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24th march 2021


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 60. Soul Connections, Soulmates, Twin Flames, Earth Connections And Deep Soul Connections, A Closer Look.


Has someone called you a 'Soulmate' or you have the feeling that someone is your 'Soulmate'? What do you do next?


  • In this podcast you will gain insight into connections that go deeper than the apparent earthly. 


  • Afterwards you will understand better what they are and what they are not.


  • With these insights you can move forward in your life and you’ll understand better than anyone that you are whole already! 


Welcome to Podcast 60!


To get straight to the point: Soulmates, Twin Souls, Twinflames - nowadays there are so many words, names and labels that can cause so much confusion.


That's why I thought it was time to make a podcast about this topic.


In my practice I see many different connections on a relational level.


And in my life through my development and transformation, I have of course also been able to discover what levels there are in the field of connections.


If you look online, via 'University Google' hoping to get answers, you soon find yourself getting lost in a kind of maze of apparent truths, insights, experiences and opinions.


Yet over the years I have come to understand, feel and experience where the differences truly lie.


And I straightaway want to recommend that while listening to this podcast you feel what feels right for you, what resonates. Because we will never find all the answers in this area either. Which is why it is also wise to not put labels on certain situations and circumstances. 


Simply because you are dealing with not 1 but 2 souls in connections. 


What feels like the truth to one person doesn't automatically have to be the same truth to another. And even if it turns out to be the truth, it doesn't mean that every soul is ready to embrace that connection you are experiencing. 


So first I want to say: stay close to yourself and don't be fooled by Google or the opinions of others; especially statements from others that tell you what kind of connection you’re experiencing or have.


In my view, discovering, experiencing and living through this rollercoaster of emotions, sensations and insights is the journey in itself.


That's what it's about. Getting to know, discovering and especially looking inside - inside yourself. There's the key! Maybe not what you want to hear but yes, it is true. 


I know better than anyone what it's like to think that you need another to complete you. That feeling that you are not happy without the other person in your life. Don’t get me wrong: we are absolutely all here on Earth to connect, to make connections and to simply reproduce from an evolutionary perspective. At least 2x to maintain the population. 


But underneath this biological level and from a Soul’s perspective, these connections can go much further and much deeper. 


You probably know the romantic sayings like: 

'You complete me'.

‘You are my better half’.

‘Together we are one’.


And that's where it goes wrong, because (especially that last statement), it’s suggested that you are half. That as long as you're not together with your other half, you can't be whole.


And yes, I'm sure that as long as you believe that, it will always feel that way. Then you will experience an emptiness because you have the feeling that you are only half a person instead of one whole person.


And that brings me straight to the single most important lesson I've experienced and lived through in this area.


Because I've always been afraid of being alone and that's why I think I've always entered into long-term relationships. So I went from a 5 year relationship in my teens to a 29 year relationship.


That 5 year relationship taught me a lot. Thanks to both the beautiful side and the very painful side of that dynamic, I discovered what I did and did not want and would accept in a connection.


In other words, purity on a relational level is the highest good for me. Not only for myself but also for the highest good of the other. Partly because I personally experienced that pain and sadness with a lack of purity. I remember well that I then consciously made the decision: 'I never want to feel that again'. In retrospect, I am grateful that I was allowed to / had to live through that in those 5 years. It has given me some tremendous insights that I live by to this day. In other words, I know my limits and I am proud of that. And you can probably recognise this in yourself, that you experience things and then say: So far and no further! And in the end that gives and brings you so much. 


I still remember when I first went to The Arthur Findlay college in England in 2011 all by myself. The most renowned college in the world in the field of spiritual, mediumistic and energetic development. 


In the 19 years that I’d been in a relationship, I had never been alone. Well, only when I was in the hospital 2 weeks before the birth of my eldest son. But that's different.


So I went to England in 2011 with shaky knees. Leaving my family in tears and waving goodbye at Schiphol.

I didn't understand anything about myself, why I was turning away from all of this when I seemed to have everything. 


At that moment I followed my gut feeling, my ‘soul pull’ as I always call it. So a deep soul attraction, almost magnetic. I just had to follow it.


I remember well that in 2010 I got an insight that on this path I would experience situations and circumstances that would turn my life upside down for good. I remember being shocked when this suddenly came over me. (I speak more about this in the podcast #57, Kundalini energy. I will also put it in the show notes at


Well, I went anyway.

