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3rd June 2020

Lisette Lucas



Welcome to Podcast #18!


All of us have dreams, wishes and things we want to achieve in the future. Yet somehow, those dreams, wishes, and the future always seem so far away.


In this podcast I am going to explain to you how the subconscious mind works and why (currently), dreams and wishes always remain in the future. But you can manifest now in this moment, with the right mindset and the right tools.


Quite possibly you are actively trying to manifest, you are looking to attract new situations and circumstances into your life, but it’s not working. My advice to you: reprogram your subconscious mind with these 3 powerful tools to get what you want! 


All you need to realise is that you were born with a brilliant, intelligent, powerful Mind. Everything is potentially present and in this podcast I will teach you tools that you can apply directly to manifest. 


After listening to this podcast you will understand the power of your subconscious Mind and how (by making a simple shift in your subconscious programming) you can transform your life!


But first, thank you for listening to this 18th podcast! Wow, it is so great that thousands of people are listening to my podcast and in particular: thank you for listening and for making time for yourself! I am 1000% sure, you are so, so worth it!


You deserve the very best, and that is why you were given the very best, most advanced, super intelligent, powerful mind when you came here on Earth.


Everything is here, everything is here to help you be successful in whatever area you want!


You were born with immense confidence and immeasurable potential. Really, because no baby is born with the thought: 'How can I destroy my self-confidence as quickly as possible ...' or 'Hmmm, let's think about what I can do to sabotage myself so that I cannot manifest where I need, in my life.'


No, of course they don’t! 


Now, what many people don't realise (or even understand), is that your subconscious mind is a wonderful, wonderful tool! However, if you don't understand how it works, what do you think will happen? 


Well, I have a good example I’ll share. Last week I was standing with my husband unpacking a large cardboard box that had been delivered. I had ordered something, which seemed super handy. Yes, it was an absolute luxury, but a very functional luxury. That was my excuse for ordering it.


I had built up this powerful image of how useful this luxury would be: how it will save me so much time so that I’ll have so much more time to do things that make me happy; like create more podcasts and awesome digital products that help people develop, in the field of intuitive development and personal growth and transformation.


Well, you understand, in my head I had made a perfect snapshot: a strong combination of image, feeling and words to what I wanted to receive in my life. Sure enough, it had worked, there we were with a gigantic big box. 


My husband opened it and immediately the first candidate, our Bengal kitten Donder, jumped into that big box. Well, that seemed like a good omen because the big package is also for her, or actually for all three of our cats.


Indeed, it is an ultra luxurious, fully automatic and self-cleaning litter box. 


Hear me out on this, because even though cats are clean animals (something all cat owners know), that box really needs to be cleaned daily. An extra task I just wanted to remove from my system, from my daily routine. Partly because we live with five people in one house and also, it is usually me that cleans the box.


So, this is a big moment, with a big box, and while we're unpacking it and fiddling with the parts: we can't get it to work. Everything was there, but the electrical part did nothing. 


While we were considering the options my oldest son came back with two tennis friends from a day of golf. They laughed at what we were doing and above all saw how it was not working.


Suddenly one of the friends takes the manual from the bottom of the box. He goes through the steps in the manual for this ingenious, smart, automatic system and it works in no time. 


Perfect! Now we are super happy with it, and laughing we watch how Dondertje digging hard, thinks he is on the beach of Scheveningen, when really he’s merely in a container with beautiful blue crystals. 


Why am I telling you this?


Well, you have your own complex machinery in your head, namely your super intelligent mind; a system with millions of nerves, connections, neurons, cells. Your subconscious mind is programmable too, and works perfectly for you in a way. But my question: have you found the manual of your subconscious mind? Have you figured out how to make your mind work for you to get whatever you want?


I know one thing for sure, when you were born, when you arrived here on earth you didn't get it, right? Well, at least not me, although it would have been great by the way. Saved me a lot of trouble … haha. Instead I really had to discover it myself and learn through trial and error. Along the way I've discovered tools, some of which I will share with you in a minute. If you apply these tools in your life, really integrate them a shift will immediately take place. The great thing is that you can start using them straight away! 


Every person has a phenomenal, incredibly impressive mind! A mind which has a job, a truly great job. I hear you ask what is this brilliant job? The answer: to do what you tell it to do. So what you tell your mind, your mind will and must listen to. 


