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How does an EnergyJewels PHOTO-Reading incl. in-tune bracelet for your own frequency?

It's possible to receive an EnergyJewels bracelet in-tune with your frequency and Souls-Energy. The only thing medium and EnergyJewels designer needs is your (recent) photo, name and date of birth. (Or of a loved one.) 

By connecting to your energy insights will be giving through clairsentient and clairvoyant visions. 

Also the unique, by EnergyJewels created "SENSE & CHOOSE SYSTEM" will be used.

With the use of these methods we get your unique "EnergyJewels recipe" with ingredients like: semi precious stones, natural materials, Swarovski crystals and lucky-symbol charms. 

With this recipe your unique bracelet will be created.  

The bracelet can be created for example for: strength, support, love, inspiration, healing, creativity, grieve, loss, growth and can (re)connect you to your own inner knowing. 

The base of the bracelet is elastic and super comfortable and easy to wear. The antique silver finish charms and materials are made of high quality Greek design metal. 

A beautiful gift to Self!

Incl. custom made EnergyJewels bracelet, gift and protection bag and written description with personal explanation and insights. 

About EnergyJewels

EnergyJewels are known for their powerful semi-precious stones and elements with symbology. 

An EnergyJewels radiates at the conscious level beauty & positivity. At the subconscious level the EnergyJewels empower inner growth and development. 


Every jewels is besides beautiful, also a tool that works at subtle energy levels. Experience the energy of EnergyJewels. Follow your heart....

Wear EnergyJewels and surround yourself with Positive Energy, Love, Health and Luck.

(Video: What is an EnergyJewels reading? English Subtitles available)

About the Pure EnergyJewels core

EnergyJewels is a creation of psychic medium Lisette Lucas (1973). Throughout her life love, sensitivity, creativity, inner- and outer beauty has been a common thread. 

With the creation of EnergyJewels all pieces of the puzzle fell into place. EnergyJewels is a combination of all these qualities.

With the help of EnergyJewels and her psychic and mediumistic gifts, Lisette is able to share her sensitivity, love and creation. 

In april 2009 the first EnergyJewels were create and it was the birth of the "Sense & Choose system".

A big, old newspaper-printing cabinet, filled with semi-precious stones was the beginning of the "Sense and Choose"system. 

Every times it's amazing. You choose subconcious, without thinking, within 3 seconds, the stone that good for you. Whether you believe it or works!

EnergyJewels is proud that she is able to contribute and raise awareness, growth and development to those who love wearing a stone with pride. 


EnergyJewels information

EnergyJewels are only created with high quality materials.  

Like semi-precious stones, natural materials, pure Swarovski crystals and 100% nickel-free Greek design metal with several coatings.

To enjoy your EnergyJewels to the fullest we advice to avoid contact with water, perfume, lotions etc. 

During nighttime the best spot for your Jewels is beside your bed. Safe but still close to your energy field.  

Every EnergyJewels is created and handmade with love, care and attention and is unique!

Wear the energy of earth & universe©


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