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20th july 2022


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 129. Consistency: How Consistency Is 1 Of The Most Important Key Ingredients For Ultimate High-Frequency Success In Your Life And Business + Download My Commitment Contract For Free


Do you recognise in yourself that you want to achieve so much, but in the end usually nothing comes of it? 


  • In this podcast discover the key to breaking this pattern.


  • So that you can distinguish yourself powerfully and make the switch from saying to doing.


  • All from powerful consistency that will transform your life and business forever.


(The shownotes for this episode can be found at:

Note: It’s here that you can also download the free Commitment Contract for this episode.


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Welcome to Podcast #129!


'Most people talk about what they want to do …  but don't do anything', said Tony Robbins. 


Have you seen this in yourself or in someone else? 


It’s something I can talk about myself and the best example can be seen in what you’re listening to right now: my podcast. 


I remember well that, after having my own EnergyJoy practice for a few years, I was looking for a way to transfer my knowledge and insights to a wider audience. 


So I went looking. In my search I looked at big names in America and how they did it. And that's how I ended up with podcasts in 2019. 


I dug deeper and looked into how podcasts work. They weren’t particularly trendy or popular in the Netherlands at the time, but my gut said it was the right time to start one myself.  


And so it happened that in January 2020 I launched my very first Shift to EnergyJoy and Beyond Podcast …  oh my, that was exciting. Even though I already did public work for halls and groups this was very different. Why? Because I was putting myself out there for everyone to now listen anonymously and form their own opinions … and well, working as a professional medium, I thought it quite a thing to broadcast myself in this way.  


Add on top of that the fact I’ve always been quite shy in public and prefer to let others do the talking. I have always taken a step back to observe and listen, so this was a huge challenge. But I felt such a deep longing from the heart and soul level that, fuelled by this longing, I overcame all my fears and took action. 


Well actually before starting, I had given myself 1 rule based on what I learned during my research: even though anyone can make a podcast, you will only make a difference if you consistently launch a podcast on at least a weekly basis for a minimum of 2 years.

With this on my mind I made a commitment with myself. That commitment was as follows: I'm going to launch 1 podcast every week on a Wednesday for 2 years. No matter what! Whether facing sickness, feeling tired or having difficult situations emerging … none of it mattered for there are no excuses - that podcast is coming! 


I gave myself an internal handshake and went for it. This was my Commitment Contract with myself. 


And yes, I can now say at podcast #129 (of which I’m quite proud if I may be honest ;-), I have fulfilled the commitment to myself. I've been launching my podcast every week for over 2.5 years. Whether I was tired or ill with a sore throat or a fever, or dealing with my daughter’s moped accident, or even processing my husband’s diagnosis of kidney cancer …  times like this when I sometimes felt my world collapsing beneath me … even so, that podcast came out! 


Why? Because I had made the commitment with myself to: be consistent. So I was. 


‘And why are you sharing this Lisette?’, you may be wondering now. 

Because this is the key ingredient for ultimate, next level success!


As an entrepreneur or entrepreneur in the making, you can write a blog post once, post a reel on social media twice or record a video three times. But honestly, that's not going to make a difference - no matter how beautiful or powerful it is.


I think the best proof I can give of the power of consistency can be seen in the new group of students from my Master Your Inner-Medium Academy. 

When a new group starts, we always do a short introduction round of who you are, where you come from, what you expect from the training and of course: how did you end up choosing to work with me and what made you decide to take action. 


My own jaw dropped in amazement when in answer to the final questions of how they found me and what persuaded them to work with me, I heard out of the mouth of every one of them: Your Podcast. And not even really specifically the content, which of course helps. But the (yes, note): The consistency! The regularity of every week, week after week, had been noted and had given confidence and a reason to take action. 


This made my heart skip with joy and gratitude. I was so grateful that I made that commitment to myself at the time. That Commitment Contract I signed myself into which gave me the 'no excuses' mindset. 


This is the power and the secret of consistency.


It's not about what you say, it's about what you do. Your actions will help people to trust you. Then they will dare to open up as they feel safe and can continue to grow and develop under your wings. 


So here's the key: Don't say it, do it! Take action, make the commitment with yourself to take consistent steps. No matter what! No excuses.

Exactly as I did in January 2020 and still do to this day. 


Because (and this is so important, so write it down somewhere if you need): 

Consistency + Action + Faith are the ingredients for success! 

And where will it take you? Definitely beyond the standard average who usually give up after a few tries and say it doesn't work. Telling themselves it’s not worth it because either no one is responding or …  nah, this isn't my thing. 


Hearing this, do you think the greatest on earth had success land in their laps? 

I can tell you from the stories I've all heard out of their mouths: No! Absolutely not!

So what did they do? 

They've taken consistent action year after year and don't know the word failure. If they fail, they learn from their mistakes, pick themselves up, adjust the course and keep going. With the same drive, with the same passion, with the same commitment and with the same consistency.


This is what I wanted to pass on to you because it’s so very important! I learned so much from this realisation and am still learning from it. So I want to invite you now to make the choice today. The choice that can change and transform your life: forever!


Just like I made the choice in January 2020 to make and launch 1 podcast consistently once a week for at least 2 years. 

Now that benchmark has been passed and it has been the best choice ever for my business and my life!

My business has grown enormously since then. And I can do all that I do now because of that one step then, that one choice to consistently deliver value. 

Now, speaking from the high-frequency business coach part of myself, I can say that a business choice of making a ‘no excuses commitment’ is hugely powerful! 


So finally some questions for you: 

What commitment will you make with yourself?

What daily or weekly step will you take consistently for 1 or 2 years? 


Make 1 choice in 1 area. 

Don't make it too difficult for yourself, you want to be able to carry it out.  

And more importantly, don't just think of doing it. Grab your calendar now and plan it directly into your agenda. 


My Wednesdays are podcast Wednesdays. Nothing and no one interferes with that because that day is sacred to me! Sacred because I want to deliver my content and super valuable information to you, so that you too can move forward and take those steps and take action!


To give this commitment extra power, I made a Commitment contract for you. 

You can download it for free via the show notes at:


Download it, print it out, fill it in, take a picture and send it to me via DM or 

This is your contract and commitment to yourself! 

I would love to hear and see what steps you are going to take in your life and business.


Do you need help, support and high-frequency business coaching? Then share the biggest challenge that you are currently struggling with in your life and/or your business via a DM. Then together we can look at an energetically appropriate solution so that you can move forward with strength to do what you are destined to do!


Thank you for listening. 

DM me your Commitment Contract (see it as the big stick leading to the carrot). 

I look forward to seeing them!


Thank you again and great that you are going to take strong action, I look forward to the success stories!


Love and big hug from me,


X Lisette

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2022© 

Podcast 129. Consistency

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