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Energy Healing Session

What is Intuïtieve Energy Healing?

This form of healing is a very powerful and effective method. It helps and heals you at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels to become whole again

You can do the session in addition or to support medical treatment.


As an Intuitive Energy Healer, Lisette Lucas senses and sees energy. 


She can scan your energy field. It's like an energetic x-ray. The energetic blocks become visible and will be removed from your energy field


It depends on the problem and/or issue you're facing if one or more session are necessary.  


Lisette uses a wide palette of proven systems, methods and techniques, all adjusted to your personal and energetic needs.  


How does an Energy Healing work?

Lisette welcomes you in her practice and explains in advance what's going to happen. You can ask questions and explain the problems, situation, issues you're dealing with. 

Next, the healing session begins. During the session you will NOT be touched physically. The energy Lisette works with is in your energy field surrounding you, your aura. Lisette senses en sees the blocks, removes and heals them. In that way the natural balance can be restored and you can be the best version of you!

Problem areas can be: 

  • Physical 

  • Emotional

  • Mental

  • Psychic 

  • Spiritual

  • Relations

  • Financial

  • Business / Career

  • And other issues, please contact us if you have questions about your specific challenge. 

Distant Energy Healing is also possible.

Cause everything is energy. 

Distant healing has specific rates.

Every healing session is different, the one time your feel nothing and maybe another time you sense a lot. Things like: heat, cold energy, pressure, enlightenment or for instance tingling sensations are possible. 

A healing has effect on the physical body, physical complaints can become less or even disappear. It also has effect on the mental and emotional body and your (spiritual) development. Most often one feels relaxed and calm after a consultation. 

A treatment can resonate days to weeks through you system. 

It's a good idea to plan a relaxed day after a healing consultation and drink lots of water.


Tip: It's fun to 'scan' your body before and after the session. And also after a week. 

Intuïtieve Energy Healing

Energy Healing is like an X-ray of your Energy Field.

Problem areas become visible and can be transformed.

Disclaimer: Energy healing can never replace the regular health care system. It can be a good addition. A healer would always encourage you to stay under the supervision and care of a certified and licenced doctor. 

NL:Energy healing kan nooit de reguliere geneeskunde vervangen, maar het kan een goede aanvulling zijn. Een healer zal je daarom altijd aanmoedigen om onder behandeling van een arts te blijven.


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