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26th april 2022


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 117. A Soul on Fire, How You Can Accelerate Your Growth And Potential From A Deep Knowing And Powerful Soul Connection. 


Do you feel an inexplicable deep knowing from a soul level, but you do not know what to do? 


  • Discover the true power of your deep knowing in this podcast.


  • So that you can start your growth and transformation in a safe but powerful way.


  • Then you can step into your ultimate soul potential, so you can present your message to the world in your own unique way - just as I do! 


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Welcome to Podcast #117!


You know that feeling when you suddenly know something? Out of nowhere, it's just there.


Whether you do or don’t, I can let you know: everyone has access to this form of 'sometimes almost inexplicable' knowing.


Those who listen to my podcast regularly know this, so this serves as a reminder. But for those who are new, first of all: welcome! And I’d like to say straightaway - we are all basically the same. We are all made from the same stardust (such a beautiful way to phrase it I think). We are also all born with a powerful intuition. Your intuition then represents the intuitive voice that emanates from your soul and spirit.


I remember well that this is where I always got confused. When I first started on the path of soul-searching I had no idea where to start. Words like soul and spirit are great, but what is what and how can you use this to your advantage? 


Thinking back now, I remember a sudden knowing I got before I started my entire training in England in 2011. It suddenly dropped in my mind and I knew something that I didn’t know what to do with. But it did make me curious. 


This knowing? That I would meet another soul on this spiritual path that would have a very deep impact on me. I didn't really know more than that, but I did get a feeling that it would be intense. And that it would move a lot.



Well, of course I was curious and had no idea how or who. Every time I met someone in England I thought: Is this that person? Or is it them? 

But suddenly that moment was there. An 'accidental' meeting that grew into a special deep soul connection and pure, beautiful friendship.

I could share everything and it literally felt like coming home. Coming home through the soul of another. Mega special and almost frighteningly powerful.


And from that purely platonic dynamic, in a karmic and earthly tie, the most special soul connection of my life has arisen. 

Exactly as I learned beforehand through that knowing I received.


It has given me the most profound soul growth and soul evolution to this day. For it has touched pieces in me (and also in the other), that allowed healing, transformation and activation. It’s as if through the reflection of recognition at soul level so much could and had to take place. As if it had all been pre-arranged on a divine level. Very special and powerful. 


I always say and share this with my students of my Master Your Inner-Medium Academy: Everything I do now, I can do because of the soul level activation that came about through the reflection of the soul and spirit of that other beautiful soul. 


It sounds lovely like this and you might ask: has it been an easy journey? No, absolutely not! 

It has been accompanied by a lot of trial and error. Lots of sadness, deep soul pains that I didn't even know existed and again powerful healing. All this accompanied by magical, inexplicable miracles that happened in between. 


But the main reason I am sharing this now, is that this is a part of what allowed me to do what I do now. Above all, to do this from the depths I can. For what if certain layers of my soul had not been touched and activated in this way? Then that part of me would still have been sleeping - present but dormant. 


The power of this connection set in motion a spontaneous kundalini awakening that made it all even more intense. (I speak more of this in podcasts 57 & 60 if this resonates and you’d like more insights into this energy). The intensity of the connection was amplified because it can be hard to know where to place it. Often you have to process these connections alone because it’s not understood by those around you or it simply cannot or should not be there. All this often goes far beyond the earthly realisation, so you don’t understand the connection until you’re in the middle of it. Meaning it can be hugely overwhelming and confusing. 


At the time I was fortunately guided by my mentor Mavis Pittilla who could also talk about it from her own experience. So she fully understood how intense it could be.


She guided me through it as a mentor, because the Kundalini energy can be dangerous if you don't control it properly. 

Those techniques that Mavis used with me then, I now use in my Master Your Inner-Medium Academy, to help guide and support my students and clients. Used and practised, they help with each individual’s trajectory of soul evolution and powerful awakening. I also teach how these techniques can be used in their own practice or business. Both super powerful and valuable. But also very important knowledge if someone is suddenly confronted with this. 


So yes, I want to close with the words: Trust your inner knowing. Trust hunches. I felt this from the 1st moment. In fact, I've always felt this was coming. I always knew how special and powerful this was and still is today. Despite the fact that the depth was then denied and held back from the other side, there were also a lot of fears underneath. Now that recognition of depth is really there and that feels fantastic! 


Yes and honestly luckily I was warned beforehand, at the time in mid-2011, on a soul level. For even though these soul connections can seem all beautiful and magical in the movies, the real transformative growth effect, unfortunately happens through the chilly depths and dark sides. In solitude, emptiness and silence.


Today I had online training with the Level 1 students of my Inner-Medium Academy and  this topic came up spontaneously. As it turned out, everyone had a personal experience on this level. But none of them could talk about it with anyone in the field because these thoughts shouldn't and couldn't be there. Exactly as I had experienced.


And that's why I want to share it with you now. Trust me, you're not crazy! Energy is real! The deepest soul connections are real! 


So are you ready to set your soul growth and evolution in motion as well? To allow yourself to grow through your inner knowing and the wisdom of your soul. And then you can propagate it, just like I do - but in your unique way from the power of your beautiful soul potential. 


Then you have the opportunity to enrol in the Master Your Inner-Medium Academy. Go to the show notes at: and book a 15 minute soul connection call with me via Zoom. Together we'll see what the right step is for you at the moment and we can discuss the possibilities. 


Is this not for you right now? 

Then please share it with someone who is probably experiencing that internal struggle on a soul level. Someone who is hiding away or distancing because it is difficult to share. This podcast can be the light of hope! 

Again you can listen to this now thanks to the help and support I received from my mentor during this process. I want to and can be your mentor with all my love. If you are able to manage your energy safely under experienced guidance, you will become that beautiful one: with a Soul on Fire. Accompanied by that unconditional loving smile of your deepest Soul connection that will always be behind you on an energetic level! That's how it feels to me anyway. 


Thank you for listening! I am deeply grateful for you!


Lots of love and a big hug from me.

And I hope to see and speak to you soon. 

x Lisette

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Podcast 117. A Soul On Fire: How You Can Accelerate Your Growth

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