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9th february 2022


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 106. Energetic Blockages, Old Patterns and Outdated Beliefs. Break Them, Choose Action And Free Yourself; So You Can Be Truly Successful And Happy, Acting From Pure Power As Is Your Birthright.


Maybe you have a lot of plans, ideas and ambition, but there is something that stops you from really going all out!


  • In this podcast you will discover that this sabotaging "thing" is very simple and easy to transform


  • Working from my own experience, I will share which powerful tools and techniques you can use to really tackle and transform from the core, at the root of the issue


  • So that you can truly present yourself in the world as it was predestined from your birthright! 


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Welcome to Podcast #106!


It’s great that you're here because I can tell you now: the insights from this podcast could be life-changing for you!


Why can (and dare) I say that? Very simple, because the insights in this podcast come from experience, I have lived and moved through these very things too. 


Probably if you’re listening to this, you have already done a lot, tried a lot but still end up at the same point over and over again. Always feeling stuck in a vicious cycle.  


You want to break through it to be able to take steps forward, but then you suddenly fall back into old patterns and beliefs. Leaving you to change course and inevitably returning back to square one. 


Something blocks you and no matter how much you think of what it could be, with your thinking, analytical mind, you can’t find the answer. 


I know better than anyone what that feels like. 


I was always quite successful at what I did. Businesses I've built over the years always got off the ground pretty quickly. But then it happened: at some point I lost interest and either let it go or just sold it. 


At a certain point I started to recognise a pattern in my own behaviour. It was: when things went too well and became too successful, if the attention came too much to me as a person or if I was on the 5 year date of my company - it got too hot under my feet. Then I started sabotaging myself, entirely subconsciously, without realising it. This manifested itself in procrastination, not wanting to do things and losing interest in certain steps I had to take, instead focussing on something completely different.


I'll take you back in time for a moment. In 2013 I started my EnergyJoy company. Then, 5 years later, that moment came in mid-2018 when I was like: ‘Okay, I have to look under this rock, because I love what I do, yet this feeling has returned. I enjoy working with people, working with energy, mediumship, intuitive development, coaching: everything’. I wanted to continue and really felt that I had to. But the unrest had returned. So I thought: ‘Enough is enough’. And I started investigating how I could get to the core of my self-sabotaging behaviour. Actually, how I could break the 'keep myself small' pattern.


And yes, you may already feel it coming. I went looking and I have found the solution. I have started to break through and transform blocks, old patterns and outdated beliefs, on a subconscious and energetic level. All this with powerful therapy and energy healing tools. Finding pieces like: knowing I'm worth it, knowing I'm enough, having self-confidence, having self-esteem, believing in my own strength and abilities. Implementing a strong degree of certainty, a certainty and knowing that I can do it. I have powerfully shifted, broken through and transformed all of this on a subconscious level. 


And at the same time, also not unimportant to me because naturally, I had my own business: I worked on my money beliefs. Well, oh my … here there was also a lot of self-sabotage. 


I found out through hypnosis, that I associated having money with pain, sadness, quarrels and the loss of loved ones. Despite the fact that I come from a very wealthy family, I have seen from an early age what jealousy there was within our family. And what grief people had (in my view) because of that money. 

Somewhere as a little girl I thought: ‘I never want to be like that’. So that then became my subconscious belief and pattern that I started living by. 


The result: As soon as I made money, I spent it as quickly as possible. I can tell you that was not really useful. But if you're doing it on autopilot from a subconscious level …  then you have no idea why you're doing it. You just do it because it feels right. 


Take a look at yourself: 

What are your patterns? For example, in the area of ​​money. 

What was your home situation like? 

Was there a lot or just a little? 

How did your parents deal with money? 

What was said about money?


I still remember my mother always saying, when I asked or wanted something: 'But, Lisette, I don't have a money tree in the garden', or ‘Money doesn't grow on my back.’

Now I know that she had learned that from her upbringing. But then all I knew as a little girl was that after she said that, I would sometimes stare into our garden, which was the size of 3 football fields with a large pond. Then I would go out into the garden and look at the trees there and I would think, 'No, I don't see a money tree indeed.' In other words: I believed my mother's convictions. 


And that's how it works. In this way you start to believe and even adopt the beliefs and patterns of parents and caregivers. 