I also remember that just before I left, my husband had a kind of anger/anxiety outburst that was so intense that the dynamics between us changed forever. In retrospect, I think he sensed that he would lose me 'as the dependent, affectionate girl of 19' for good. But also knew that he had no choice but to let me go, that I had to follow that soul pull. 


So there I went, to Stansted, the UK.

I recently told this story to my own group of 2 year mediumship students.


Around 100 students attended the Arthur Findlay college during the week. About 80% were women.


During that week, in terms of male attention, I didn't know what was happening to me. After all, I had been together with 1 man for 19 years and had seen little of the world. 


There were several Dutch gentlemen. And their attention unsettled me a little, but at the same time also revealed a feeling of: 'Oh, I still count despite the fact that I am a mother of 3 children'. Haha … But then there came a bolt out of the blue. There was 1 man I had seen twice before at events in the Netherlands and yes, to be honest, he was a beautiful man, in appearance but also in energy. I sensed this and thought okay Lisette: Keep your distance. I also armed myself with pictures of my family in my purse. If someone asked me something, I could immediately conjure up those photos. Some kind of protection system or something … haha. It was new to me so to speak. 

And yes, of course I also ended up in the training group with that man and a beautiful, natural dynamic and flow was created. 

You may ask why I’m telling you this now. Well because something happened during the lunch break that really shocked me. 

The queue was always long for lunch, and while waiting in line this man was behind me. We started talking and then out of the blue he said: 'Maybe we're soul mates'. My heart was pounding in my throat, ‘No’, I immediately said, ‘I hope not because that’s not really helpful when you’re married’.

Pfff …  I really didn't know what to do with this. 

That week I had to fly back and forth to the Netherlands in a day because of my uncle's funeral. 

I came home feeling guilty about all the attention I was getting, like I was a magnet.

I just had to talk it out with my husband. I was afraid he wouldn’t want me to go back, but his reaction left me stunned. He said: ‘Honey, enjoy the attention. You look good’.


Wow, I thought as tears welled up in my eyes with relief. It was clear that he trusted me. And yes, knowing this I returned.

With that man from the training I have a beautiful silent connection that indeed feels like a soulmate connection to me. 


But now I found out that we have a lot of soul mates. I thought then that you only had one in life. That's why it scared me. Haha … luckily it has brought me and given me so much in terms of insights. And it still goes on. For I have encountered many more beautiful souls with whom I have deep soul connections.


And by that I mean: Feeling a deep connection with someone as if you've always known that person. An inexplicably nice and familiar feeling. Just feel instantly at ease, without really knowing them.


So yes, now I feel rich with beautiful soul connections. One soul mate is deeper and more powerful than the other. One is at a distance in silence and the other close by and active. But every dynamic is special and unique, both with men and women. 


Then there are also the deep soul connections that are purely there to touch you energetically in this life, to activate something, to set something in motion internally and to teach you something. Perhaps to settle old karmic pieces. In my opinion this all happens on a purely platonic, energetic level. Because I know that there is a lot of confusion and that a lot of chaos can be caused if you don’t feel and know your boundaries clearly. I see it happening in my practice and around me. Precisely because of the intensity of the connection. Then you have to stand firm.


Often these are the connections that come with deep soul pains, soul pains you didn't even know existed, and a very deep sadness. Intuitively, this goes beyond soul mates. Soulmates often have a calm, friendly, jovial, stimulating dynamic.


Again, feel for yourself what resonates. There lies the truth, your truth. And that is also the lesson for this life. 


I believe you get the greatest growth from the deepest soul connection connections.

Purely because souls are so connected that they trigger each other's fears and pains at the deepest possible level. Through layers and lives. The best part is that it's a process where you are so thrown back on yourself that you can't help but go within. 

And I mean going inside yourself.

For pieces of old pain are reflected in reflections of the beautiful essence of souls and healing may take place through layers and depths.


The deepest layers of being are allowed to emerge and transform. All for the highest good of souls. 

Purity, integrity and loyalty is the highest good combined with respect and reverence.


A love beyond earthly awareness comes into play because such connections transcend the earthly 3-D consciousness. Purely because it takes place on an energetic level.


I strongly believe that you will not get this connection in your life until the time is right. 


This is not something you can plan. This is at the mercy of the will of the universe, the cosmos, God, the bigger picture or whatever name you want to give it. Words like destiny and fate are associated with it. You cannot force this, anything with earthly will will affect it in a negative way. 


