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11th may 2022 


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 119. Soul Evolution, The 3 Crucial Ingredients That Accelerate Your Awakening To Powerfully Propagating Your Unique Message. 


Do you feel that you are destined to do more in this life and are looking for what this could be, yet you still don’t know how to find out? 


  • In this podcast you will discover 3 crucial ingredients you can immediately add to your life to help you on this journey.


  • These ingredients instantly and powerfully accelerate you to your path of authentic soul evolution.


  • So that you can communicate your unique message directly and with ease. 


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Welcome to Podcast #119!


Geez, 119 again. Unbelievable how my podcast evolves and grows. 


It brings me straight to a moment of reflection on my path and soul evolution so far. 


So looking back, I'm actually wondering:

How did I even get here? 

How did I come to propagate and share something with the world that didn't even exist in the world I grew up in?


And when I started thinking about it, it actually became very clear to me. 

To break it down very simply I can say: There were 3 crucial ingredients along the way that led me to this point which I’m now going to share with you. 


The 1st ingredient was: I felt an inexplicable need to develop. I had a kind of hunger, a craving for more. I had no idea what that 'more' was and it wasn't until later that I understood it was my internal Soul Pull (as I call it now). But this was definitely a crucial ingredient. Quite logical too, because if you don't feel a curiosity, a deep desire to change … well, then there is a good chance that you will stay exactly where you are now. Then you stagnate and stand still. You don't go forward, you don't go backwards, simply nothing happens.

But good news: You are listening to this now so this 1st ingredient is present within you. So that's great … I mean, you could have Netflix on right now, right? But something in you has chosen to listen to this podcast. Well I can tell you that something is: your Soul Pull, that pull of your soul. 


And thinking back, I found out that there was another crucial ingredient. 


And that 2nd ingredient was: having the willingness to take on anything that you know you carry inside, which contributes to the trajectory of your soul's evolution and growth. Which ultimately allows you to carry your unique message to the world. 


And in summary I call this the willingness to:

  • Let go of old pieces

  • To transform

  • To go within

  • To accept 

  • Work intensively on your mindset so that you can leave old patterns and outdated beliefs behind for good.



Ingredient 1: 

A Soul-Pull: That pull which brought you here. 


Ingredient 2:

Transformation & Mindset

Are you binging my podcast? Well then you know that ingredient 2 is also present for that need is there. And that is super important and super powerful!


Then we come to the last 3rd essential ingredient.

Ingredient 3:

This is something that every great master can relate to. Every celebrity, every successful person has someone who coaches and mentors them.

And yes, I am also coached and mentored on a weekly basis. I feel my soul needs this to unfold its powerful potential. 

Plus, (and very important to remember!) there is one thing that everyone in the world has the same amount of: Time. Everyone has an equal amount of time to let his or her soul potential unfold, to evolve through life and get the best out of it. Time is actually priceless! So that's why coaching and mentoring is so essential because it brings you huge time savings. By investing in it you are not only investing in yourself, but also in time!

You use proven systems, strategies and techniques that will put you on your powerful path of soul evolution in no time, like stepping into a time machine. 


Take, for example, one of my own students from my mentoring and coaching programme: The Elite Shift Mastermind. She came onboard with the goal to shift her business to a higher level of impact and income in 6 months. She took this step forward, took action and went All-In. Making the wonderful investment of committing to herself and her soul, by saying: ‘Yes, I respect myself and my Soul Pull and I’m ready to take strong action.’ 

And yes, within 1 month she has achieved what she hoped to convert after 6 months. A huge turnover receiving more financial energy exchange while taking less time!

Plus she works with a group of students who are her absolute ideal Soul clients. In other words: super motivated, ambitious and who also feel that drive exactly as she experiences it herself. 

That energy and ingredients have combined in an absolutely unlimited Success combination. When you put that together, you're 'On Fire'!


An absolutely fantastic proof that by following and applying the simple, but crucial, 3 ingredients, you can instantly accelerate yourself incredibly quickly to your ultimate path of soul evolution. 


So now it's up to you. 

Are you ready to follow your soul pull?

Are you ready to transform and make powerful mindset shifts?

Are you ready to step into your soul potential? 

Are you ready to invest in yourself as a commitment to your soul?

Are you ready to be coached and mentored so that you can accelerate to the next level of impact, income and joy? Stepping into the time machine that will take you there super quickly!  

Are you ready to finally do what you were destined to do?


Do you feel a ‘Yes!’ while listening to this podcast?

A big: ‘Heck Yes! That's me!’

Awesome! Congratulations!

Because then we are on the same energetic frequency! 

Grab this energetic momentum and take immediate action to set it in motion. You now know: Time is precious and scarce, so choose a trajectory that bridges a gigantic 'time gap'. A bridge between where you are now and where you may be based on your soul evolution and potential. 


Does this feel good? 

In the show notes at: you will find the link for making a Soul Connection call. Then we can look further together at what the right steps are for your evolution and mission.


And just to be clear (which is very important) because we're not here to waste each other's time. That would be a real shame, right? 

So let's be honest and straight to the point.

This is not for you if: 

  • You're fine with where you are now. 

  • You don't need powerful success and life-changing coaching and mentoring. 

  • You don't want to activate and live your ultimate soul potential.

  • You don't feel the need to make an impact and leave a legacy behind.

  • You don't need to shift to your next level of income. 


Very simple, you either feel it or you don't. It's a simple Yes or No. Whatever your choice is, it's totally okay. As long as you have it clear to yourself. 


Perhaps you’re in a bit of a grey area and have a doubtful feeling? 

Then ask yourself on a soul level why you are listening to this podcast now!

Is it because of:

  • Curiosity

  • Some inexplicable desire

  • A certain need for growth in an area that you don't even know how or what yet, 

  • A need for change

  • A search for a breakthrough … 


Well, anyway if you feel something like this, then know that you've come to the right place. 


I hope to meet you super enthusiastic people with the All-In energy via a Zoom Soul connection call. 


There is nothing more wonderful than meeting like-minded empathetic, ambitious, beautiful soul-aligned souls on a mission.


Again: 'The Soul Knows'. 

Trust this inner knowing! 

The world needs your unique soul power wisdom! Only you can do what you do, no-one else! Embrace it, 'Own it' and wear it out! Give your beautiful path of soul evolution that golden edge it deserves!


I’d love to see you very soon and yes, thank you for your time!

Big hug and see you soon!

X Lisette

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2022© 

Podcast 119. Soul Evolution

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