This leads to your role in helping your mind: you must tell it very precisely (as exact as you can be), what you want, using very specific and detailed language. 


A lot of people, most people actually, don't understand the power and impact of the mind. They have no idea how to use it, which is not entirely surprising, considering that you have not received a manual right?


But, joking aside, that's why a podcast like this one is so valuable. Don't underestimate the tips. I learned them from my mentors and international greats in the field of manifestation and transformation. I work with the powerful techniques of Marisa Peer and Tony Robbins, among others. Why are they so successful in what they do? Simply because what they teach has been proven worldwide to work. Personally I experience it myself, day in day out: in my practice, during hypnotherapy sessions, coaching sessions, through online training courses that I give. The transformation is huge, which is why I'm so super excited about it and happy with it. 


I am truly grateful to be able to touch and transform lives, to help others with insights which have set so much change in motion; really to have given so much is fantastic and the most beautiful thing there is. If this is of any use to you, or if you are already familiar with it, then you probably know someone who would benefit greatly from it. Please share it. Give everyone the instructions, for sharing is giving and what you grant to another from a sincere and loving heart, you will receive yourself back. That's how energy works.


But back to the mind.


So your mind's job is to do what it thinks you want it to do.


Are you aware of what you tell your mind throughout the day? In your mind and out loud? I challenge you to notice every word for a day.  


Your mind bases its actions on what you tell your mind, so fully listen to what sort of language you use for this. 


Do you want to create, manifest and receive? Then it is your job to tell your mind this and exactly what you want. The trick is to use enormously powerful, relevant, up-to-date, incredible, exciting, descriptive words.


This is really very important.


There are a number of rules attached to this. Make a note of them if you really want to take steps, it really is incredibly useful to do. If necessary, pause the podcast to get a pen and paper or write it down in your notes on your mobile.


Personally I use the notes on my mobile. It’s super handy and I can just switch between my notes and the pause button on the podcast app. Because you know: Knowledge is Power, and that Knowledge I give you now, that's the CHICKEN from podcast #12. But what do you add to that? Remember it? Right, the ASS, Action & Soul Searching. Well, the A, the Action is the Notation and application of the tools A great moment to combine and integrate everything. 


Okay, are you ready? 


The first tool: your mind can only work in the present tense, in the now, in the moment. 


Many people say when they want something: ‘Next year I will find love’, ‘Next year I will be rich’, ‘Next year I will make my dreams come true’, ‘In 5 years time my wishes will come true’. 


Next year, next year, next year ... the mind does not know what next year is.


I remember when my youngest was very little and we went to Disneyland Paris. He asked: ‘Are we going already’? Then I said: ‘No, honey, we're going tomorrow’. Then he came back 2 hours later: ‘Mama, is it tomorrow yet’? 


Maybe you’ve said to a young child: ‘I already said that yesterday’. Then you get back: ‘Is yesterday today or tomorrow’?


This is because children cannot estimate time and your mind is not good at it either.


So what do you have to say? You must say NOW.


  • “I am so happy now”.

  • “I am very happy now”.

  • “I am so deeply grateful now”. 

  • “I am getting super successful now”.

  • “Right now I'm putting out the most wonderful love”.

  • “I'm a money magnet right now, right away”. 


So when you’re trying to make it clearly known you are talking about the moment you want to use the word: ‘Now’ and ‘Immediately’. If you add these to the things you want to receive and manifest in your life, your mind understands and your mind listens directly. Then your mind thinks: ‘Oh, this is what you want’? And will immediately take ACTION! 


Just remember: your mind only works in the present, in the NOW! So from now on you know how to adjust a sentence or thought.


Moving on to the second tool, when I say to you: ‘DO NOT think of a purple elephant with orange ski boots on black snow’. You will try so hard to not think about that elephant, but what inevitably happens? Yep, you see him right? Even though I said DON'T think about it!


How did that happen? The mind only responds to the words that make pictures. The clearer, more vivid, and the more detailed the better. 


If you say to yourself: ‘I'm never going to eat another chocolate bar again, I'm really never going to eat chocolate again, I'm not interested in it and chocolate doesn't affect me’.


What you are actually saying to your mind, and what it understands is: ‘Ahhh, I am interested in chocolate, I want to eat more chocolate, I love chocolate and have to eat chocolate again’. 


How come?  I'll tell you: the words: “No, No, No”, DO NOT work!


If you say to a young child: ‘Don't touch the candle’. 

