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2nd march 2022


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 109. High Frequency Manifesting: How To Shift Your Manifestation Power Instantly + Download Free Manifestation Chart Using My HF Bliss System©


Is this recognisable: You try to manifest but somehow you keep falling into old patterns that make it impossible?


  • Discover in this podcast how 'The Golden Line©' can save your manifestation


  • Once you understand this principle, you’ll know how to shift your frequency


  • Then you can step into your High Frequency manifestation power & bliss with ease! 


(The shownotes for this episode can be found at:


Plus, download my free Lisette Lucas app for iOS & Android for all my free downloads, tools, tips, meditations & the EnergyJoy Mastery Academy. Here you can also immediately download the free manifestation chart that you receive as a gift with this podcast.


Welcome to Podcast #109!


It’s great to have you here because this is literally a podcast with a golden edge!


You’ve probably heard of that hip sentence of: 'You can learn to manifest.' 


It sounds great, but somehow you don't quite believe it. Maybe because sometimes it works, but in some areas it doesn't.


Good news: Today I'm going to give you the secret and a golden tool. 


The tool is my HF Bliss Manifestation Chart®


‘Okay’, I hear you thinking. ‘Sounds nice, but what is it?’

Good question! I'm going to explain it to you.


As a success medium, intuitive transformation therapist, high frequency business coach & mentor I can now say that through my work, I’m an energy master.


Despite that, of course, I also learn something new every day. But I have cracked the code to step into the frequency of manifestation and stay there.


Haha …  yes, do I have your attention? For yes, you heard right: I have cracked the code. And yes, as I said. That code is gold!


Curious? Do you want to know my secret?

In the show notes at: you can find the link to my app, where you can download the associated system and the clear chart, completely free of charge. 

But, my secret and discovery is: THE GOLDEN LINE©!


Sounds cool too, don't you think?


So let’s explain what it is.  


The Golden Line is an: Energetic Frequency.


As soon as you master staying above that golden line, i.e. above the frequency linked to the golden line, you will turn into a golden manifestation machine!


Yes, I dare say that out loud. 


But I also believe that at least 80% of the population is below The Golden Line with his or her frequency.


In other words: only 20% of the population consciously, or unconsciously, masters The Golden Line principle.


And 'The Golden Line Principle©' is really my principle. For it’s how I conceived it, felt it saw it and how I gave it this name. To me that’s how it feels: like a golden energetic line. 


As you know by now if you listen to my podcasts more often: everything is energy. It’s a scientifically proven fact. 


We as humans are also a pure mass of energetic particles, particles which vibrate at the frequency which gives us the form of a physical body. With this body we perceive each other, but even more, this way we can feel each other. For although you perceive an apparently physical body, you actually feel a beautiful mass of dancing and vibrating energy particles moving in space. 


This is how if you have 2 smiling people in front of you, you can feel that the mass of dancing energy particles move more happily and more powerfully in one than the other.


Think about it, or experience it for yourself. You feel in everyone a difference to your own energy field compared to that of another person.


You feel: resistance, neutral or attraction and everything in between.


We are so used to this that we no longer even consciously register it. But oh my …  you should know what frequencies you are processing all day long.


And yes, from this concept you will also understand that low frequencies can affect higher frequencies. And vice versa of course.


Do you know someone who has a fantastic, fine, loving, powerful energy?

Think about if you're having a bad day and feel a little lower in energy than usual. But then you see, hear or think of that person. Sit and feel: what does that moment immediately do to your energy? 


Yes, it lifts and shifts your energy.


How did that happen? Simply through energy exchange and thought.


But also because that high-vibe person, the one with that high frequency energy can pull you up on one of those low days. They can pull you from below The Golden Line to The Golden Line or maybe even higher so that you cross it.


And yes, then you will feel great! Immediately able to emotionally handle everything when you’re at that higher frequency. You’ll feel more yourself again. Sometimes it lasts a few days that you are in that bliss state, sometimes it lasts a few hours and then what happens … 


Then your energy and frequency drops back to your frequency house. 


‘Frequency house? What is that?’ I hear you thinking now.


Your frequency house is the energy wavelength where you live the most. I call it your energetic frequency house.


And just like in a real house, your thermostat is set to a certain position, the one you are used to, most comfortable with. Are you comfortable at 19 degrees? Is that your position, your state, your frequency? Then it feels nice to go to 25 degrees. Maybe you go on holiday, to a warmer country, to 25 degrees or maybe 30 degrees. But at some point you will notice that you will long for your frequency house with the associated temperature of 19 degrees.


