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EnergyJoy typewriter script with High End Succes Medium & High End Frequency Business Coach Lisette Lucas

31st august 2022


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 135. Successful & High-Frequency Entrepreneurship from your Unique SoulPower + Discover My Evolution Bundles


Do you want to: 


  • Learn how to do high-frequency business from your powerful SoulPower (and with a packed, powerful toolkit)? 

  • Become an entrepreneur? 

  • Or perhaps you’re already an entrepreneur but are unable to take really powerful business steps? 


Then this is the podcast for you! 


If you find yourself up against a ceiling you can’t break through, then discover why in this podcast, and how you can transform that! 

So that you can successfully accelerate your business to a high-frequency level from your Soulpower, which then draws your ideal soul aligned clients to you like a magnet.  


(The shownotes for this episode can be found

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Welcome to Podcast #135!


Are you listening to my podcast for the first time today? Welcome! Great to have you here! I always say, coincidence does not exist, so you are definitely going to get something out of this podcast that resonates.


And are you already an EnergyJoy-er? And maybe even podcast binger (haha … yes, I hear this a lot from my listeners): great to have you back!


If the title of the podcast appeals to you, I can tell you: we understand each other perfectly because what I say in the title is what I live! 


I first started by discovering my own unique SoulPower. Once I’d had a taste of that, I couldn't help but propagate it in my own way, through my own High-Frequency Business.


Yes, those are some fancy words: SoulPower, High-Frequency Business.

But actually it is very simple. 


As soon as you are truly in-tune and in alignment with who you really are, only then can you really fully put down here on earth what you are destined to do.


And by destined I mean: Living the plan, living the blueprint, living the Architect's plan of the soul (as Mavis Pittilla says so beautifully). In other words, living that plan as you had mapped it out before you even arrived here on earth as a baby. 


Yes, interesting to think about right?! 


But think of it this way: Your soul goes through lifetimes to evolve, grow and transform. 


You learn something new each time through experience. This is, as it were, stored on the hard disk of your soul and you take that with you. Yes, you take that with you when you pass into the spiritual world. 


So good news: It doesn't matter what you're going through, good or bad, easy or difficult, fun or painful, fair or unfair; you always learn from it on a soul level. You then take that with you as soul wisdom: for good!


And that's why developing yourself, learning from what isn't going well, learning to understand why you act the way you act, discovering why you keep repeating old patterns and can't let go of certain beliefs …  all are so incredibly powerful and never wasted time and energy.


Because no, that energy both in time and also the energy in financial form that you put into it, you take with you forever! Through all possible times, spaces, realities and dimensions out there, you take it with you. No matter how cool a Gucci handbag is, this is so much more valuable! (Although I like both, to be honest. ;-) But take some time to process that and maybe it already feels like truth.


But I also know that some of the things I’m sharing with you now may be a bit next level, different, or eye-opening to what you've assumed to be true until now. 


Believe me, it was ground-breaking for me when I learned of this from the greatest thought leaders in this field. 


But what I personally think is most important, is to go find your own truth in an ocean of truths. Why? Because your soul knows what does or doesn't resonate and what is or isn't right for you. 


And I'm not talking about learned 'truths' from life which are definitely very valuable. But about truths that resonate on a deep level. Truths that when you hear them your body and energy react with goosebumps for example, or you get hit with a certain wave of emotions. For me, if I get goosebumps when someone tells me something or I feel something energetically, I call it a ‘Yes’. It is my soul saying 'Yes' this is right because it resonates. 


And I get this response because it resonates on a deeply inexplicable soul level and not from that fear programming that reacts from shortages and fears. Make sure you feel and acknowledge that distinction otherwise you won't get any further.


‘Okay, Lisette’, you may be thinking now, ‘This all sounds nice … but what does it have to do with Successful & High-Frequency Entrepreneurship?’


Good question I say! I can tell you: Everything!


For it’s only when you are completely in tune with who you really are, from a soul level instead of a learned version of who you think you are, that you can authentically live and propagate your soul mission. 


Only then can you fully step into your SoulPower, embracing your strengths and talents and living your potential. 

Only then can you touch and help and heal people in a way that takes place at the deepest possible level. 


Purely because then you’re working soul to soul, without noise and without filters.


So: Do ​​you want to become an entrepreneur but you don't know exactly how or what?


Or are you already an entrepreneur with your own business but find yourself stuck at a certain level?


Then I say after step 1 of recognising and looking for a solution, it’s important to take action. For action is the only way to change, break old parts and transform them. And that action is literally unravelling your learned self and going back to your soulful self. 


And yes, the unravelling may sound a bit counter productive haha …  but unravelling is what you do to get back to the core. By unravelling what you’ve learned, you are actually untangling old wiring that no longer serves you, transforming it and where necessary even removing it from your system for good. Then you can fully step into your SoulPower. 


So that all you experience naturally starts from a clear knowledge of what you are destined to do. Then you literally become 'unstoppable'! You become the most powerful version of yourself: Literally a Soul on Fire!


Your fire is fuelled in the most natural way and you will feel liberated and free. 

Free to propagate your unique message from within your Soulful self.


Exactly like I do but in your own unique way like no one else can!


When you step into that power! Oh my! Your soul's evolution and growth through helping, guiding and supporting other people, will naturally accelerate your growth and their growth. 


How fantastic is that!


By now you’ve probably gathered that I can help, guide, support, coach and mentor you with this, because I have experienced it myself. And yes, that development and evolution continues for a lifetime and that is wonderful!


Speaking of development and evolution, I literally got the information for this episode as a spiritual download, as part of my own development. This is my next step in development in my business and evolution at soul level. 


And I am very grateful and happy that I can now assist you with 2 special bundles from my soul power & high-frequency & business skills. Those bundles suddenly came through as downloads, with the knowledge that I could and indeed have to offer my services in this way.  


2 Bundles that literally join forces, but come separately because they are for 2 different groups, so see which group you belong to:  


Bundle 1 is for the potential and starting entrepreneur who wants to get completely in tune with their SoulPower. Then, with a valuable toolkit in their pocket, to be able to do business at a high-frequency level.


Or bundle 2, maybe this is you:


Bundle 2 is for the already established entrepreneur who wants to finally break the ceiling of success and income for good. And who wants to learn powerful tools, then master them in order to be able to do business completely in-tune with their SoulPower at a high-frequency level.


Does this appeal to you? Then it’s important to know: You can start one part of the bundle (both bundle 1 and 2) immediately, but the 2nd part only starts twice a year. 


Good to know, especially if your soul is now making that dance of joy with goosebumps saying 'Yes', or however you feel yourself resonating. 


So if you are interested, send me a DM or email directly with the word: BUNDLE and let me know if you are a starter or already have your own business. 


Then we will connect via DM or email to discuss the possibilities and what suits you right now.


I will also post the links and information about this in the Shownotes at:


Then you can view it at your leisure.


I can't wait to see you awaken or continue to grow and develop. So that you too can propagate success and be fully in tune with your unique SoulPower at a high-frequency level! 

So does it feel good, does it resonate? Then say YES! And consider the Evolution Bundle for Ultimate Soul Evolution & Unlimited Business Success! 


I’ll speak and look forward to seeing you soon!


Big hug and thanks for listening, thanks for your time, thanks for your energy!


And oh, do you know someone who would really benefit from this? Please share it, this can be life changing! 


Love Lisette

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2022© 

Podcast 135. Successful & High-Frequency Entrepreneurship From Your Unique SoulPower

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