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31st january 2020


Lisette Lucas


Welcome to the Podcast #1 Script of "Shift to EnergyJoy and Beyond!" with Lisette Lucas

In this very first podcast I'm going to talk about: intuition

In this episode you will receive and learn:

  • 3 steps to strengthen your intuition

  • Tips & tools to apply immediately

  • One Special rule that you can always apply

  • An understanding of intuition 

  • My personal HSP experience

  • And a special link for your free download, with even more information about intuition and further tips and tools.


Welcome to Podcast #1. My name is Lisette Lucas and I am an: intuitive transformation therapist, hypnotherapist, medium, energetic healer, teacher and mother of three beautiful teenagers.


We may have already met through a consultation, therapy session, courses or during one of the many public events that I have been able to organise. If so welcome back! Thank you for being here. 


Maybe we are meeting for the first time today? In that case, welcome! It is great that you are taking the time for this chance meeting ... although, coincidence doesn't exist, so you're here for a reason. You will discover that reason for yourself- all you have to do is trust that.


In this very first podcast, I'm going to talk about intuition; in other words, your sixth sense. You will soon receive three steps to strengthen your intuition and also at the end a special link with a free download that includes even more information about intuition, and some extra tips and tools.


So let’s begin by getting straight to the point: your intuition is actually your first sense.

I’ll explain how in a moment but first, what exactly is intuition? So much is said and written about it, but personally, at first it was a struggle to understand exactly what it was; precisely because it cannot be measured or seen. It's a bit elusive. Intuition always depends and works with feeling. It’s the feeling you get in a certain situation, with a certain thought, with a certain person or in a certain environment. It also works before you get a chance to think about it - I always use the three second rule, your intuition works that instantly. You may be listening and thinking that right now, your intuition is not working for you. I disagree: it is always working! It operates on a very subtle energetic level, before you get a chance to think about it.


So if you think: my intuition gave me the wrong answer. Then I regret to tell you that you have not listened to your intuition but to the voice of your thoughts, the voice of your mind. It is always chasing your intuition. Just think of a time where you got spontaneous inspiration, out of nowhere. Did it make you feel happy? Excited? It gives you a ‘yes’ feeling doesn’t it? You felt a positive buzz inside, but as you started thinking about it, that feeling was suddenly overshadowed by a "what if..." and a "yes, but..." feeling. Your buzzy feeling turned into a heavy gut feeling and then you let go of the idea because it didn't feel right anymore. But was this really your sense of your intuition or was that the limitation of the mind? 


Just remember: intuition is your first sense. It gives you the first information in any situation. Only then do your other senses come into play.


We are all born with a perfectly functioning intuition. We feel everything very well. As babies, we all listen to the promptings of our bodies and respond to them exactly as we should. You can sense when something feels good or when something doesn't feel right. Then you respond without thinking about what anyone else thinks; because as a baby you know that you are worthy to receive everything you need. Meaning if you are hungry you will cry, and if all goes well there will be a reaction from your environment. 

If you have a wet nappy you will cry, and here too there should be a reaction from your environment.  Have you learned this behaviour? No, it’s purely instinctive and intuitive. You get it at birth and it works perfectly: keeping you protected, healthy and safe; so that you can grow up from baby to adult. 


Over time, through the years of growth and development, this beautiful natural intuitive system is unfortunately (unconsciously) sabotaged. This can happen due to various circumstances. It starts at a young age too: for example, at school you are immediately directed towards the rational. You will learn to read, write and how to store information in your head. However, what you don't learn in school is to feel. There is no such opportunity because it does not appear in the teaching material. Fortunately this is changing and more and more attention is now being paid to it. 


This would have been highly useful for me at school. I was born in the early 1970s, and  was a highly sensitive girl; shy, dreamy, looking at everything from a distance and preferring to sit in the back of the classroom. Whenever the attention was on me, I wanted to sink into the ground. I got warm, felt my heart rate go up, my cheeks turning red and I broke out in a cold sweat. This led to me being labelled as shy. 


