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19th january 2022


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 103. Shift your Life and Business Forever: Are You A Coach, Consultant, Therapist or Other Service Provider? And/Or Do You Deliver Your Service From Your Empathic Power, But Currently It Costs You Too Much Energy And Delivers Too Little? Then This Podcast Is Definitely For You! + Powerful Quantum Roadmap Exercise


Are you an entrepreneur stuck in a 'loop' of energy-guzzling activities that do not give you satisfaction or the results and life you desire?


  • In this podcast I’ll give you a roadmap from Quantum level, with which you can immediately change and break through this level for good; exactly as I did myself.


  • So that you can feel satisfied and get energy from helping others again. 


  • And transform your life and business into a Life on Your Terms! 


(The shownotes for this episode can be found at:


  • To find all the free tools, meditations and training sessions in one place, download the Lisette Lucas app for iOS/Android for free.


Welcome to Podcast #103!


I'll start right away with a few questions. If you answer these questions once, twice or maybe several times with 'Yes'! Then this is really the podcast for you and you are ready for a powerful shift!


If you answer every question with ‘no’, then I want to thank you for your attention and especially time. And maybe you know someone who could benefit from it, if so please share this with them. 


Okay, here we go! 

  1. Are you tired of dragging people along who aren’t really driven and motivated?

  2. Are you tired of people not even finishing your course, training or programme, which was made with love, passion and blood, sweat and tears? Or maybe they don't even show up? 

  3. Are you tired of the fact that the result you know is possible, is not happening because of a lack of commitment from your client?

  4. Are you tired of your energy being drained by self-sabotaging people, who are absolutely not ready to take on their personal responsibilities in life?

  5. Are you tired of having the fun in what you do drain away so it feels you have to push yourself over and over again to keep things running?

  6. Tired of always having to find new clients to keep things running? 

  7. Do you want to have more free time and energy for your family and friends?

  8. Do you finally want to receive the financial compensation that you are really worthy of because of what you can and do deliver? 


Have you answered yes once? Or maybe even multiple times? Well then I actually have the solution for you in 3 very simple Shifts! 


  • Shift Yourself!

  • Shift Your Life!

  • Shift Your Business!


‘Okay’, I hear you think, ‘But how do I do that?’


Very simply: 

  1. By doing away with the socially desirable average ‘good’ is enough.

  2. By discovering who you really are and freeing yourself from old patterns.

  3. By vigorously deploying your energy, certainty and authority.


These 3 powerful steps will change your life and business forever in the most positive sense of the word!


One thing I know for sure (and no, you don't have to be a medium or psychic for this): 

if you want different results and to see changes in your life, yet you don't change anything, you take no new action … well, then nothing will change and the results will remain unsatisfactory.


Harsh but true!


If you want something to change in your life, in your business … it’s very simple: you will have to change!


The change always starts with you. 

Internally in the deeper layers through:

  • Shifting Your Energy 

  • Shifting Your Mindset

  • Shifting Your Internal Programming


That's where it starts. 

And from there you will change, your life will change and yes, your business will also change powerfully.


It's that simple. 


And no, it won't happen by itself. But if you're an entrepreneur, you probably knew that already.


But one more question: Are you that entrepreneur who settles for the middle ground and enjoys doing the same as everyone around you? And as a result keep finding that you get stuck in the average a bit?  


Or are you that power entrepreneur who seizes every opportunity? Who wants to use, apply and execute everything from heart and soul, to achieve the ultimate success and result for the person you most want to serve - your client?


Perhaps you know that you have powerful tools and the expertise to change lives …  but somehow you are struggling to do this? 

Or are you unable to reach the person you would most like to help? 


All questions that hopefully get your mind moving. 


One thing I know for sure: If you’re listening to this, you have very powerful potential within you. But you just need a handle, a system, a proven trajectory with which you can put that potential into reality. Exactly as it deserves! I'm sure, everything is in you!


And that's why I'm going to take you through a super powerful exercise! It is the Quantum Thinking exercise: an exercise which will allow you to see your wishes and dreams at Quantum 5D level become reality in 1 year. 


Before we start, it is important to know the answers to the following questions (write the answers down if possible):


  • What do I want?

  • What do I really want?


  • If you picture yourself in 1 year’s time:

  • How do you want to feel? 

  • How do you move?

  • What are you wearing? 

  • What does your environment look like? (And anything is possible! As beautiful and as big and as crazy as you want. You are your only limitation - believe me!) 

  • Who do you have around you - family, friends, loved ones?

  • What have you created? 

  • What does your business look like? 

  • What does your ideal customer look like to help you? 

  • What customer do you prefer to work with? 

  • What breakthroughs do you help them create? 

  • How many days/hours per week do you work?

  • What do you want to convert per month? (Again, you are your only limitation. So make it the way you really want it.) 

  • How often do you go on holiday? Where are you going and who are you taking with you? 

  • Where do you live? What does your house look like? 

  • How does your energy feel? How does your vitality and health look and what impact do you have on your loved ones? 