Healing through layers of being is the key word. Resignation, belief and trust. The synchronicity that comes your way and can sometimes be too bizarre for words is your confirmation that you are on the right path and that 'the universe has your back.' Because yes, it can be a lonely journey. Partly because no one understands and experiences what you are going through. Do you feel resistance to the process, do you want to turn away from it for whatever reason? Then the universe will give you energetic signals every time that you can trust in the flow.  


I believe that the deepest connection that you can experience as a soul can only be when souls, through and thanks to each other, are healed. 


You do that healing alone - by really getting to know, understand and especially develop yourself. Such connections have the potential to bring out the best in you. It will, if handled properly, encourage you to live and realise your infinite potential. And that is really beautiful!


Earthly, flatter (or I also call it flat) connections continue and are also necessary to maintain the right balance and equilibrium. Because otherwise you will disappear into a hole of energetic heaviness and depth. Definitely not recommended. And that is not the intention. Although sometimes you have to go deep to transform old pieces and leave them behind for good. 


But again, all in good time and you can't rush anything because the magnetic pull then creates a kind of counter-effect and will start to repel.  

You will notice that it is a bit more philosophical and more profound when you step into that essence, also you’ll see the power and splendour that surrounds it. It's a kind of energetic dance. A dance through this life and ultimately through lives. I believe if the healing cannot, or should not, take place in this life (partly because of the free will of souls), that it continues into next dimensions and through lifetimes.


But again, that's how it feels to me, that's how it feels at the moment with the knowledge and wisdom that I have been able to experience and live through up to now.


So yes, it evolves and transforms and that is precisely the purpose of all of life.


But to summarise. 


I prefer to talk of soul connections, because ultimately we are all souls with a physical life or just before or beyond a physical life.


I feel there are degrees in soul connections.

The only one who feels that is you.


Although the more powerful the connection, the more palpable for people who are also sensitive to it. They can then respond very much from their own desire, but not always positively - such as being envious. Which you should bear in mind because sadly it does happen. 


Because honestly, who does not want to experience the deepest form of love, soul growth and soul connection in life?


So to me there are many flat earth connections, many deeper energetic connections and also the deepest soul connection, which helps you transform and evolve and heal through this lifetime. 

In the deepest form of connection there is an inexplicable, unconditional love that has always been and always will be, 'No matter what'. Plus there is a feeling of coming home like you have never experienced before in this life. That feeling of: 'Your soul feels like home'.

In my view right now, this is the ultimate introduction to the reflection, reverberation and facets of your own soul. Many parts that resonate at the deepest level of your being and essence. That insight alone is the most beautiful thing you can experience. An introduction to your true pure authentic self in all its glory and potential. 


In my view, you can meet that connection in different ways. The most obvious seems in the earthly but it can also be beyond the earthly. So in 5th dimensional and it could be a person in Spirit. So don't look around like a madman if you are still searching emotionally - it may already be in and around you. 

But anyway, you will always recognise it! Purely because of the power and intensity. The feeling that time and space stand still. The 'different to the usual connection' feeling. 


And yes, this is my insight and contemplation so it is up to you to give it your own interpretation. How do you do that? By just living and being. And let it unfold step by step in 'divine timing'.


Be careful with stamps like soulmates, twin flames or twin souls. We often want to stick labels to things out of underlying fear, a need to control and a form of wanting to claim. Doing so has nothing to do with unconditional love, but often has the opposite effect which I regularly see and experience. 


Only at the end of this earthly life, in spirit, will it be really clear. And even then it continues, for souls evolve through and beyond time and space. I recently read a wonderful article about a couple who had been together all their lives and then passed away a few hours apart. Wow, I thought then. Talk about 'the architect's plan of the soul'. Clearly there was a higher plan for these souls. Very nice to read. Then tears welled up in my eyes.

I will put the link in the show notes at


So I wish you a wonderful journey and if you need more insights or support at this level, I'm here for you.

I know it can be tough when you're faced with powerful, beautiful connections. Purity is key. Because the highest level is based on that and the deepest connection is directly connected to it. A love that is and may be in the energetic dimensions, either with or without earthly contact. It goes beyond that, it is multidimensional and that is the greatest gift you can experience as a soul. 


So take your time, live in the moment and know that if it may be, it will manifest from the larger perspective. 'What's meant to be will always find its way'.


Wow …  a podcast with a lot of depth if I do say so myself.


Remember, love can coexist platonically. One does not exclude the other. 

An earthly love, an energetic or spiritual love. It's okay. As long as you stay close to yourself, everything will always be fine. 


I hope you can find gems and insights for yourself and wish you a wonderful journey with deep connections and connections.


Love from me!

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60. Soul Connections

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