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13th july 2022


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 128. High-End Coaching For High-Level Impact, Income and Freedom. How 1 Email Instantly Made Me €12K + Free Download Of My €12K Email Template


As an empathetic entrepreneur you deliver a lot of value, time and energy, you literally change lives. But …  what does it really give you?


If you’ve been pondering this question then in this podcast you will: 


  • See how as a coach, therapist & energetic entrepreneur you can finally make a real difference.


  • Discover how 1 email immediately brought me €12K, when the programme I was talking about hadn’t been created yet! 


  • Learn my most powerful life (and business) changing insight. 


  • So that you, as an ambitious, empathetic entrepreneur, can finally really receive the financial energy exchange that you so, so deserve! 


(The shownotes for this episode can be found at:

Through this link you can download my free €12K email template.


  • Download my free Lisette Lucas app for iOS and Android to find all my free resources in one place. 


Welcome to Podcast #128!


Are you an ambitious, empathetic entrepreneur or entrepreneur in the making?

Or perhaps you know an entrepreneur who possesses power qualities and who you would like to help?  

Then this podcast is definitely for you!


What I am sharing today has not only massively shifted my business and life, but also that of my clients who follow these proven steps as well.


So, how did it all start for me? 

I was at a point in my business as a success medium and intuitive transformation therapist that, partly due to private circumstances at home, I had to change something.


Yes, 1:1 sessions and training beautiful, intuitive development groups I do with all my love and pleasure. Yet the financial energy exchange that came with it was not really great. In other words, it didn't really leave much space at the end of the month. 


That is until I followed my intuition and took a step that was really super exciting. I have always followed and trained with the best coaches, teachers and mentors in the world. And I always watched how they did it. I mean, why reinvent the wheel when they've already more than sufficiently proven that their methods and strategies work, meaning you can model their methods. In other words, apply a certain 'outline' and set-up of a programme or trajectory in your own business. It’s a smart thing to do because it saves you a lot of time and energy. 


And so I came across a trajectory that set me, say: 'On Fire'. I literally turned 'ON' with it. My intuitive High-Frequency Business Coach alarm bells went off internally like bubbly champagne. You know that happy feeling you get of: ‘Yes, this is it!’ 

I went bouncing around the house just thinking: ‘This is it! I want this too!’ It felt so strongly like this inside.  


There was only 1 but … and that was: the investment. It was so high that I didn't even dare to share it at home, for they’d think I was crazy and absolutely wouldn’t understand. So I kept it to myself for a while. 

The trajectory I had my eye on was very high-end coaching and high-end stands for high investment and huge value! In other words: the absolute top of the market and there is nothing better than it out there! 

So take this tip right away: Want the best for yourself and for your business? Then choose high-end!


And yes, with trembling knees but trusting my inner knowing I got in. I got into the high-end programme.


I can tell you now: it was the best choice ever!


I learned so much in a community of beautiful strong business power women. I immediately felt like a fish in water. Surrounded by ladies who have the most amazing impact on their clients and training groups and who, in my opinion, turned out huge turnovers at the time. I mean, I loved 5 figure sales in 1 month. But they easily did 25K, 50K, 100K and even more than 1 million in 1 month … 


‘Wow’, I thought, ‘I have to learn this too’. Because if you apply and master this, the knife clearly cuts both ways. You deliver a lot of value in a way that is proven and works and you receive a wonderful energy exchange in return.


And that’s how it went because I know: If you want to take your business to the next level, you must first show yourself that you have the 'business balls' to invest in yourself. Only then can you teach it to someone else, once you have taken that leap yourself first. 


Well, of course I thought it was super exciting. But living in the pragmatic Netherlands with an audience of mainly Dutch and Belgian clients, I initially had reservations about the success of such a business scheme. But of course, being a hypnotherapist, I know that was a limiting belief so I immediately brushed it aside. I thought: ‘Come on, don't mess around’. And I just kept going.

I wrote my 1st email to my mailing list with the knowledge, tips and insights I had learned in the high-end group coaching process. 


