceiling of, for example, €5k per month.


I can help you. Because every ceiling needs a new energetic breakthrough: with every financial ceiling, you reach new untouched blocks which didn't even exist before that …  


I remember in the beginning cheering when someone paid me €100 for my work and energy exchange. It felt so much then. But now I've broken a lot of ceilings, done mindset work, energy clearing and now I think it's normal that people pay €10k, €15k and even €20k to work with me. 


And this all has to do with powerful mindset shifts and breaking through blocks. 

And yes, I continue to work on myself on a daily basis, because that is essential!


So do you also want to break through your money blocks and ceilings, privately or in your business? And are you ready for powerful shifting to the next level of impact, income and therefore freedom?!


Then go to the link in the show notes at: to read about the possibilities. 


And …  fun fact: Are you already experiencing resistance to taking action? 

Did it sound good at first but now you are operating in the 'Yes … but …' mode?

Then realise that it’s your money block that wants to keep you seemingly safe away from pain and towards apparent pleasure. 


So ask yourself: 

How much pleasure do I get from my money beliefs in my current situation? 

How much does it really get me? 

Or does delaying breaking through money blocks cost me money? 


I always say: If you don't have the money now to break through blocks, then it is precisely the reason to do it! 

I'm sure: Your future self will thank you! 


Do you feel: ‘Enough is enough!’?

Then I say: Go for huge breakthroughs! Because I am also sure that afterwards you will say: ‘Oh my …  If only I had known this years ago!’


That would have saved me a lot of money! 


Thank you for listening!

I look forward to meeting or seeing you again! 


Love and big hug from me,


X Lisette 


EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2022© 

Podcast 140. Money Blocks 

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