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18th august 2021

Lisette Lucas


Welcome to the Podcast #81 Shownotes of "Shift to EnergyJoy and Beyond!" with Lisette Lucas 

Podcast 81. Money & Career Shift Meditation Series Part 3: Step Into The Abundance Frequency And Live Your Passion From The Infinite Potential. incl. Binaural Beats 528 Hz For Powerful Shifting. 


  • Are you stuck and unable to move to the place of abundance you long to be in? 

  • In this podcast you will discover where the block is so that you can immediately shift it … 


  • … and step into the abundance frequency


  • Allowing you to manifest your dream life and live entirely on your terms.

You can also listen to the podcast via my website, the Apple iTunes Store, the Apple Podcast app, Spotify, YouTube, Deezer and others. through Google Podcasts. 

Lots of listening pleasure and En(ergy)Joy! 

XXX Lisette


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81. Money & Career Shift Meditation

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