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TheImprove Memory and Concentration hypnosis audio courseis an in-depth hypnosis course that transforms your mind from within. 


The course ensures that your ability to concentrate increases, that you absorb information and that your memory improves its reliability so that it 

becomes very strong in applying it in the power of your mind.


This audio course will help you to develop the phenomenal powers of concentration, reason, and information storage and retrieval.


People start experiencing results within the first 21 days, so make sure you listen to the audio every day for maximum effect. 


Click on the 'Add to Cart' button for immediate access to this audio course for improving your memory and concentration. 


Course details will be emailed to you immediately after purchase. 


You also get access to the course via the exclusive 'Lisette Lucas' App (iOS/Android)

Improve Memory and Concentration Hypnosis Audio Course

  • FAQ Hypnosis

    How does hypnosis work?

    Hypnosis is simply accessing your subconscious mind. Your mind is more accepting and receptive to change when you are under hypnosis, which means you are more likely to have better results and a more significant transformation. Hypnosis is completely natural. If you've ever experienced driving home from work in your car on autopilot, or watching TV in a trance-like state, you've entered a state of hypnosis.

    What happens to your mind in hypnosis? 

    Hypnosis is far from losing control or sending you to sleep, discover the truth about what happens during hypnosis - and the remarkable results.

    Listen to my Podcast #23 here:Hypnosis  for more explanation and insight. 

    What Makes Hypnosis Effective?

    For hypnosis to be effective, you have to want the change to happen. During hypnosis, the mind becomes excited and receptive to change. When you are in hypnosis you are able to re-wire changes in your mind and your mind is more able to accept this easily. Hypnosis can be a powerful tool when you want to unlock a transformation, overcome a blockage or solve problems at the core, at the root.

    How do I get the most out of my hypnosis audio course?

    Download the Hypnosis Audio on your phone:

    • You must have a device that is portable and that you can use in the bedroom. It is best to choose your phone instead of your laptop or notebook.
    • Set a reminder in your phone to play the audio daily for the next 21 days.

    Listening to the hypnosis audio:

    • It is recommended to listen at night.
    • If you are not able to listen at night, try it first thing in the morning when you wake up.
    • aIf this is not possible or not possible, you can play it during your commute or whenever it suits you best. HOWEVER, NEVER LISTEN TO HYPNOSIS AUDIO WHILE DRIVING A VEHICLE.
    • Keep your legs and arms uncrossed, as this is open body language. Crossing your legs and arms is usually a less receptive pose.
    • Sitting or lying on your back is encouraged. Listening while lying on your side is fine, but you may find this uncomfortable. When you are in a relaxed state of hypnosis, the body tends to let go.
    • Try to avoid interruptions so you can get the best out of your session. We always recommend that before you begin hypnosis that you are in an environment where you are least likely to be disturbed. It would be best to take the phone off the hook, put cell phones on silent or airplane mode, or listen with headphones.
    • Whichever time you choose, make it part of your schedule and don't miss it.

    What benefits will I experience?

    • You can experience better, rejuvenating sleep.
    • You can expect more insights, AHA moments and guidance in terms of for example synchronicity, 'coincidences' etc.
    • You will notice that you feel better throughout the day and begin to notice that you 'feel different'.

    Can I listen to more than one hypnosis audio at a time?

    It is better to work with one shot at a time to give your mind one thing, one area to focus and concentrate on. However, you can work with up to two shots at a time, but it is recommended that you do not focus on more than that.

    Dutch is not my first language, will these hypnosis courses still work for me?

    If you have a good understanding of the Dutch language, it shouldn't matter that it's not your first language.

    When you are in hypnosis, your conscious mind tends to translate what Lisette is saying into your first language. You will experience the same beneficial effect yourself, whatever language you connect to during hypnosis.

    There's no need to worry and you'll probably drift into better hypnosis now that you're aware of this; whatever language you hear.

  • What happens after I purchase my course?

    Keep an eye on your email inbox. The audio course is usually sent within five minutes, but in extreme cases it can take up to 20 minutes. Once you have access, it is highly recommended that you listen to the hypnosis audio for at least 21 consecutive days to get the desired effect. Watch the video and read the tips in the module 'How to get the most out of your audio course'.

    What happens if it's not for me?
    If you are not satisfied with your hypnosis audio course there is a 14-day refund guarantee. 

    TheI developed hypnosis audio course(s) with all love, passion, inspiration & intuitive knowledge and wisdom. Many learning schools and globally proven techniques have been incorporated into it. I am very proud of the result of the courses and more importantly: I want nothing more than that you are too!

    I guarantee that it will meet your expectations. And I guarantee that you will definitely experience a 'shift', difference and positive changes after 21 days and longer of using the method. Remember that the method works through your mind, your physical and energetic body and then your life.

    21 days is just the beginning, the hypnosis works and resonates on all levels of your life. Also take a good look at how you feel and what your life looks like beforehand. Write it down if necessary. Check it again months after using the hypnosis audio course(s).

    In one person the transformation is immediate, in another person accumulative (the effect builds up) or it is observable retrospectively (with retroactive effect).

    I know from my own experience, experiences of clients and students that it works 100%! Everyone experiences a 'shift'. That's why I also give you the 100% satisfaction guarantee!

    If this is not the case, the hypnosis audio course is not to your liking, you can let us know within 14 days of purchase. Send an email to:

    I will then inform you how you have applied the course. And love to support you in using the course. I am here to help you and to let you get the best out of yourself.

    If you are still not satisfied, you will receive a full refund of the purchase price* of the hypnosis audio course.

    *this only applies to the digital hypnosis audio course, not to live session(s), training sessions and consultations.

    Anyway, I'm here for you and wish you a phenomenal transformation!

    xxx Lisa

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