I still remember writing it like it was yesterday: I was sat on the edge of the bathtub in my bathroom on a Friday morning. I had a busy schedule of teaching my Master Your Inner-Medium students both live and online all day. But that email had to come out, even if my hair was still wet and waiting for a blow dry. The words just bubbled up inside … very exciting! 


So I typed it up on my laptop and clicked Send with my heart pounding in my throat.

Then I rushed off to quickly blow-dry my hair, put on some make-up and pack my bags into the car ready for a day of teaching from my practice room. 


At the end of the day I checked my emails and saw all super enthusiastic responses.

But because it is a super exclusive programme, I was strict in my selection of students. It is not for everyone and I am clear about that too. You really have to want to go 'all-in'. You really have to feel that you want to take your life and business to the next level. Making the next level of impact, receiving income and creating freedom for yourself and family. 


How does that feel to you? To start operating from that EnergyJoy vibe and frequency?

If it’s not resonating then it’s a waste of your time, money and energy and also mine. Fair is fair.


And it so happened that before I had finished, or even made or recorded anything for my programme - the 1st client said ‘Yes!’. She signed the digital group coaching agreement and she stepped in. 

I was over the moon and so was she! We were totally in a state of bliss because her energy and mine are a perfect match, which felt so good!

I was also so grateful because my intuition had shown me the right way. Beyond fear, beyond procrastination and beyond limiting beliefs!


And so it happened that 1 email written while sitting on the edge of my bath, earned me €12,000. (By the way, you can download this €12k email template for free from my Shownotes at:


It was then I knew for sure: this is the road that will not only help my clients to have a lot of impact, income and freedom, but also me. 

Plus a lot of EnergyJoy! 

Because you start to operate 'At the Top of your Game'. 

You are completely in your high-energy, high-frequency zone and you deliver high-value! And that feels phenomenal!


All of this has moved so much for me, my business and my clients. 

And I'm sure you now feel it too whether this is for you or not! This can also be your power step to scale up your business to the Next Level!


I have proven that it is possible and super easy, with 1 email, without an energy consuming launch! And not insignificantly: without stress!

My high-end programme gives me the most results while requiring the least time and energy. Sounds unbelievable but it's true!


It works this way because my clients on this programme are power women who can set things in motion independently, with the right coaching. And that is absolutely so fantastic to experience. 


Which is why I’d like to give this to you too! 

Are you that empathetic entrepreneur who wants to make more impact using your own high-end programme? Do you want to offer your programme to clients even before you have anything ready? Really it is possible!


Then this is for you!

I can help and coach you with love from proven strategies so that you can also take the right steps. So that you too can start your high-end group coaching programme and trajectory with ease. 

I have proven: you can earn back the investment in yourself within 1 month. And so can you!


Do you feel a 'Yes! Heck yes! This is for me!’?

Then DM me or make an appointment directly for a Soul Connection call via the link in the show notes. And together we can look if we are the right success match. 

I can't wait to guide you to your Next Level of Impact, Income and Freedom, so that you too can create your high-end group coaching framework with which you can finally give your clients and yourself that freedom and EnergyJoy that they and especially you deserve!

Go to the show notes at: to download my '€12K email Template' for free and to book a no-obligation Soul Connection Call. Then together we can see, feel and experience whether we are the right match. 

If we are, I will explain to you how you can also attract your high-end clients from a high-frequency which will quickly turn you magnetic! 

I look forward to it! 

The world needs you to make an impact, I now call on you to make a powerful choice in your leadership power for yourself, your business and everyone you may serve from that power!

Go for it!

I look forward to seeing and speaking to you soon!

Thanks for listening, and maybe this isn’t for you (or not yet anyway)?

Then please forward it to those in whom you see and feel the potential to grow, develop and do business at a high-end level. You can be their saviour. Trust the power of synchronicity, you are not listening to this by accident. 

I am deeply grateful to you for listening, for your time and for contributing to shifting the collective Energy to EnergyJoy and beyond! 

Together we are strong! 

Love x Lisette

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2022© 

Podcast 128. High-End Coaching

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