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15th april 2020


Lisette Lucas


Welcome to podcast #11! HSP: from a burden to a talent.


This podcast is very personal, which I’ll talk more about soon. 


First, I will tell you what you will learn in this podcast:


  • Just how many people are highly sensitive

  • What the scientific characteristic of high sensitivity is

  • The gift of highly sensitive people

  • The biggest pitfall for HSPs 

  • How to transform the burden of your sensitivity into happiness, success and your life mission!


You will also receive my HSP Cheat Sheet with no less than 24 tools and tips for instant transformation. 


(All of the links mentioned in this episode can be found in the shownotes, the link to which is at the end).


This podcast is very personal because years ago I found out, totally by accident, that my shy behaviour turned out not to be a natural reticence, but actually the result of being highly sensitive. 


HSP stands for: highly sensitive person.

I knew that my oldest son was HSP before I knew that I was too, and this discovery really opened up a whole world for me. 


When I was growing up I found my sensitivity very difficult. It got in my way and that sensitivity made me very particular. For example, I could not tolerate woollen clothes against my skin at all. The so-called itchy jumper was a no go. And, oh woe, if I had the wrong bed sheet on my bed, it meant I wouldn’t sleep a wink. In addition, I was (and am) very sensitive to loud noises and strong smells. I also had difficulty with large numbers of people together. Was a perfectionist to the point that I blocked. And was very sensitive to energies and everything that the non-HSP didn't perceive, but I did. But on the other hand I have always had an eye for detail and been very creative. 


Over the years I have found that I am by no means alone. About 1 in 5 people are highly sensitive, in other words, around 15% to 20% of the population. 


In the 1990s, the American psychologist Elaine Aron came up with the name HSP and researched it. Since then scientific research has been carried out by the Belgian Professor Elke van Hoof. 


This scientific research has demonstrated the most important and essential characteristic of high sensitivity: in-depth processing.


What does this mean? 


Everyone processes and filters information in the brain. The difference is that an HSP, actually does not have an information processing filter. As a result everything is received at the same time, instead of receiving it in doses. As an HSP you receive a lot of information all at once. Therefore it can cause overstimulation and an (over) sensitive response to the overstimulation. 


In scientific studies and MRI scans, they have therefore discovered that in highly sensitive people the brains light up more in certain studies than in non-HSPs. That flashing part is proof of in-depth processing of information. 


Professor van Hoof also clearly explains that high sensitivity and being an HSP are not the same. 

I have to admit that I confused this myself for a long time. I want to share it with you as there is not only an interesting difference but this insight gives more clarity to the two concepts. 


High sensitivity is a personality characteristic: as a person you have the characteristic that you can absorb a lot of information from the environment and you can also process this. 


But being an HSP is about the emotional reaction that you can have because of the overstimulation to all that information that you receive.


And this is the main point, it’s something I work on every day. At the core it’s indicating your limits or even better, feeling, knowing and acknowledging your limits in time so that you do not have to indicate them. So ensure that you keep the influx of information within your personal boundaries. The amount you know you can handle at a sensitivity & information processing level. 


If you go beyond your limits, you become over-stimulated and the logical consequence is an emotional reaction to that deluge of information. 


The gift of people who are highly sensitive is precisely that in-depth data processing. If you are sensitive, you can receive more in-depth information; and if you understand what your limits are and learn to deal with them well your talents can unfold (the HSP cheat sheet tools can help with this). Then you’ll see how many talents you truly have, and believe me, there are many!


I remember years ago I had a consultation with a medium. At one point it was about my talents, something I was not sure of myself. But this individual saw a range of talents and possibilities. I was like wow… how cool is that. Now I know that this is also typically a HSP trait: that you have so many facets, so many powers and so many possibilities. There, years ago, during that consultation, my eyes were opened and gave me the self-belief I lacked. I hope this podcast will open your eyes when you hear it too! You see, you too have a range of possibilities, strengths and talents. The fact that you are listening to this says enough. In any case, your intuition is on and knows what is good for you. 