They will hear: ‘Go to the candle’. 


And every time you say: ‘Don't come here’, they will come over anyway. 


That’s because when the mind hears something in the negative it will say: ‘No, I’m ignoring that’. It won’t respond to the negative the way you intend it to.  


Who has ever started the New Year with the New Year's resolution to stop doing something? No more snacking, no more smoking, no more drinking?

Well how long did that last?


Finally the third tool, something you’ll be familiar with if you’ve listened to podcast #9. 


The words you use in your language and your thoughts should be exciting, dramatic, powerful and super descriptive. 


If you are familiar with my powerful and deeply relaxing, transformative hypnosis recordings; which I created to reprogram and upgrade the subconscious mind, then you will recognise and understand this.


Every word I say in them is exciting, powerful, tangible: designed to draw images in your mind that let you experience the feeling and the image of you achieving your goals intensely and directly. In them I describe events in the now, in the present, for example: ‘You feel powerful, super successful, full of a confidence that radiates from your core and bursts with energy with your phenomenal intelligent mind’.


Bam, that pops into your subconscious and is immediately acted upon! That's how the mind works. ‘Your wish is my Command’: says your subconscious mind and gets to work for you, as desired. 


To summarise, the rule of the mind is that only two things affect how you feel about everything. First, the pictures you make in your head and second, the words you say to yourself. 


We all make pictures and words all day long, your super intelligent mind keeps running 24/7. 


There’s a fundamental difference between successful people and people who are unsuccessful. What do you think it could be? 


The answer is that successful people create powerful pictures and exciting words whereas people who are not successful imagine negative pictures and use negative words.


Recently I drove with my family to my parents who I had not seen for a long time due to the Corona lockdown. They live in the south of the country so it was a long drive by car. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day, with three teens and a dog loaded in the car, off we went. But we had forgotten one thing: that the air conditioning needed to be refilled. So we sat in the car, melting in the heat for an hour and a half, waving the cool air from the windows in. Even so it was perfect with nice music in the background. Suddenly a story about the past came up from my husband. When he was a little boy, travelling in a sweltering car, from The Hague to Spain, his mother never allowed him to open the window. She thought the wind gave her a stiff neck. That was her belief. We all laughed: poor daddy with his two sisters in the backseat for 20 hours. 


The picture of an open window in the car was linked by his mother to a negative belief that caused neck pain and a stiff neck. Perhaps this had happened once.  


This can be better understood when you know that the pictures you have in your head and the words you say to yourself have a direct impact on your physical body. You can see how ‘the window open = stiff neck’ is a belief. If you think: ‘My body is enjoying the fresh air, and my cells are recovering even faster and more powerfully from the oxygen that flows by’, then the effect is immediately very different. Then you arrive fully charged and revitalised at your destination.


Think about it, do you also have such a belief? You may hold one that many do: for example about the transition from summer to winter. You think the summer is beautiful but then the winter season comes with its short days. Even thinking about it you can feel the winter depression knocking on your door because of the fewer hours of sunshine. However, you could think of what winter brings, not what it takes away: the chance to be nice and cosy on the couch, cosiness, warmth, being together, cherishing moments, nice dark long nights.


I can give another personal example, the other night where my husband had a good night's rest, while our eldest son and some friends were playing music and having fun right under our bedroom until late at night. However, I did not sleep a wink. My husband didn't think the music was too loud, I thought it was too much after 2 AM on a normal weekday. That belief kept me awake, while my husband was snoring nicely … Haha.

But this is just a typical example of the power of our beliefs. In this case I was convinced I could not sleep, fretting over how terrible I’d feel the next day; while my husband thought it was fine and slept like a log. We both heard the music as loud, yet our experience was 100% different and the difference between a good night's sleep and no sleep. 


Straight away I could have calmed myself which I did eventually: I put myself in self-hypnosis and then I fell asleep. After that I did not even hear that they had been ringing the front doorbell at 5 am. I could see that the next day on the images of the security camera haha. 


In order to sleep I changed the words I was saying to myself, which brought the relaxation needed to sleep. To get this effect the words you use must be exciting, have power, be powerful.


Marisa told me (and it made me laugh so much to hear), that someone once told her: ‘I meditate daily and then say: “Everyday in every way my life is getting better and better”.’


Well, Marisa says, harshly (but truthfully): that is absolutely an unnecessary waste of your time. Just try to picture: ‘Every day in every way my life is getting better and better’. 