And then there you are many years later as an adult, still walking with those learned (or actually borrowed) beliefs.


So I'm curious what beliefs you have borrowed. This is also a beautiful moment to question: isn’t it high time you gave these beliefs back? Especially of course if they block us and block us in our growth and development.


For in the end, what could be more beautiful than being able to be yourself completely? 

To be able to stand completely in your power and to step into your birthright. Then from that pure, real power contribute to the greater whole in your way. 


Give your own voice and stamp for the greater good. 


Beautiful right?!


And that’s how it went with me. I have transformed patterns, beliefs and blocks. So, what effect did that have on me?

I then dared to put myself in the spotlight even more, for example to make my podcast. If I hadn't transformed all of those blocks, I would never have dared and never could have made it. 

Plus, I felt able to look at the compensation I get: I could raise my rates. A conscious choice, so that I had more time and attention for the client. Meaning I can help, support and guide them in the best way. Also, I got more time and energy for my beautiful family, my 3 children. Not entirely unimportant either. 


Without those transformations on a subconscious level, I couldn't have done what I'm doing now. Had I not felt the certainty in myself, that certainty, which is really in my system. And you may feel it through the words. There is a certain power behind that and that is because I went through those layers. I'm not saying this to sound arrogant or whatever, I say this because this is in you too! Under those layers, which can be transformed very easily. Please take that from me. If I hadn't cleaned that up, I wouldn't have felt that certainty in myself. 


So I couldn't have asked for thousands, many thousands of euros for the value and quality I give. Because yes, I now know that I am more than worth it and that what I have to offer is really very valuable and life-changing. And yes, I pass that on to you with all my love. 

And that's actually priceless, isn't it?


Because you know what is best: you don’t need to search for that money tree in your garden, for you, yourself are the money and happiness tree. You can provide priceless value to yourself and those who are open to activating their Inner Money Tree themselves. Also, to those who want to experience and receive freedom, happiness and financial compensation. For this is something I’ve learned and embraced along the way: money is just an energy exchange, it’s an essential part of life! Learning to give and receive, and finding the perfect balance, is key for ultimate satisfaction, freedom and happiness. 


So now the choice is yours: 

Option 1: You settle for life where you are now. Are you okay with it being exactly the same in 1 year?


Option 2: You make the choice right NOW to break through old parts for good, to transform powerfully to the Next Level, both in your life and in your own career or business.


Good news: The choice is always yours!


So either settle down and continue on the same course or make a giant shift with huge consequences for the quality of your life. (In the most positive way.)


Because you understand: I made a really strong choice in 2018 to change course for myself and for my business.

I can tell you now: It has shifted my life and business 1000% to the Next Level! Results with clients and students are phenomenal. 

I am deeply grateful that I can look back and say that these tools and techniques have even been able to save lives. And yes from my point of view, this is the thing you can be most grateful to do in this life: to help, support and guide another purely from your authentic power and birthright. Whilst freed from the old pieces you carried with you. 


So yes. I can and dare to say: I live it! I grow and transform on a daily basis, keep working on myself and that feels great! 

And why am I sharing this? 

Because I wish you this feeling, from the deepest of my being!


So I hope my story helps you make a choice - to choose yourself! 

And yes, I also know it's super exciting, scary and everything beyond that. 

But I can tell you from my own experience: the biggest change is on the other side of fear! 

So to conclude I would say: Go for it! Listen to your feeling. 


Do you need help with this? 

I am there in various ways to guide you in your journey of ultimate transformation. From the 1st intuitive and energetic steps to the Elite & Platinum level of life & business transformation and coaching.


So a call to those who really want to take action based on that 'Enough is Enough' feeling. 

Send me an email or DM via Instagram to with the message: Enough is Enough 106!


I will also put the links in the show notes at:

Then we will look together at what is the best route for you to shift to your Next Level of Success and Freedom! And of course how I can help and guide you in this. 


Thanks for listening and congratulations to your next big break! 

I'd love to talk to you soon!


Love and hugs from me xxx


And thank you also for your time and the commitment you made to yourself to listen all the way to the end. That is the action I like to see and from which you can shift. 

So I'd love to see you, I'd love to hear from you, I'd love to talk to you soon!

Hugs my love x

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2022© 

Podcast 106. Energetic Blockages, Old Patterns & Outdated Beliefs

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