When my own first son showed these same symptoms he got the stamp: HSP.

I had never heard of it 18 years ago but it was a gift for both my son and I to hear this. We were no different, we were and are just highly sensitive. 


I myself grew up in a way that people did not know what to do with me, or so it felt. The more pressure you put on me, the more I retreated. Fears, feelings, there was so much that was not understood. So I know better than anyone how difficult it is to be on your own. What it is like to not be understood. How anxious you can feel to experience things that no-one else can relate to.


But as I said: fortunately nowadays more and more attention is paid to high sensitivity and intuition. People can listen to feelings again instead of just imposing rational knowledge.


In any case, I want to thank you for listening to this podcast, because whether it is for yourself or for someone close to you, knowledge is very important. This is especially so for topics which are kind of taboo for not being the norm, rational or scientific. Things that fall outside of this realm are deemed woolly and unsubstantiated, which is not the case.   


At the beginning of my personal and intuitive development I could get very angry about that. Then I recognised that this was something in me so was my own issue, and now I have transformed. I see now that it is important that everyone maintains their own pace of development. It’s not something you can force or shove down someone’s throat. It doesn't work that way, it has to do with respect and perfect timing. You can take a horse to the water, but if he doesn't want to drink, he doesn't drink.


Sooner or later, people will be ready to delve into this realm. To develop on a personal and intuitive level. And if this is sooner rather than later that is great, but there is no time pressure. Intuition is always present and for some people it takes repetitive knocks to acknowledge something needs to change and that old patterns and habits no longer work.  Everything at the right time and in the right place. That's what it's about.

Just like you are listening to this now. If it wasn't your time, you wouldn't bother. This podcast probably wouldn’t even have caught your eye. So it is absolutely no coincidence that our worlds and energies meet and touch here. It's simply meant to be, how beautiful is that?


You may have already read my free e-book with 10 tips to strengthen your intuition. If not, you can still request and download it for free through:

My free Lisette Lucas App for iOS & Android


Now, I would like to give you a number of tips that you can get started with right away: 


Step 1: Intention.

The most important ingredient to develop your intuition is intention. So set the intention to strengthen it. Tell yourself: I choose to develop and strengthen my intuition. I choose to let my most powerful sense be my superpower. As that is what your intuition is : a superpower that you were gifted at birth. It would be a shame not to do anything with it, right?

I know better than anyone that it is exciting to learn something “new” and then get to work with it. Actually it is nothing new. You already know it, it is present, at most it has faded into the background. Time to shake things up. Reactivate your superpower!


Step 2: Feeling

Intuition works on your feelings. There it is easiest to 'measure' (in quotation marks). You will therefore also set the intention to perceive this often subtle feeling again. It really is there, only it is dormant. So how will you perceive this? By being alert and training your feelings like a muscle, think of how you lift weights to build muscle, this is what we will do with our intuition. When you start training it can be difficult, but like everything, practice makes it easier. Think of feeling your intuitive muscle as a workout that you repeat several times a day. The advantage of this workout: It only takes 3 seconds, because that is the time your intuition needs to inform and instruct you.


Step 3: Signals

The most important thing is to be alert so you can notice the most subtle signals, the most subtle feelings. Signals can be expressed in many ways, you could get a feeling of warmth, cold, tingling, contracting or expanding. In the beginning you have to learn what your personal signals are and then you will recognise them when they arise again. With practice you won’t even have to think - you’ll be aware of these signals intuitively. 

Give yourself 21 days for this exercise. Do it every day, preferably several times. The mind needs 21 days for new habits and patterns to integrate into your life and become your new behaviours. 


Will you accept the 21 day challenge?

Do let me know, send an email to: info@lisettelucas.nland and say Yes to intuition! I will email you a surprise that will support you for 21 days to your new intuitive self.


There will be a new podcast next week where I discuss energy: what it is and what you can do with it. 


Thanks for listening. I hope to meet you in my EnergyJoy practice, during an event, course or training.


Good luck!  

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Script: Intuition

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