All questions that I want you to be able to answer before we do the Quantum Thinking exercise. 


This step is very important: because clarity is power! If you don't know what you really want, you can't manifest it. So be crystal clear and step into the feeling. 


Before we start, make it easy for yourself - make sure you can’t be disturbed, if you’re driving please listen to this later. If you’re working with heavy machines, again, wait to listen to this when you are unoccupied. I always have to add this because the frequency of my voice means that many people come into a deep relaxation. So it is wise to come back to this later. 

But if you have the time and space to do the exercise, then do participate.


Here we go. 

You feel the relaxation come over you and you realise that this is a special and super powerful moment. You are going to make a huge jump forwards with your thinking mind,  allowing you to take a super fast leap through dimensions. 

You know that what you are about to feel and experience immediately creates your reality. So make it as beautiful, as powerful as possible. And know: There is enough for everyone! The sky is definitely not the limit! I'll tell you again: There is no limit! We are on Quantum Level!


So now feel how you make a powerful, relaxed and wonderful quantum jump in your mind through the dimensions, there you go and it is 1 year ahead into the future. You are exactly 1 year ahead. So think about what date it is today, see that date in front of you, say it out loud in your head and it's 1 year later. 

You immediately feel relaxation come over you. You feel a smile on your face. You feel relaxed, you feel wonderful. 

And you feel that everything you wanted to achieve and create has become reality.

So feel how you feel when you really do what you enjoy.

Feel how you feel when you have manifested everything. 

Look around you: how do you move? How do you feel? See what you're wearing. 

Smell what scents are around you. 

See what your environment looks like. Watch how you live, watch the people you love laugh and enjoy themselves when you live to your full potential. You have taken steps, made choices. And look how happy you are! You stand in your power, you help others. 

See what you've created in just 1 year! Wow! So many shifts, first internally: those mindset shifts, transformative shifts, and then it went through to external shifts. 

Feel, see and experience how your business has grown. And see what changes you've made. See what your business looks like now. 

You work the number of hours you wish to, you have free time to enjoy, time for yourself, time to go on vacation. Fun things to do. You now know everything is available to you because you have transformed yourself, you have worked on yourself and that feels wonderful. You have taken powerful actions and therefore you are living the life you have always dreamed of. You know it just gets more and more beautiful and keeps on growing bigger and bigger. Just the way you want it to. Because you are the master of your life and business. Feel how you feel. Experience the gratitude, the joy, the blessings and the ease with which everything goes. You follow your heart and soul. This is you, the real you. You feel fit, vital, energetic, healthy and super happy! Happy & successful both in your private life and business. 


Very good. And as you quiver wonderfully in this feeling, you feel it through every cell of your body and how it pulses. And now you look at the steps you took during the past year to get here. Feel and experience what you have shifted in your life. What have you done that has brought you to this point? What have you radically changed in your life? What did you shift? What mindset shifts have you gone through? What old patterns have you let go of? What have you broken through and what have you tackled? Shifted? Changed? 

Who have you teamed up with to cause your internal shifts and break patterns for good? What have you worked hardest on? And what set all this in motion for you? What have you done to be so healthy, happy, fit and energetic? To feel this way now? 

Who do you work with? What people are around you? Who are your peers? The people you level with? Who holds you accountable? Who helps you to continue to grow and transform? How do your clients let you know how grateful they are to you?


Feel the feeling and let the thoughts enter on a quantum level. You know it, you know how to get it. How you managed it and who was there for you. Who helped and supported you in the steps you had to and wanted to take. What you had to do to achieve these results for both yourself and your clients.


And very well. Breathe in and out nicely. Stretch and put a smile on your face and come back to the here and now.


And what's important now: pause the recording and write - braindump everything you've seen, felt and experienced. This is your Quantum roadmap to success at all levels of your life & business! 


You can repeat it as many times as you want. 


Wow … Very good.


I am very curious what your life and business will look like in a year’s time. Because you've seen it now and you know what steps you need to take to achieve it. 

Do you want more insights and help with taking the steps?

Send me an email to:  or dm via my instagram with the word: Quantum


Then we can make an appointment for a no obligations connection conversation to go through your Quantum roadmap.


I hope you got some great insights from this. Again, do you need help? I am here for you in many different ways. Such as through my Energy & Subconscious mindset programme which will help you shift powerfully and transform your life and business. Or with the High-End Business coaching system in which you learn to master your Inner-CEO. 


My tip: Don't do it alone! Be open to change because you know now - if you change nothing, nothing will change. 


And yes, this is something I learned from Tony Robbins and this is so, so true: The biggest change is on the other side of fear. So don't let your fears hold you back. You have now seen, felt and experienced your dreams. There is so much waiting for you on a quantum level! Go for it! 

Anything may be the only thing that can get in the way of you!


I would love to hear, speak or see you soon!

X Lisette  


Love and again: Go for it! 

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2022© 

Podcast 103. Shift your Life and Business Forever + Quantum Roadmap Exercise

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