So you can shift the frequency with the help of circumstances. But you will always relapse or perhaps (un)consciously long for your frequency house that you are used to.


And that's why change is so difficult. That's why manifesting can be so difficult. Because you know how to shift your frequency and energy above The Golden Line. But just before the breakthrough takes place, from energy form to physical form of manifesting, which often takes at least 6-8 weeks: then it will happen. Often in that period you drop back to that old thermostat position, to your old frequency house. And no, nothing will change!


Well, nothing? Yes, not unless you are moving! And I don’t mean physically moving. (Although that is also possible.) No packing boxes are required, because I mean moving your energetic frequency to a higher energy level above The Golden Line.


And now I hear you think: ‘So how do I measure my energetic frequency?’ 

‘How do I know where I am and whether I have moved?’


To which I’ll say: Good question and thoughts!


It’s very simple. 

Energetic frequencies are linked to emotions.

So your emotions and their associated feelings, thoughts and images in your head, reveal in which frequency house you live. Or maybe live temporarily at some points. 


Are you clear with where your frequency resides most and you’re not happy with that? 

Maybe it’s because it’s below The Golden Line?

What do you do then?

Then you move to a higher frequency!


A higher frequency always helps you to the energy of EnergyJoy, Love, Peace, Satisfaction. From that energy you can powerfully step into your Soulful You Vibe. And from there you can manifest anything you want. That is why I also help empathic, starting and established entrepreneurs through my high frequency business coaching programme. For once you know and understand this, anything is possible!


It’s why I also help empathetic people, through the EnergyJoy Practitioner trajectory to learn to master their energy, so you can use it to help others. 


But to come back to the frequencies and The Golden Line. 

Remember: emotions, feelings, thoughts and images are linked to your frequency. 


And that is why in my view it is important to see and understand the HF Bliss Manifestation Chart.


You can download this for free via my Lisette lucas app. Print out the chart and hang it somewhere you can see it every day.


So that you immediately get clear which emotions are below The Golden Line and which are above it.


Then you can also link your wishes and intentions above The Golden Line to what you want to manifest. And in that way you become a manifestation machine!


Some low frequencies, under The Golden Line are: shame, fear, anger and guilt. So if you live in your frequency house with these emotions and thoughts predominant, I can say already that you probably don't manifest and move very much.


But if you really step into the frequencies above The Golden Line, then you enter the energetic field of love, joy, EnergyJoy, peace and gratitude. And yes, those are frequencies. As soon as you start living there, as soon as you know how to link your intentions to it, you are limitless! From that power, that abundance of energy and vibes you can set everything in motion!


So I hereby encourage you to move. Move your frequency above The Golden Line. Because there you will literally turn everything into gold. 


And why gold?

Because as a success medium and high-frequency business coach and mentor, I can read and see your energy. As soon as I perceive gold in your energy field, I know you have the magical manifestation power around you. And, that you are converting it from energy form into physical form. So yes, I always do some kind of internal happy dance when I see gold with you! Because that's so cool to see! 


For example, I recently had a Soul Connection call with someone via Zoom. I looked at her energy and yes, a beautiful cloud of gold caught my eye with my intuitive eye. She then took action, stepped into my Elite Shift Mastermind programme and she is immediately manifesting fantastically in the physical world. The ultimate proof that once you are above the golden line with your frequency, your life will change and shift forever in the most positive sense of the word!


So now it's up to you! 

Download my unique and free HF Bliss Manifestation Chart.

Print it out.

And do you want to participate in my latest HF Bliss manifestation system & programme which I will start online soon? 

Sign up via the link in the show notes at:

Then I'll send you the information!


Again an absolute must, so do it! 

Download the free life-changing chart via my Lisette Lucas app. Make sure you see that image in front of you. It acts as an internal reminder and that immediately changes your energy and emotions. 

I wish you every success in shifting your frequency above the Golden Line.


Thank you for listening and see you soon!


PS. Do you also want to know whether you already have the golden energetic frequency around you? And would you like to receive a few personal energetic tips tailored to your frequency? 

I have a few spots available for a free 15 minute Soul session for those who want more insight. And those who are willing to take steps and move energetically to the Next Level & Next Frequency! 

So that you too can step into your Soulful Power. 

How do you apply?

Complete the short HF questionnaire. 

After receiving this you will receive a link to my digital agenda.

Be quick for there’s only a few spots available. 

Please note when it says full, it really is full. 

Again, the link can be found in the show notes!


I hope to see you very soon. On to that gold, past The Golden Line and everything will be fine! 

A big hug and lots of love from me


X Lisette 



EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2022© 

Podcast 109. High Frequency Manifesting

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