Nevertheless, if you are highly sensitive yourself, then you know that you are already receiving information without anyone having to say anything. Your nervous system picks up on it very quickly, sends it to your brain and before you know it you can already know how someone is feeling. Without them saying anything. Even if they say: “I'm fine”, you know very well through your own sensory feelers what is really going on. Meaning you immediately sympathise with them and try to take over the burden. You become involved, emotionally vicarious, as if you yourself are in their shoes.  


Then we can fall into a trap. If you cannot recognise the reactions properly, then being HSP is a burden, it can hinder you in your daily activities. Perhaps even leading to a gamut of negative symptoms such as: stress, exhaustion, becoming overstimulated, fearful, melancholic, depressed or even a burnout. 


The biggest pitfall of the HSP-er is as mentioned already: not setting limits in time and not feeling what these limits are. 


In addition, it is very difficult, especially if you are sensitive to stand up for yourself. Precisely because you already feel in advance what that does to the other.  You want to prevent this, because you want the best for everyone. 


It may also be that when someone says something, you take it very personally, even if it was not intended as such by the other person. After all, you receive the comment without a filter, all at once, so that 'somewhat painful information' really hits you hard. And you can be upset for hours… at least, that's my personal experience haha. The like-minded blend tip is about this in the HSP cheat sheet. 


If you want to make the most of your HSP sensitivity, it is essential that you realise that being HSP is an absolute force for good.


I remember creating my website, many years ago, when suddenly a sentence popped up as a kind of quote. That's how I still have it on my site because that's how it still feels. And it touches me every time I read it back. My quote: “Being able to help and support someone else thanks to my sensitivity, if you had told me years ago ..... No, I would not have believed you. Once a burden, now a blessing”!


I am also so deeply grateful for following my heart, that I decided to do what felt right for me. Instead of listening to others who prefer to see me following the usual 'socially acceptable' routes. 


In my view, life is not about who you are, but about what you do, what you do for someone else, what you contribute to the world. 


From a Soul's perspective that resonates very deeply. Do you know that feeling? That has to do with a deep knowledge. We can all feel and experience that. It’s because if you are on the right track, you will feel it on a deep level. 


Whether you are very successful or are going through very deep troughs, all steps contribute to your personal, intuitive and spiritual development, growth and transformation.


Are you an HSP yourself and want to transform yourself immediately? Then my energetic tools can assist you. Especially for this podcast I have made a ‘Develop & Transform HSP Cheat Sheet’ with 24 tips & tools that you can get started with right away. I have personally compiled it from my own HSP experience. Meaning it is very personalised and absolutely not the common information that you come across everywhere. My approach is more from an energetic perspective. These are tips, tricks and methods that have helped me and I am happy to share them with you. That’s because as every HSP person knows and feels: helping someone else always comes first. 


The cheat sheet is also interactive, for example, you will discover the KIP tip: KIP standing for: Knowledge is Power; and the link to my book list with favourite HSP books. Also, via the FEB tool (from the cheat sheet), you will find a video with a powerful energy tool that I personally demonstrate. FEB stands for: Future Energy Ball and with that you can determine your own energy & feeling for the future. I'll show you how it works in the video, so that you can immediately start using it and can fully understand having seen it visually. 


Are you highly sensitive yourself or do you suspect that this is what is holding you back and / or blocking you? Then immerse yourself in HSP information. Get a feel for what works best for you. I have a lot of free downloads that you can get started right away. Podcast #10's free mini-course of clairvoyance can also be a perfect addition for you to learn how energy works and how it affects you.


If you don't know what HSP does to you, life can be tough. I hope I have been able to give you enough food for thought today. Don't do everything at once, focus on one aspect per day, on solely one discipline and then the rest will follow. Build it up step by step, then anything is possible!


I want to thank you very much for listening, click the link to this podcast now or go straight to  and request the HSP cheat sheet. Check out the additional information and free wealth of downloads. 


If you have any questions, please send an email to and I will be happy to help you. 


Remember, you are never alone! If you feel like you are, then please drop me a line by email. I like to be a listening ear. Together we are strong: with each other, for each other! 


From sensitive to success!

From sensitive to happiness!

From last to life mission!

All rights reserved © 2020 EnergyJoy

HSP: from a burden to a talent

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