How can you envision that? Is it: vibrant, descriptive, exciting or detailed? Does it really set your mind on fire with passion and the direction you want to give to your life?


No of course not!


So, what  should you say? 


To boost your career say:


‘I have a talent, a passion, a drive, and a strong determination and I'm moving towards my dream career like a magnet’.


‘I am so talented, I am blessed’.


Or to attract love:  


‘I am a loved, lovable person’.


‘I am lovable, warm, loving and wonderful! I will find the person I want and that person will find me’.


Saying this makes a strong picture much more effectively than: ‘I will get the promotion I want’, or ‘I am looking for love’. For these do not really make images.


Really consider how you phrase things, always ask yourself: ‘Does this make the right, powerful picture of what I want to receive’? ‘Am I being specific enough’?


This is something we will really work with in my Bali Abundance Retreat in 2021. 

We will work on finding, breaking and transforming your Abundance Blocks. Abundance is Abundance. You can say I want abundance in my life.  But then I will ask:

‘In what area of ​​your life do you want to receive abundance’? ‘Where are you not satisfied yet? Relationships, career or financial, health, personal or spiritual development’? 


If you know which area is a priority for transformation, you can really hone your words and pictures, creating images that really show how you see your goals. Then we will of course go in depth and see which limiting belief has prevented you from manifesting this so far. 


Interesting, don't you think? We are going to do this in Bali and I can't wait! But of course this can also be done 1:1 in my practice or online via Zoom. You can find more information about this in the Shownotes which can be found on:


I give you the manual, as it were. How cool is that? Master your Mind and live a masterly life that comes to mind. 


Truly the words are so, so important. 


You have to use dynamic words, descriptive words and even the words you put before the words are super powerful.


You can say: ‘My body is a wellness producing system’.

Or you could say: ‘My body is a massive, powerful, wellness producing system’.


Which feels more powerful?


Your mind immediately thinks: 'Ohhh, I know what that means', and immediately takes action. Bam, wellness it is!


How brilliant!


To start manifesting you need to reprogram your subconscious mind for success, by applying these powerful tools you can start shifting immediately. 


To recap, the three tools which will help you manifest if you apply them properly:


Tool #1:


Your mind can only work in the present tense, in the now, in the present. 


Tool #2:


The words: No, No, No, DO NOT work!


Tool #3:


Only two things affect how you feel about everything. First: the pictures you make in your head and second: the words you say to yourself. 


Your job is to tell your mind exciting things, speak of them now in the present. Make it exciting, make it so that it instantly creates a picture in your head, a detailed picture of what you want; be as specific as possible about what you want to receive. Then feel it. Experience it as if you already own it, as if you have already achieved it; also feel grateful, grateful for the insights and intelligence of your super, brilliant mind with the infinite possibilities that are there for the taking - provided you understand how.


Do you know someone who would also benefit greatly from these tools? Please share it or better yet, talk about it, explain it. For the better you understand something, the more it becomes part of you. Then you don't have to think about it anymore, it will just happen automatically. Then you will really notice how restrictive others speak. 


Teach it to children too, recently my daughter saw something she wanted. My husband's first conditioned response was: ‘No, that is too expensive’; I immediately went to undo this limitation by saying: ‘Honey, it is absolutely possible and completely affordable and available. There is always a way to get it’. It put a smile on her face. 


Another time my youngest had to transfer his drink from one bottle with a narrow opening to another. After one small attempt he immediately said: ‘Mum, can you do this? My hands keep shaking too much’. I answered straightaway: ‘No, you can do that perfectly yourself because you have full control over your arms. Just say to yourself: “I can do it”. Look, you can already see how you pour it well with your completely stable talented tennis arm with a steady hand’. And yes, it happened. Without hesitation, a shift took place, the picture of a wobbly arm in his head turned into a completely stable, self-confident arm. He was amazed at the power of his own thoughts.


And now it's up to you!


Do not be limited by learned patterns and beliefs: everything is possible and starts with your own, brilliant, phenomenal mind. Apply your new tools and let me know how great it is and what Shifts you are experiencing! It makes me very happy to hear of the impact this work has. 


Good luck and just go for it! You can do it, I am already proud of you!


I look forward to seeing, hearing or meeting you!


Love and see you next podcast!  



All Rights Reserved 2020© EnergyJoy 

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